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The Not Much To Report Card

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We’re going with the George King report card as our talking point..

King the Third’s Report Card

An A mark for the Big 3 T-Shirt, D-Gregorius, Tanaka, Beltran and Sabathia?

Not sure about an A for CC, he’s tailed off over the last  4 starts.. CC is well liked so  the Teachers-Pet gets an A.. I’ll give him an A+ for trying, but I’d have to  stick him with a B- for results

B’s from Ellsbury, Refsynder, Romine and Castro..

I’d say  that  was a very generous mark for all  4, but I’m biased toward the home grown kids so no back lash from me… Ellsbury has been  decent, just not $153M decent, and Castro has been OK,  but the dude needs to get his OPS up  above .688, and you can’t give a player with a .289 OBP a B mark.

I get the desperation for NYY beat  writers to drag youth into  the Bomber mix, but Castro just  isn’t playing to  a core player level  yet.. He’s way better then  what  we’ve had since they let Cadillac Cano  go, and I really like him in Stripes, but he’s not quite a B yet

C’s from Gardner, Headless, Torreyes, McCann, Eovaldi, Pineda, and Nova

Headless has been much better after an insidious April, he gets a C for his toughness, but despite a very decent .761 OPS in June, and a very good .847 OPS in July, in 30 AB’s he’s struck out 13 times in July

The best part about Headless playing better, it gives Cashman  a chance to  trade him if the Yanks eat some of the $26M, plus the $6.5M pro-rated money for 2016 he has coming.. If the Yanks ate the rest of this yr’s money (around $6.5M) CashMan might find a sucker who is desperate, there are a lot of injuries in baseball, maybe a team needs a 3rd baseman in the next  3 weeks

Nova getting a C grade, is a stretch, he must have photos.. He’ll be another  player that goes to free agency, and the Yanks will get nothing for him, or maybe some low round pick a team  would have to  give up  for signing him.. Good luck

Torreyes is a nice pinch  runner and a decent back up  defensive player, but he’s an automatic out..I know they  still have the vision of him scoring from 1st base on a McCann double in Cleveland, but C is gift for the seldom used bench player

McCann can hit HR’s, maybe get you some clutch  hits, he can also nurse a struggling pitcher through  a game, so his C is legit… Then again a player who  was handed 5 yr’s and $85M ($17M per) should be bringing at least B’s home to  mama….

He could be part of the solution moving forward if they  can move him to DH / part time catcher once Sanchez gets to  the Bronx, if he ever gets there.. I can  see Sanchez being traded this winter, especially if he picks it up in the 2nd half at SWB and raises his value

Eovaldi  and Pindea have been good at times and really bad on other occasions, I guess a C is appropriate, but C- is closer to  reality

 Captain Gardner is pretty much a C level player so  that’s a fair mark.. He’d look  great in somebody else’s laundry, it’s a shame they  can’t get something useful back for him, I guess only CashMan thinks his $13M a yr for 4 yr’s was a  bargain….

D for Teixeira, I’d give him an F, but he still can play  a decent 1st base so I guess D is OK

F’s for ARod, Hicks and Severino

Can’t argue with  those grades… Severino  was a huge disappointment, but we saw it from day one in Spring Training, we just thought being March, it was too  early to  score him a grade… The YES Network spent this winter trying to fabricate him as the Bomber Ace based on his 11 starts in 2015.. They  did a puff piece on his training in the Dominican where he was bulking up

That’s all  well  and good but he’s a pitcher not a line-backer for the Giants or Jets… This is on the NYY development team Denbo, Rothschild,  Psycho Joe and CashMan, for not instructing the kid  during his off season work schedule

He should have been learning how to  pitch, working on a deceptive 3rd offering, like a put away  slider, instead of trying to  bury the speed limit with his 4 seam fast ball

Severino has fallen back to reliever status, at the moment he’s Betances without the big knuckle curve and the strike out prowess, but if all  else fails,  I can see him as a future reliever weapon in NY.. It’ll be huge disappointment after thinking we had developed an Ace, but he might be the Dominican Joba, hope I’m wrong..

Hicks has been a total  waste of time, and possibly CashMan’s worst move ever.. Trading a very well liked young catcher, who  after being exiled to Minnesota has fallen off the face of the earth, but while in NY, Murphy was playing  better then Boston’s hot shot  catching prospect  Blake Swihart

Hicks has DFA in his future, the Yanks may have to bite the bullet on this guy… At least  they  didn’t hand him $72M like Boston  did for Castillo

ARod could possibly be finished, the Yanks owe him over $30M at this juncture, but Beltran  will  once again litter right field with his garbage defense, so ARod should get a shot at  trying to  save his season, and next yr’s too

Handing him a glove isn’t the worst idea, if he gets hurt, so  be it, what  are they  saving him for, another half of  .642 OPS production from their clean up hitter ?

King the 3rd didn’t even give the middle reliever  Gidrools a mark, but we’ll give them  an F-, maybe a G for God Awful, or an H for horrible

Psycho Joe and CashMan  were given C’s

We’re looking at  two nerds who have to adhere to  their novice owners wishes, which  are accountant / bottom line driven… Not to mention Steinbrenner is  ruining the  Yankee Brand by not conforming to  the current MLB trends on how to  build a team properly in this post PED  era.. Get younger, and as quick as possible

The manager is getting a pass in the media based on how bad the GM has done his job, but we’re wondering if Girardi’s poly-anna tough guy  analytic  approach is rubbing his players the wrong way?

Dusty Baker is a kool dude, Psycho Joe is an uptight asshole, you see the difference

Girardi gets a D for trying to  do it his way, resting guys that  are hot, actually using the Gidrools, although see CashMan on that issue, Not allowing Tanaka to be the best he can be by insisting his bull pen allotment is more important then his Ace pitchers extra day’s rest..  And his worst infraction, it’s binder first, and instinct a distant last

The GM gets a F- for is inability to  build a farm  system, the Owner gets an F- for his inability to realize his farm  system was bare when he went to it for cheap labor in 2013..

It didn’t help  when  Steinbrenner lost draft picks to  ill-advised free agent signings in 2014, and he didn’t try to  bring in younger players by trading Cano  and Robertson in July of 2013 when it was obvious the Yanks had about as much chance winning a ring as a snow ball has in a red hot pizza oven

Personally we think the Bombers have about the same 7% chance of winning a ring as Fangraphs does..After taking the Cleveland series, we’ll  see if the rotation  can pitch 6 quality innings a night, and can  the Big 3  T-Shirt  hold and save the 44 games this Yankees squad needs to  win to be serious contenders

44-30  in the 2nd half would make the Yanks an 88-74 team, now that would be a contender.. Can Hal’s Pal’s, Levine’s Liars , CashMan’s Calvary, Girardi’s Gidrools play at a .595 clip over the last 74 games?


Written by Sal

July 14, 2016 at 7:23 am

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  1. I face this weekend with great trepidation.


    July 14, 2016 at 10:04 am


    It’s down to 2 people in the Continental United States who think the yanks are still in it.. cashman is making sure everybody in the industry knows he’s not one of the the ass holes

    Too late ass hole, you had no farm system in place for the assholes who own and run the team, who didn’t know their farm system was dysfunctional until 2013


    July 14, 2016 at 9:17 pm

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