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May Day

It’s now official, CC Sabathia is 2016’s Mr May… The Big Man for the 4th straight outing this past month, pitched like one of the best starters in MLB.

26 innings, 16 hits, 5 runs, 5 BB’s, 25 K’s…. 1.04 ERA

Last night he was locked in a pitchers duel with JA Happ, not because Happ  was so good, because Sabathia’s offense showed once again why it’s one the worst hitting teams  in all of baseball.

He was  cruising through 6 innings, his only blemish came in the 4th inning when Smoak hit a 411 foot Tater  to  tie the game 1-1.. Sabathia made it through 6 innings on 75 pitches and  was allowed to  start  the 7th…

Unfortunately everybody but CC knew Psycho Joe had his grubby little analytical mitts on Old Sparky’s lever.. “Let’s be honest”  as soon as the  first baserunner  got on board, P-Joe was pulling down the handle

Five pitches later E-Encarnacion doubled to center field and Psycho Joe went into  action yanking his former and maybe present Ace after just  80 pitches.. CC was pissed, but he’s been around long enough to know the players  at this  point in  their careers are nothing more then virtual images Psycho Joe shifts around on his computer screen

You really can’t squawk too much, it’s not like PJ was bringing in Nick Goody..

Nope,  we were getting ready for our favorite Yankee Moment when the good guys enter the Twilight Zone…Science Fiction now  takes over Psycho Joe’s virtual reality and the Holy Smoke devours the competition, a video gamer’s wet dream

The Macabre 

You get sick of Ma  and Pa saying how devastating walking a  batter is.. Case in point, Betances last  night..He comes in with a lead off inherited runner on 2nd base in the 7th

He punches out Smoak and gets Martin on an F/7,  you’re almost ho hum at the result..Then Super Hero #1 on the Big 3 no hit parade loses his marbles and tries to get D-Travis to swing at  two  outside pitches.. He doesn’t bite and the script takes a bad turn…

No worries .240 something, defense first,  K- Pillar was coming up, and Psycho Joe is looking for a punch out, although Pillar was 1-4 vs Betances with no punch outs.. Sure enough Pillar pokes  a knock to  shallow right field, and sure enough Refsynder makes a bad throw, and the unexpected occurs, Betances has coughed up  the lead, on Sabathia’s ERA dime…

With Betances wobbled from the turn of events, Pillar robs 2nd base, then D-first  Barney dunks a  two  run single to  right field to nail the Bomber coffin shut at 4-1

D-Bet simply couldn’t make his pitches after he got the first 2 outs… At his presser he told the truth, as he always does, and as he always does, he sounded and looked  like he just left  Donny B’s Sac Blunt Men’s Lounge..

So  a couple of defensive first players Pillar and Barney who killed the Yanks on defense with at least  3  highlight reel plays, also slayed  the Monster Betances, not to mention ruined new sheriff Sabathia’s  coming out party

Can’t Get No Grindin

The Yanks had some chances to make Happ’s night sad, but per usual the clutch  gene doesn’t exist in this Franken-CashMan- Stein 2016
Yankee monster..

In the 1st inning after Ellsbury struck out, Refsynder belted a hard hit double, showing the older Yanks that Happ who is nothing but a journeyman pitcher has  been taking their lunch money. Now we understand why nobody likes the kid

Unfortunately the rest of Ref’s pals didn’t get the memo and the Yanks went down without much of a fight

Refsnyder hit a ground rule double to center. 0 0
Teixeira flied out to right, Refsnyder to third. 0 0
Beltrán walked. 0 0
Castro grounded into fielder’s choice to shortstop, Beltrán out at second. 0 0

The only run Psycho Joe’s boys could muster came in the 2nd inning

Headley doubled to center. 0 0
Romine reached on infield single to second, Headley to third. 0 0
Gregorius flied out to center. 0 0
Hicks grounded into fielder’s choice to second, Headley scored, Romine out at second. 1 0
Ellsbury fouled out to second. 1 0

Romine got the only hit  with RISP, but it didn’t score a run, that’s typical.. Hicks managed to beat out a DP for the RBI, a very good start to  the inning, ended with a very soft run

Happ  got the next 8 in a row before Ellsbury walked in the 5th, stole 2nd but Ref struck out

Ellsbury walked. 1 1
Ellsbury stole second. 1 1
Refsnyder struck out swinging.

Happ coughed up  a single in the 6th  but the Yanks shriveled up and died trying to  plate DH Beltran

The boys got a 1 out D-Gregorius single in the 7th off Bazooka Joe Biagini but again, Hicks and Ellsbury fired blanks

Psycho Joe then pinch hit Captain Gardner for Refsynder and Captain Gardner once again went down with the ship as he was predictably punched out

Headley stroked  a single in the 9th, but Osuna with a 3 run  lead was just  too much to  overcome and the Yanks fell 3 games under .500, 11-15 on the road and  7.5 games behind the surging Boston Red Sox who  continue to murder opposing pitching under the guidance of Chili Davis who  the Yanks were too  cheap  to pay….

The Psycho Joe Zoo

I guess the Mets could really use a few of the Big Three in their bull pen, and the Yanks could use, well  the Yanks could use 19 players not Sabathia, Tanaka, Eovaldi, Betances, Miller  or Chapman on the 25 man roster

The remaining  Championship Caliber NY Yankees aren’t a very happy bunch, from Pineda to ARod, to Captain Gardner, to the ever mysterious reality TV drama Mark Teixeira, there are a lot of long faces

Again as the season unfolds, we’re witnessing how uptight this team plays, and that  very well  could be a reflection of their manager’s make up..

