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The Yanks almost got a break to  start  the 2nd half of this Fabulous Faux Season when Boston picked  injured lefty Eduardo Rodriguez to  start  Friday night’s game verse the offensively challenged Bombers

Then Boston manager Monsignor John Farrell realized  Yankee Kryptonite Stephen Wright,   who wasn’t needed in the All Star Game, would be a no brainer choice to open the second half of Boston’s playoff bound season

It was bad enough the Bombers, who  are now on a 10  game suicide watch, were gonna have to  face two Lefties, Rodriguez, and the obligatory David Price vs the  NY Yankees outing, but when Wright became available, the real Nightmare on Rivera Avenue came to  fruition.

“(Thursday) about 3 o’clock, they called me,” Wright said last night. “I wasn’t expecting it but I had a feeling there could be a good chance (they’d use me) if I didn’t throw in the All-Star game. And I was ready. It wasn’t like I wasn’t ready. I had the days. I threw a little bit in San Diego off the mound and I threw (Thursday).”

After last night’s 5-3  predictable  loss to Wright and the Red Sox,  the NY media quickly flipped from maybe we Can, back to  Sell mode in their Saturday morning articles..The Yanks had temporarily stalled the inevitable by taking 3 of 4 from the Hekawi Indians, so the media had to play nice over the All Star break, but you can bet they  were fattening frogs for snakes knowing what dangers lied ahead

The players that  currently make up  this Accountants All Star Yankees team are hitting .129 .198 .258 .456 / 12 for 93  off Wright.. In 5 career starts, he’s pitched 33 innings, given up  6 earned runs, for a 1.64 ERA, he’s now 4-1 vs the NYY

Last night he put 14 Bombers in a row down before ARod rolled over a knuckleball  for a 40  foot infield single to  break up  the Wright perfecto with 2 outs in the 5th inning

Boston was already  up 3-0 over a once again inconsistent Pineda, and 2 batters into  the 6th inning, Bogaerts hit a 2 run bomb to left field to make it an insurmountable 5-0 lead. It was the 3rd HR of the night off PinHeada, and his last pitch of the game  as Psycho Joe bolted out of the dugout to yank  the big Mystery Train

Wright uncharacteristically lost focus in the 6th  inning an actually allowed the Yanks to climb back into what looked like a sure fire loss just  a half inning previous

Castro singled to center. 5 0
Headley hit by pitch, Castro to second. 5 0
Gardner flied out to center. 5 0
Ellsbury walked, Castro to third, Headley to second. 5 0
Beltrán singled to right, Castro and Headley scored, Ellsbury to third. 5 2
McCann grounded into fielder’s choice to first, Ellsbury scored, Beltrán out at second. 5 3
Teixeira popped out to shortstop. 5 3

Bases loaded 1 out the Yanks got a clutch 2 run  single from Beltran, then  an un-clutch fielders choice RBI from Bubba McCann to  at least  cut the lead to  5-3 with Wright’s night finished

The Yanks had their first  chance to  really send a message to  the naysayers, the Kryptonite was now safely locked up in the Boston clubhouse, Kimbrel  and Tarawa, two Boston  reliever weapons were on the DL, and the new Come Back Grandpa’s were primed for yet  another come from behind win like we saw in Cleveland!!! Right?


On a night when Shreve, Goody, Eovaldi and Chapman held the league’s best scoring team scoreless over the last 4 innings, the Bomber offense couldn’t muster a charge against new comer Brad Ziegler, journeyman Robbie Ross and  100 yr old Koji Uehara  over the last  3 innings… smh

Ziegler who is one of the 4 new Red Sox brought in by Trader Dave, induced an easy 1-2-3 7th.. Robbie Ross Jr coughed up  a lead off single to Headless, and barely escaped a potential Ellsbury hit turned punch out, but also held the Bombers off the board in the 8th

Uehara had a rocking chair 9th inning mowing down the middle of the order McCann, Tex and ARod to  easily pin the 45th loss on this lethargically pathetic offense

The bad juju will all be heaped on Pineda, and rightfully so, he has a 5.56 ERA, the highest among all qualifying American League starters., and if he wasn’t pitching for the NY Accountants All Stars he’d be doing time in somebody’s AAA farm system


You can’t let the offense off the hook when the best they  could do is collect 3 hits off the  not exactly  No Runs DMC bull pen, and 4 hits over the 27 outs

I’m not as upset as the media, for 1, the Yanks need to lose as much  as possible in an effort to shake Steinbrenner, Levine, and Trost  down from their lofty, but misguided perch..

