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HayMaker Tour Extends to 3-0

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Roger  This  and That

What  a difference a beat  writer makes! Over at ESPN either Matthews and Marchand got fired, or they’re on vacation, because the “Special  to ESPN” sub, Roger Rubin must  have come on board this week

For the last  3 days Rubin is seeing the same thing we are, the Yanks have come alive!

The only problem, he’s acting like that  10-17 vs the AL East opponents,  especially the 6 and 15 record vs the 3 teams in front of them, plus the 8- 13 record vs LHP is nothing but a mirage?

Baltimore is presently  6.5 ahead, Boston, 5 ahead, and Toronto Canada 2 ahead..

Why Rubin is so aflutter with the Bronx Bombers ?

The Yanks were 16-13 in May and are now 5-3 in June.. They’ve played 11 series plus 1 make up  game from May 1st,  until  June 8th, they’re 6 and 5 in those 11 series, plus  they  won the make up  game vs Detroit…

They have mounted a 13-10 record since their Arizona road trip  on May  16th

If you want, we can cherry pick from the 6 game winning streak on May 18th, that  would make them  13-8 in the last 21 games

Big Hairy Monsters Again?

Remember this quote from  CashMan, 2012

“I’m still using the Gene Michael playbook, and this is about getting big, hairy monsters that mash and are selective at the plate. There’s a reason we’re perennially at the top of runs scored.”

Unfortunately those Big Hairy Monsters got old, but not old enough to pound on bad pitching and sub .500  teams..

The Yanks are 17-9 vs sub .500 teams,  (KC was a sub .500 team in their series vs the Yanks) and 12-21  vs teams with  winning records ( CWS had a winning record in their series vs the Yanks)

Good teams own the sub .500  squads…

Good teams play  .500 vs plus .500 squads.👎

The HayMaker Tour Rolls On

Last night the Bombers continued their  18 game HayMaker tour when they  bludgeoned Fat Mike’s  jerry-built pitching staff  12 -6. The Bomber offense smacked 17 hits, and most of the damage came on

 4 HR’s

HR: Ellsbury (3, 3rd inning off Weaver 0 on, 0 Out); Parmelee 2 (2, 6th inning off Weaver 0 on, 0 Out; 7th inning off Mahle 1 on, 0 Out); Beltrán (16, 7th inning off Mahle 1 on, 2 Out)
RBI: Gardner 2 (14), Rodriguez (19), Ellsbury (19), Parmelee 3 (3), Beltrán 3 (41), McCann 2 (24)

4 Doubles

2B: Ellsbury (10, Weaver); Gardner (8, Weaver); Parmelee (1, Weaver); Beltrán (13, Álvarez); Gregorius (8, Guerra)

12 RBI’s 4 of them with  2 Outs

RBI: Gardner 2 (14), Rodriguez (19), Ellsbury (19), Parmelee 3 (3), Beltrán 3 (41), McCann 2 (24)
2-out RBI: Gardner, McCann 2, Beltrán 2

 5 for 13 with RISP

Yankees RISP: 5-13 (McCann 1-2, Rodriguez 1-3, Torreyes 0-2, Beltrán 1-2, Parmelee 0-1, Castro 0-1, Gardner 2-2)
Team LOB: 9

The Yanks got  9 hits and 6  runs, 2 HR’s  off the one time  Ace  Jared Weaver.. Weaver is now officially  God awful,  5.56 ERA, 1.52 WHIP, 20 more hits then innings pitched

He throws an 84 MPH fastball and a 65 MPH curve ball, along with an assorted variety of slop  2 seamers, change ups and sliders, all in the 70’s low 80’s  MPH speed zone

All  that is fine, but unless you hit your spots with regularity, that’s a batting practice night on the town  for the opposition, especially one that hits in a Band Box like the Mall /  Casino on Rivera Avenue

Weaver has an 8.92 ERA in six starts at the current incarnation of Yankee Stadium, a place that is historically adverse on fly-ball pitchers like him.

Jose Alvarez 2 hits 2 runs, he got no outs

Mahle 0.2 innings, 3 hits, 4 runs, 2 earned, both Hr’s

Bedrosian and Guerra pitched 2 innings, 3 hits no  runs , but Bedrosian coughed up  2 inherited runs

The Hit Machine Returns

Nate Hit Machine Eovaldi’s terrible outing,  5.1 innings, 10 hits, 5 runs, 2 BB’s, 4 K’s, 2 Hr’s, was pretty much  swept under the rug thanks to  the offense picking up  the still  enigmatic 26 yr old starter

Had the offense not bailed him out we’d be reading about how disappointing and inconsistent  Eovaldi  is, but  you play  the game to  win the game, and the buzz was the offense, so not a peep out of the media re: Fruit Loops Eovaldi

Evo has an 8.44 ERA in 2  June  starts

10.1 innings, 18 hits, 10 runs, 3 HR’s, 15 ground ball outs, 25 fly ball outs, 3 BB’s 9 K’s … He’s back to being Nate the Hit Machine again

Thankfully he didn’t get the win on his record, or geniuses like Francesa would be touting how many  wins this mysteriously difficult to  interpret pitcher has been since going the Yanks

Yes he’s 20 -5 in Stripes, CY Young right?