Joel Sherman

Pineda has two  weeks before he can say no  to  a AAA assignment

Pineda reaches four years and 172 days of service time on June 14, and 172 days equates to a full season when accounting for service time. Thus, Pineda becomes a five-year player on that date and a player can no longer be sent to the minors without his consent when he accrues five years.

Psycho Joe has nobody to replace Pineda so this project could send P-J into a manic eruption

George King 3

King the 3rd has Captain Gardner swabbing the Sinking Ship Steinbrenner’s deck.. Poor Captain went from All Star to Boiler room janitor in 5 months.. He’s the teachers  pet so he’ll be given a new mop  everyday, and we’ll  see a lot more of  the Captain  then we ever bargained for, you can  chisel  it

George King 3

GK3 has come to  the conclusion that ARod will never be Grand Papi Ortiz, and despite Psycho Joe saying how much he loves Alex, he’d really  love to push him off the GWB.. Nobody would care and PJ could claim Alex jumped on his own in an effort to  save a photo of Anne Wojiciki, that mysteriously blew out of his pocket

I’ll  admit Psycho Joe wasn’t given the 61 Yanks to  manage, but if he did have that  group, somebody on that  team  would have already punched him out for micro managing the talent based on numbers and not on the pulse of each player

P-Joe is a Steinbrenner Cashman fav, so we’re gonna get this show all  summer, again the best  case scenario for this team is to lose and lose a lot…You want Psycho Joe gone, that’s step 1..

CashMan has some rope  before the guillotine strikes..He at least has until his hyped prospects like Severino, Judge, Sanchez, Mateo, Kaprelian, and Bird don’t add up  to  the next core, which would be GM suicide…

 If none of those kids pan out, the accountants will have to  continue to  overpay past their prime free agents in 2018 and beyond

 In the interim the CashMan will keep  trying to get Hal under the Luxury Tax with low cost high reward type reclamation projects…

Or they  can  start  to liquidate the assets on the shelf and speed up  the youth movement.. Developing the core is as important as signing Harper or Machado or Fernandez to  long term deals to  start  2019

The time to get guys like Refsynder, Sanchez when he’s healthy, Judge despite his anemic AAA stats, Mitchell  when he’s healthy in August, and Severino  when he learns how to pitch, on the varsity  is now

I have news for Steinbrenner, even the millennials who  don’t care about OPS or OBP, who  show up  at  the Mall waving their  their credit cards, blowing through their expense accounts while  just looking for a night out on the town, will get bored to tears watching this mess the front office is pawning off as a Title Contender

the Whole 9


Written by Sal

June 1, 2016 at 8:41 am

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  1. t

    In the AL’s first ballot update, a pair of Yankees are among the vote-getters at their respective positions:

    Brian McCann – No. 2 catcher
    Carlos Beltran – No. 11 outfielder

    Number 11 is a stretch by the NYY media team, I’d hate to see 12 through 15…..


    June 1, 2016 at 8:42 am

  2. Bette Midler ✔‎@BetteMidler

    Derek Jeter is finally settling down & getting married. That’s probably gonna cut back on his dating, though.

    12:23 PM – 30 May 2016


    June 1, 2016 at 9:30 am

  3. Yeah, I saw & heard about that comment from the Divine Miss M. WTF was she thinkin’ about?? What’s her history with him? Why is she coming in so late to the dance on commenting on Jeter’s upcoming nuptials? I’d hate to think that she was once one of Jete’s early conquests, got her signed baseball & pre-paid parking ticket, & was sent on her merry way with no chance of being invited to the annual Thanksgiving dinner at the Jeter Compound. Still, a nasty comment, implying that DJ with a wifey at home, will still be out in the field, so to speak.


    June 1, 2016 at 9:52 am

    • Comedy ‘scone she made a Don Rickles joke

      I like funny butana’s lol


      June 1, 2016 at 9:39 pm

  4. This team is unwatchable. I would rather them be lousy so they can get a better draft pick. how can these guys not get any fucking hits!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?! same shit different toilet with this collection of fucking mutts.

    Pretty Ricky

    June 1, 2016 at 11:17 am

    • Now we’re talking Ricky

      The fake playoff runs are an embarrassment to all NYY fans
      Even the pink hats

      Junior is a smart nerd he’ll figure it out
      I’m sure Ruppert ain’t happy either

      It has to play out, and they need 2 or 3 kids on the varsity so the fans have something to root for while we cold turkey off the good times

      We’re shooting for 2018 but hopefully sooner


      June 1, 2016 at 9:48 pm

  5. Great point tonight by Cone

    Tanaka looked like he had to manufacture movement on his pitches

    5 days rest works best or you need to score runs like Boston does for Price when TJ goes on 4 days rest

    Sterling and Kay are dying a slow death trying to announce this total crash


    June 1, 2016 at 9:52 pm

  6. This “Team” stinks, Girardi-bot fouls the dugout, desperation and fear rule in The Bronx now.
    Every move Robot-Joe made was the wrong one.


    June 1, 2016 at 10:01 pm

  7. Psycho Joey was close to a volcanic eruption at the presser last night. Come on Joey, you can do it. Go crazy and get the hell out of here.
    Nice catch by Ellsbury. If a high school player did that, he would be benched.


    June 2, 2016 at 7:41 am

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