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Hal Be Damned, He Wants To Buy

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Happy belated Father’s Day fellas, and thanks for the up-dates on that Minnesota series.

I  see that Hal came out yesterday and mentioned he’s looking to  be a potential  buyer not a seller at  the deadline? And he sort of said it with  a straight face at his charity function

“I believe we’re going to be right smack in the middle of it by the end of July,” he said Monday at Cipriani in Midtown Manhattan at the annual Harlem RBI “Bids for Kids” fundraising dinner.

“The last month has been promising,” Steinbrenner said. “The offense up and down the lineup is starting to produce. [Chase] Headley certainly had a rough start. He’s hitting now, and you’re starting to see other guys contribute, too. So I like what I’ve seen the last month. We just have to stay healthy.”

I guess you have to love his chutzpa, or maybe his inner Lou Piniella, who as a broadcaster would mention he’d only call  a team meeting when Randy Johnson  was on the mound that  day.. That insures the scolding he laid on his team would have a happy ending

With  a day off, a 3-3 road trip, a 16- 13 May,  followed by a 10- 8 June, 5 more Fat City games with Colorado and Minnesota at  home, Hal might look like a genius by the time the Rangers come to  town on  June 28th for a 4 game set

The Rockies got fat on the NL road Yanks and the Padres winning 5 straight, but went to Miami  and lost 3 of 4 so  they’re back too  (33-36), 3 games under .500.. Now they  come to  the Bronx, where the Yanks will have more fire power, and the older Bombers won’t be 5,400 feet above sea level  sucking on oxygen tanks

Yankee Stadium might be a Band Box, but Coors Field is a pin ball machine on steroids

Rocks @ home .298 .365 .527 .892

Rocks on the  road .245 .303 .401 .704

We can’t let the disparity in slash lines deceive us,  Colorado has hit 45 HR’s at home and 44 on the road, so  they’ve managed to  find the fences no matter what the environment is. The Yanks will  throw Nova tonight and Sabathia on Wednesday, against Bettis and Gray

The Twins are the Twins, worst team in the AL with a .304 WP, 18 games out of 1st place.   The  Yanks  have 3 more  games vs the Twinkies following the Rocks, that makes  eleven straight games vs sub .500 teams.. No  wonder the Fat City shoreline is visible for the Bomber’s head honcho

the Fine Print

The fine print or disclaimer in Hal’s sales pitch might be in how the wins and losses were compiled.

Counting the Yanks at 34-35, there are  7 teams in the AL with  sub .500 records, the Bombers have also played 5 games vs 2 sub .500 NL teams

Their record vs the 6 AL underbelly squads is  19-8!! They haven’t faired well vs Arizona and Colorado 1-4, but overall vs sub .500 teams, the Yanks are  playing .656 ball, they’re   a 20-12 juggernaut

Hal made sure to mention we’ll  wait until the end of July to  make a decision, which is more then fair, because despite his enthusiasm for Headley’s resurgence (sell high Hal) his playoff bound team is a robust 14-23 vs teams with  winning records

Keep in mind the Yanks won 3 out of 4 vs KC when  they  were a sub .500 team back from May  9 to  12

The Reality 

The Yankees remain 40-1 odds, according to, to win the World Series, so Kevin Kernan isn’t buying into Hal’s exuberance, and we can only hope that CashMan isn’t either..

Kernan, seemingly like everybody but the Yankees realizes CashMan finally has some assets to  sell that  would expedite the rebuild much faster.. Once Tex, Beltran, Arod and CC are off the books in 2018, potential  free agents  Harper, Machado, and Fernandez, will  only be 26 yr’s old… At that  age, free agency becomes a leverage the Yanks can  once again take advantage of..

It makes sense for Baltimore and DC to  resign or extend  both of their Superstars, but in the back of Harper and Machado’s mind has to be the bonanza they will  command on the open market

Kernan makes sense when he mentions the more talent cache the Bombers have in their system, the more attractive  I’ll be to lure one or more of these young 26 yr old Superstars that  might be available.. We have to  remember every team in baseball has money now, not as much currency as Boston, NY or LA but enough to get in a Free Agent throw down with the Bombers

By 2018 the hope is Refsynder,  Bird, Judge, Sanchez, Kaprelian, Severino,  Mateo, Tanaka if he doesn’t opt out, Betances if he isn’t traded will be joining D-Gregorius and Castro as the new Bomber core

It wouldn’t hurt to have more stock in the pipeline, or better yet young early to mid 20’s MLB players to help  with the upside talent depth..It’ll  also give CashMan  some young  talent currency to  work  with if they  decide to  stick to  the trade route..

