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Rocky Mt Horror Show

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The last  11 games of this 18 game HayMaker Tour that is supposed to dictate whether the Yanks will  buy or sell, got off to  a rocky start last night at Coors Field, a pinball machine disguised as a baseball  field

It all  started like a down hill  slalom race for the Yanks who  were facing a pitcher they  could never seem to solve ( 3-0 with a  0.98 ERA before last night)..

On the other hand,  the rest of the league was having their way  with Jorge De La Rosa, he showed up  with  an  8.81 ERA in 9 games (6 starts)

The Bombers looking to make hay  and save their season got off quick in the 1st inning  when an Ellsbury single and a Gardner bunt  put 2 on with no outs.. It all melted faster then  a June snow in Telluride, as Castro immediately smacked into  a 6-4-3 DP

For the next 5 innings De La Rosa held the Yanks scoreless on 3 hits.. There wasn’t a clean inning in the first  15 outs, but in what  has become a customary style this season,  the Yanks couldn’t quite get the clutch hit  that may  have opened the flood gates in this  hitter friendly ball park

On the other side we had the enigma that is Nate Eovaldi, who  at one point this season (May / 3.25 ERA ) looked like the Ace of the Staff.. Not anymore kids,  over the last 3 starts in June, ( 9.82 ERA, 26 hits in 14.2 innings, more fly balls then  ground balls)  Eovaldi  has quickly morphed back into the inconsistent pitcher that found him disposable in Miami..

Unfortunately Eovaldi  cost the Yanks Martin Prado, a loss that  forced CashMan to  sign Headley to  an in sufferable  4 yr $52M contract ..Eovaldi  does show glimpses of brilliance, but the inconsistency is maddening, and it’s re-opened rumors that maybe Eovaldi should be trade bait next month?

I remember when ESPN’s Aaron Boone depicted a flaw in Eovaldi’s mechanics, his left leg (landing leg) locked up.. The thought being it impacted his follow through, and made it difficult for Eovaldi  to  repeat his delivery

Maybe that’s not the problem, but something is standing between Eovaldi and greatness..The mysterious  flaw in his game is the difference between a 5 game stretch in May  where he gave up 7 runs, 23 hits,  in 31 innings, 2.03 ERA, and what we’ve seen in June

Eovaldi is apt to run off another 5 game, 2  ERA stretch, which  would make him a very enticing trade candidate.. He’s also  capable of tossing bleach in the dark clothes wash, or  as a wise philosopher once said, he’ll  fill the milk bucket, then  kick it over…

Evo  was hit hard and often, his excuse, the splitter wasn’t available, the reason, he was trying to be too  fine.. Sounds like a mental issue, not a mechanical one, and since baseball is 90 percent mental, the other half is physical, Eovaldi never got in rhythm and only lasted 4 innings, 8 hits, 6 runs

WMD gidrools

The Big 3 might be No Runs DMC weapons, but everybody else in the Bombers bull pen are weapons of mass destruction.. Every time Psycho Joe calls on them, the Yanks are soon crawling from the wreckage

Last night was no different. Goody somehow managed to pitch  a semi clean inning, 1 BB, no  runs,  no  hits..

Yates and Bleier on the other hand pitched a total of 2 innings, 6 hits, 6 runs, 2 BB..

There Yanks had managed to cut a 6-0 lead in half when Gregorius smacked a 3 run HR in the 6th to make it 6-3.. Yates and Bleier quickly turned the game into  a laugher 12-3

Colorado gidrools

Down  12-3 the Yanks found Justin Miller, and Miggy Castro to  their liking in the 8th inning when they hung a 7 spot on the Rocks.. It was good to  see Ike Davis smack the first hit of his Bomber career, a solid  RBI single that started the carousel moving in the right direction

Also  a delight was seeing Refsynder get 3 hits on the night, 2 in the 7 run 8th inning.. now if he can get his OBP up about 60 points to 35% we have something

