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Another Worst Loss of the Season

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Forget George, if Yogi Berra were here, he’d be telling somebody “the Orioles are accustomed  to winning games they’re losing”

So  yesterday’s newest “Worst Loss of the Season” for the Bombers came as no surprise, right Yo’g?

Yes, believe it or not, the Buck-O’s  slept like babies thanks to  a 3 to 1 come from behind win over Psycho Joe’s NY Rag Tag band..

Of course the Bombers will  appeal  the verdict that  they should  start  to  sell, inconclusive evidence is the defenses best  weapon

 Captain Gardner:

“It’s still  early, we have a lot of games to play, all  we have to  do is play  better”

As one of our esteem chairman of the board recently wrote,

the imbecile said he wanted Nova to go 8-he had a better chance of nailing Charlotte McKinney!! 

I just  wish Brickhouse had enough balls to  put that in one of  her puff piece reports

Bourbon Bob:  “Meredith, what  did Gardy say  after you asked him about the offense”?

BrickHouse:  The imbecile said all  we have to  do is play  better..Bob, he has a better chance of nailing Charlotte McKinney!!

Despite Shotgun Chapman  denying the 1 hour 37 minute delay affected his shaky  8th inning performance, his manager used it as an  excuse why third string rookie  back  up  catcher Frankie Pena, apparently a chip off the old block, set the table for 1st string catcher Matt Wieder’s game winning knock.


“They’re not going to be perfect,”Mr GreenHorn said. “They’re going to be really, really good, but it’s tough for Chappy to have to come back out after an hour and a half rain delay.”

 Psycho Joe sounded like he was reading a bedtime story…. Maybe he’s swallowing his meds in the 7th inning these days, because Murderers Throw has been doing nothing but murder the Yanks recently

It was Chapman’s first blown save opportunity as a Yankee in 10 opportunities. Betances hadn’t allowed runs in three straight games in either of his first two full seasons, but he’s already had two such streaks this year. During his current skid, Betances has allowed six runs over 4.2 innings (11.57 ERA), giving up seven hits (six singles and a double) and three walks, striking out nine of the 23 batters he’s faced.

Betances is either already  cooked from over use, or like he said, he’s pitching into bad luck, balls are getting hit where they  ain’t

A B+ for CC

CC Sabathia, who  so  far is doing a bang up  job for his Rehab Clinic’s credibility, pitched good enough to keep  his team in the game.. He only secured 15 outs, but he only gave up  2 hits and no  runs.. On a Sabathia sliding scale  that’s a B+

He had more trouble then Charlie Sheen with a briefcase full of dope, but somehow he managed to  preserve a 1-0 lead in the 3rd and 5th innings  by punching out Trumbo with the bases loaded

He had 102 pitches by the 5th inning, thanks in part to  a 37 pitch 3rd inning.. He motioned to his manager  “one more” between innings, but after walking the first  batter in the 6th Psycho Joe went to Yates who miraculously pitched a clean inning

Up one nothing, Betances escaped the 7th  giving up just  1 hit. Custer’s Last Stand for Dellin- B came to fruition when he walked Trumbo and gave up  a single to  start the 8th..

 After punching out Remold swinging, Betances had run out of bullets prompting P-Joe to bring in Shotgun Chapman for a 5 out save.. Unfortunately Mother Nature changed the course of history before our very eyes….

An hour and 37 minutes later

Schoop struck out swinging. 1 0
Peña singled to right, Trumbo to third, Davis to second. 1 0
Wieters hit for Flaherty. 1 0
Wieters singled to center, Trumbo and Davis scored, Peña to third, Peña scored, Wieters to third on throwing error by center fielder Ellsbury. 1 3
Jones struck out swinging. 1 3

Chapman  gave up  two  singles, never backed up home plate, added some heft to Betances’ ERA when both inherited runs crossed the plate, blew up  the  Bomber’s potential 5-5 road trip, and in the process blew his first  save after going 9 for 9  as a Yankee

That’s a hell of a lot of damage for 1 inning of work….

No Run NYY

The real problem yesterday wasn’t so much Betances or Chapman, or Mother Nature, or Tony Pena’s kid, it was once again the NYY offense, they scored 1 run… Where is Wilson, Bundy, and Worley when you need them..?