The Yanks hopefully can sign Blake Rutherford, they  already  inked  Nick Solak from Louisville, and they might have some sleepers in the bunch

The stronger and younger the Yanks get, the faster we get us a product worth  watching, instead of this sub .500 mess we’ve been forced to swallow

Chapman and Beltran must go, both  could help  a contender, Beltran might be a stronger AL player at the moment, but if an NL team loses a big bat, Beltran  can  fake right field

Miller might be the Yanks biggest  asset, he has 2 yr’s left on a reasonable 4 yr $36M contract… I’d only hand him over if there is a sure shot player coming back in the trade… That  said, no  contender is gonna trade you a player that is helping their playoff run so Miller getting traded is a long shot, unless a #1 or 2 prospect, 2017 bound,  is in the mix

Sell High

Headley is starting to play better, would anybody temporarily  lose their mind and out of desperation (Mets) think  about acquiring him?

After posting a woeful .418 OPS in April when he batted .150 (9-for-60), Headley hiked that to .795 in May when he hit .298 (25-for-84) and has a .780 OPS this month while hitting .300 (18-for-60).

Captain Gardner is batting .350 with a .412 OBP in June, Sell High for pete sake.

The DoughBoy hit .320  with a .407 OBP in May, he’s down to  batting .290, with a .342 OBP in June but still????

Forget the DoughBoy, Hal  would need to  eat  a considerable amount of that 4 yr’s and $85M (counting the buy out)  that’s left on his contract for anybody to be crazy enough to  acquire him

McCann would be another player I’d have for sale, but again, he has too much money  (2 yr’s $34M) coming his way  for an  aging catcher, only a very desperate team, and a consenting McCann could pull  that  sting off..

I wouldn’t  loss any sleep over trading  Nova, Pineda or Eovaldi  either…

Of course we know in public Hal needs to speak  in the mic with a stiff upper lip, but we hope behind closed doors his better judgment takes over and he finally starts to  trend the way of his competition..A slew of owners  who  have no  conscience when it comes to  selling off older assets that are a fit for contending  teams in return for viable young talent..

Settle all  family business Hall, nobody in Yankee Universe wants to see this Gang That Couldn’t Shoot Straight go  to  the mattresses down  the stretch..

That’s why George put you in charge and not Hank Fredo,  you were always smarter


Written by Sal

June 21, 2016 at 8:35 am

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  1. As Michael Corleone said to his father, the Don, lying in the hospital bed, unprotected, “I’m with you now, Pop. I’m with you now….” So I am with our fearless leader, Sally Bag-a-donuts! I’m with you now Pop! I can see the forest for the trees. I’m ready to back up the truck, sell high, & move on closer to the promised land! Let’s accelerate the Yanks move back to legitimacy by selling the parts that make the most sense, & getting back pieces that hopefully, brings us closer to the promised land.


    June 21, 2016 at 10:39 am

  2. I can smell the stench on this team tonight.
    Girardi should be hung for playing that dumb cripple in right field.
    My two elderly friends got wb Mason box seats tonight.
    Metro North to see this dreck ??
    Horrible showing, No Pride in sight.


    June 21, 2016 at 8:47 pm

  3. hahaha

    hey fellas

    I finally figured out why Goody is on this team, It’s obvious Cashman wants to join every other GM in baseball and back the truck up, so in order to get to a point where Hal finally gives up you need guys like Goody coming in and wrecking games…

    The more of Goody 2 Shoes AKA Goody 2 Runs I see, the more I like it, can we get more Pinder and Swarzak, or whatever AAAA filler Cash has on the farm


    June 21, 2016 at 8:54 pm

  4. I loved that asshole Flaherty saying all we need is Alex to get hot and carry the team.til Teixeira gets back.
    Then ol reliable #13 strikes out.
    Ha !
    Flash is a professional dunce


    June 21, 2016 at 8:58 pm

  5. Now All Star #36 pulls a massive rock and take all the air out of a potential rally.
    Have I mentioned how much I hate Belly-flop ??


    June 21, 2016 at 9:00 pm

    • We need positive PR on Beltran Donny, Cash needs to get back something good for him, you calling him a dumb cripple ain’t helping…


      June 21, 2016 at 9:54 pm

  6. Every team we play seems to have younger and better players, does Hal watch this team?


    June 21, 2016 at 9:56 pm

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