Headley struck out swinging. 3 12
Refsnyder singled to center. 3 12
Gregorius reached on infield single to shortstop, Refsnyder to second. 3 12
Hicks singled to left, Refsnyder to third, Gregorius to second. 3 12
Davis hit for Bleier. 3 12
Davis singled to right, Refsnyder scored, Gregorius to third, Hicks to second. 4 12
Ellsbury singled to center, Gregorius and Hicks scored, Davis to second. 6 12
Castro relieved Miller. 6 12
Gardner hit by pitch, Davis to third, Ellsbury to second. 6 12
Castro reached on infield single to pitcher, Davis and Ellsbury scored, Gardner to third, Castro to second on throwing error by pitcher Castro. 8 12
McCann grounded out to second, Gardner scored, Castro to third. 9 12
Headley singled to left, Castro scored. 10 12
Refsnyder singled to right, Headley to second. 10 12
Motte relieved Castro. 10 12
Gregorius grounded out to first. 10 12

Down 12-10 Miller coughed up a solo HR to CarGo to make it a 3 run game.. I’m not sure if that  took the air out of the room for NY, or they  were just  about running on empty after trying to  over come that 13 run destruction of their pitching staff..

Carlos Estevez pitched an  easy 1-2-3 9th inning to drop  the Yanks 2 games under .500 (31-33) 13-19 on the road, and with the 3 losses in a row they’re now 6.5 out of first place, tied for last  with the Rays

the Whole 9



Written by Sal

June 15, 2016 at 7:35 am

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  1. too bad the Mets suck at the moment, it takes some of the urgency away for DC….Papelbon is now on the DL, Machine gun Kelley is closing for the Nats

    Hopefully CashMan is laying the ground work for a Chapman deal.. I’d hate to see Refsynder go in one of these potential trades, but isn’t that CashMan’s M.O. ?

    We know he hates the kid, and he’ll get traded in a blockbuster for sure…


    June 15, 2016 at 8:17 am

  2. Thankfully i am too old to have stayed up to see much of this putridness.


    June 15, 2016 at 9:39 am

  3. The game was just incredible,hard to watch then hard to turn off. Yanks getting shut out on 3 hits by a pitcher with an era of 8.8 who had been in the bullpen tells you that they suck!!!!!!!!!!! Any pos lefty can shut them down-pathetic!! Then the battle of gidrools-whose was worse? Everyone says how bad the Rockies are,they have the exact same record as the Yankees!! So why are the Yankees expected to roll over them? This was a game they should have won based on the pitching match up,and it didn’t work out.
    They are what they are,a mediocre collection of dreck,sad to say.


    June 15, 2016 at 10:03 am

  4. hey fellas great stuff….

    It s funny how both the NYY and Rockies have the same record… The only difference The Rockies are supposed to be rebuilding, the Yanks are supposed to be a contender

    Maybe Hal needs to reconsider this we don’t sell M.O.
    that like saying we don’t drive to school that’s like everybody on the job driving to work but Hal still walks because that’s the Yankee way, we don’t care the car was invented….

    Hal’s championship line-up today this is really fucking pathetic… Headley is batting 4th

    Ellsbury CF
    Gardner LF
    Castro 2B
    Headley 3B
    Gregorius SS
    Hicks RF
    Davis 1B
    Romine C
    Nova P


    June 15, 2016 at 1:10 pm

  5. Still, happy that Ron’s kid, newly shaven Ike got his 1st hit and rbi, and Raffy got hits.


    June 15, 2016 at 2:14 pm

  6. Chapman needs to get to a team he can close for

    this putting him in to hold 2 run deficits ls like delivering a pizza with an 18 wheeler

    Get this guy to a contender before he gets hurt and we get nothing back


    June 15, 2016 at 7:04 pm

  7. I feel sorry for poor mikey 2 chins he’s never seen a nyy team play this type of baseball.. This is culture shock for the young fellers.. Hr didn’t even do his write up

    I’m starting to think this might not be the Yankees’ season, folks. They’re not just bad, they’re boring, and that’s the worst kind of bad. At least the 2013 Yankees were ironically entertaining, you know? Yuck. There are 97 games to go and gosh, that doesn’t sound appealing at all.


    June 15, 2016 at 7:37 pm

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