Not  so much, over the 225.2 innings he’s pitched in Stripes so  far, Evo has a 4.26 ERA.. 249 hits, 20  HR’s, 187 strike outs, 1.36 WHIP which is a tick under his 1.38 career WHIP

No Need- BMC

With the offensive onslaught, Straight Jacket Joe was well medicated last night, so  the orderlies had the night off, so  did the Big 3 BMC

Psyscho Joe was able to use Swarzak who  got the win for 1.2 innings, 1 hit, no  runs, 2 K’s

Yates, 1 inning, 2 hits, no  runs

Goody, 1 inning, the obligatory HR

The Parm System

Bomber fans got a real  treat  watching  minor league call up Chris Parmelee have a career  game.. 2 HR’s, a double and 3 RBI’s, not to mention he’s a professional  first baseman who hits LH, and can  reach the seats…!

It also  helped that Parmelee  is 7 for 15 vs Weaver… Stiff upper lip Ref, he also  was punched out twice, and let’s see if Parmelee can  continue his stellar evening.. Either way  the Yanks have a decent 1st base platoon as they  wait on Teixeira, who  at the moment is not missed.

“Un correazo by Beltran!”

Beltran is on fire in June

 .379 /.400 / .828 / 1.228

He’s 11 for 29, 4 HR’s, 6 runs scored, 10 RBI’s… Last night he went 3 for 4, scored 2 runs, drove in 3

Yanks will  try to  sweep  their 2nd 4 game series of the year  tonight.. The other 4 game sweep  also came vs the AL West, Oakland A’s

Jhoulys Chacin vs Ivan Nova

 the Whole 9


Written by Sal

June 9, 2016 at 8:55 am

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  1. Chicken Parm -great name Sal,, could join your tofurkey band lol,,


    June 9, 2016 at 9:12 am

    • Yeah Donny Chicken Parm, wonder if he can sing?

      Damn word press software destroyed half my work this morning, lol… Fucker froze up and we lost a shit load of content…

      anyway good night, nice to see some offense, despite the disclaimer that the Angels are really bad

      the Yanks are keeping the trade winds under wraps if this keeps up, either way it works, I like winning, we just won’t get younger quicker. but Hal will be able to rake in more profit as the Fabulous Faux Playoff run continues


      June 9, 2016 at 9:19 am

    • Yanks always seem to do well during HOPE week,the good karma extends to the field.Before the game YES posted the stats 25-10 during hope week,won 13 of last 15!! Last night just added to the positive stats. Looks like the Yanks finally discovered Parmalee can actually hit and not just be a defensive sub.
      In one night,he has 1 less homer than Tex-lol Tex was on Boomer/Carton this morning,rehabbing and getting ready to come back. Good luck with that rehab!! Jared Weaver is looking like his brother,the ex-Yankee pinata that drove us all to drink. The Angels bullpen is loaded with gidrools,even worse than our gidrools,which is really saying something. Swarzak got the win,the guy was working at Starbucks the other day!! Get the broom ready!!!!!!


      June 9, 2016 at 9:45 am

  2. The Angels bullpen is loaded with gidrools,even worse than our gidrools,which is really saying something. Swarzak got the win,the guy was working at Starbucks the other day!!



    June 9, 2016 at 12:35 pm

  3. Fuck Parm bites the dust


    June 9, 2016 at 9:17 pm

  4. Yanks drafted a lefty hitting high school outfielder,the pundits compared him to Alex Gordon.


    June 9, 2016 at 9:33 pm

  5. Burnt chicken now,, huge loss,


    June 9, 2016 at 9:36 pm

  6. Dallas–RAB Mikey reported that this kid was expected to go as high as the 8th pick so the Yankees seem fortunate to have him there at 18.
    Up here my way, Ian Anderson from Shenendehowa High School in Clifton Park NY ( about 10 miles north of Albany, was the 3rd overall pick and first pitcher taken in the draft. He was taken by the Braves. the kid is 6′ 3″, 170 pounds and has reached 96 on the gun. The slot money for the 3rd pick is 6.5 Million.
    He was hurt most of the high school season with an oblique injury. Obliques are tricky but his bank account should be just fine.


    June 9, 2016 at 9:42 pm

  7. Nooger- yes I saw that. I wish all these kids good luck,they will need it. It seems a lot of the high school kids picked by the Yankees do not end up doing well. You just never know which one will actually succeed.


    June 9, 2016 at 10:08 pm

  8. he fellas, One mock draft had Anderson going to the Yanks, I was surprised to see him go #3, would have been nice to get a local kid on the Bombers

    Mikey Two Chins didn’t do a write up on the kid the Yanks took lol…. priceless, he did a million mock write ups

    the kid dropped from what 8 to 18, hopefully there is no hitch


    June 10, 2016 at 5:13 am

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