It’s not like the Yanks are gonna re-start their payroll  clock similar to  what Boston  did  when they backed up  the truck by sending Beckett, Crawford, Gonzalez and Punto  to LA for a garbage truck full of AAAA players that  are no longer in Boston

Chapman  and Beltran should be anxious to pack  their bags and get to  a team  that  will provide a real playoff run over the last 2 and a half months..

Miller, who  we don’t want to  see get traded should be on alert, because as we get closer to  the deadline, teams will  start to get serious about adding this unique weapon to  the back of their bull pen for a huge overpay

Just  2 weeks ago Anderson Espinoza was labeled untouchable by the Boston front office… El Pollo Martinez is on record  saying the one kid you don’t want to trade is Espinoza.. Tough luck on that one Pedro, John Henry didn’t hire Dombrowski to  fawn  over his collection of prospect porn, he brought him to Boston to Win Now

Peter GammonsVerified account‏@pgammo
Well, we know they don’t value Pedro Martinez’s judgement. In Margot, Espinoza, AJ Preller did homework on Boston organization

Ortiz and Pedroia aren’t getting any younger, and they have so many prospects in their pipeline they  could start two MLB teams, even if only a third of them pan out

Actually a few tidbits from Gammons

So, the Red Sox have traded Manuel Margot, Carlos Asuaje, Javier Guerra, Logan Allen and Anderson Espinoza to SD for Kimbrel and Pomeranz.

Actually Margot looks like a real good payer, but Espinoza was the only really top  rated prospect Boston has had to  part with, and was really struggling at A ball  this yr with a plus 4 ERA

Peter GammonsVerified account‏@pgammo
NL GM:”There are a half-dozen teams that were in on Brad Ziegler who couldn’t understand why Boston got him for half what Arizona was…

Peter Gammons ‏@pgammo  1h1 hour ago
@pgammo asking everyone else. It had to be Dave Dombrowski’s relationship with Tony LaRussa, dating back to the White Sox in the eighties.”
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It doesn’t look like Dombrowski will have to trade Moncada,  (they have $63M invested in him, I doubt he’s going anywhere) Benintendi, or Devors, although to  win or go deep into  the playoffs I wouldn’t put it past Dombrowski to  channel  the old George Steinbrenner M.O. and stack the  varsity deck, by emptying the farm system

the Whole 9


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July 16, 2016 at 7:27 am

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  1. The sux are not messing around starting the knuckleballer and 2 lefties. Pinheada was looking great,then gives up a homer on 3-1 to Hanigan,batting .189!! He also gave up another homer on 3-1 count,throwing fastballs down the middle is not good,something he still hasn’t figured out. Eovaldi is starting on Tuesday,
    there was a story that the Yanks were talking to the Pirates about trading him. Maybe they can get back
    Cervelli or Stewart-lol Yanks are going to need much better starting pitching and hitting to keep up with the sux than they showed last night.


    July 16, 2016 at 4:21 pm

  2. Michael Kay announced that today’s crowd was the biggest of the year. Of course from my view, the crowd must have been in the middle of a fire drill with all the empty seats I saw.
    What a bunch of jokers–owners, management, general manager and psycho manager who complained today about bad breaks. And I forgot the silly announcers.
    Is this really the team we all grew up with to love?.


    July 16, 2016 at 8:27 pm

  3. hey Boys great stuff

    fire Drill hahaha

    Stu-Nod lol


    July 17, 2016 at 5:47 am

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