The Yanks scored their only run in the 3rd inning on an Ellsbury single, a wild pitch and an ARod RBI knock, that was it

In the first inning

Gardner doubled to deep center. 0 0
Rodriguez struck out looking. 0 0
Castro popped out to second. 0 0

2nd Inning

Headley singled to right. 0 0
Gregorius popped out to third. 0 0
Refsnyder grounded out to shortstop. 0 0

4t Inning

After loading the bases with  1 out

Hicks grounded into fielder’s choice to first, Headley out at home, Gregorius to third, Refsnyder to second. 
Ellsbury struck out swinging.

5th Inning

Gardner doubled to left. 1 0
Rodriguez grounded into fielder’s choice to pitcher, Gardner out at third. 1 0
Castro struck out looking. 1 0
McCann grounded out to first. 1 0

6th Inning

I hated to  see this but my boy Refsynder killed the 6th inning rally

Headley singled to center. 1 0
Gregorius reached on bunt single to third, Headley to second. 1 0
Refsnyder grounded into double play, shortstop to second to first, Gregorius out at second, Headley to third. 1 0
Hicks flied out to center. 1 0

7th Inning

McFarland relieved Gausman. 1 0
Ellsbury struck out swinging. 1 0
Gardner singled to left. 1 0
Rodriguez singled to left, Gardner to second. 1 0
Castro struck out swinging. 1 0
Gardner to third, Rodriguez to second on passed ball by Peña. 1 0
McCann flied out to right. 1 0

8th Inning

After Headley’s F/9 and an error,  Refsynder smacked into his 2nd DP of the day

Gregorius safe at first on error by first baseman Davis. 1 0
Refsnyder grounded into double play, second to shortstop to first, Gregorius out at second. 1 0

9th Inning

Fetal Position, Throw in the towel, Eulogy, Taps,  and opt to  catch  the next train back to NY…

Rough  day  at the office Re: RISP, DP’s and Throws

GIDP: Refsnyder 2
Yankees RISP: 1-11 (McCann 0-1, Rodriguez 1-3, Refsnyder 0-1, Hicks 0-2, Castro 0-2, Ellsbury 0-1, Gardner 0-1)
Team LOB: 10
E: Ellsbury (2, throw)

Kudos to Gardner and ARod who  went a combined 5 for 9

Also Headley, D-Gregorius and Ellsbury went a combined 5 for 13

McCann, Ref, Hicks and Castro 0-14

Ten hits but only one of them  at the Right Time

the Whole 9


Written by Sal

June 6, 2016 at 7:15 am

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4 Responses

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    that loss sent Kevin Kernan over the edge lol

    KK wants CashMan to trade all 3 closers before they start to lose their value , and before this next run of soft opponents make the Yanks think they’re still in this thing…

    He’s right about all of it, but that’s never gonna happen, this supposedly soft schedule is what the whole organization is banking on..

    Do you think YES will promote the fact the Yanks are 6-15 versus the three teams ahead of them in the AL East — the Orioles, Red Sox and Blue Jays? And they’re 10-17 vs the AL East

    No you’re not gonna get that type of scoop from YES especially if the Bombers start to win the next 2 series at home vs Anaheim and Detroit

    The next 18 games are against Anaheim, Detroit, Colorado, and Minnesota, before they play hopefully one of their trading partners the Rangers at home on June 27th

    Then they play San Diego the White Sox and the Indians who are now in first place, before the All Star break


    June 6, 2016 at 7:32 am

    • Sal best news of the day was your boy Carl Crawford designated by the Dodgers!!! Another sad pathetic offensive show ruins CC’a good start. Betances could be fried.all the abuse the last 2 years taking their toll .
      Truthfully I don’t think Chapman has been that great,it seems he always gives up hits,walks,always in trouble. The Post also had an article about the Mets passing the Yankees in popularity. YES ratings down 10%, no Yankees jersey sales in top 20,road attendance down-not good. They need to trade Chapman when thever time comes, just hope they keep Miller.


      June 6, 2016 at 10:18 am

  2. I agree Sal, Romine, Refsnyder, Hicks are more fun to watch and root for than our Senior walking wounded crew.
    Excitement, talent, energy, & working arms & legs do wonders for a Team.
    Those others are unwatchable.
    Hedley, Beltran even Gardiner are empty pinstripes.
    Little or no real effort or soul visible.
    I’d kill to see Clueless Joey Claps fired.


    June 6, 2016 at 10:08 am

  3. The new game is on your way home from the Plaza Diner and a crazy good Patty Melt we guess the over-under & how many runs behind we will be by the time we get home.
    Fun huh ?
    Only 2 tonight,, I bet the over,, lolol


    June 6, 2016 at 8:02 pm

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