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In Boston, Dave Dombrowski made 4 really quick moves in an  effort to jump ahead of the upcoming MLB Trade Deadline rush-hour, a panic that  very well  could resemble Black Friday  morning at  Walmart

By being so proactive, DomBro sent a message to his team, put the peddle to  the metal, fuck the speed limit, I got your back with the cops…At least that’s how the  Red Sox have looked in games 1 and 2 of this first Annual Hal Steinbrenner 10 Game Suicide Watch Series

Unfortunately, the Red Sox are in jump start  mode, unlike Tito’s  Hekawi Indians, who obviously had mid-summer vacation break on their minds, and not playing baseball, except for All Star Cory Kluber that is…

In that  4 game set,  Psycho Joe managed the games like  his back was to  the wall in the playoffs, and the Yanks avoided the inevitable by playing their World Series vs Cleveland.. At the time Tito’s Indians were 17 games above .500, coming off their first loss after putting together  a 13  game winning streak at home…

From my vantage point the law of averages and the worm turning  on the Indians was low hanging fruit and  the team looked and played like they  had already checked out after the Kluber game 2 gem…

Unlike Brillo Levine’s Yanks,  Dave Dombrowski’s Red Sox have a direction, it didn’t come over night, 3 last place finishes, sandwiched by a Championship in 2013, had the Angry Cousins ready to  riot.

What saved the day  for Boston’s fan  base was watching their young core develop, it started to  come to  fruition in the 2nd half of last  season, and has continued in 2016

They have a young core in place, they have prodigious  on the field leadership with the Midget  and Grand Papi, their pitching is suspect but they did quickly reload and   have an All Star starting pitcher  from San Diego, a $20M man in Porcello, a $30M man in Price, an unhittable Circus Freak in Stephen Wright, 3 closers, Kimbrel, Uehara, and  Ziegler, and a no gidrool middle relief crew, Barns, Ross, and Tarawa..

Owner John Henry is on a mission to once again go  from last to first, something teams with money and prospects can do  quickly, especially when the young core contributes to a level that Betts, Bogarts,  Bradley, Shaw, Vazquez, Swihart before he was injured, and Holt do

I totally understand  Brillo and Junior’s  stance on Buy / Sell last  week when the dynamic duo  vehemently denied they  were surrendering, but I bet the White Flag had already been ordered, it’s just  backlogged at… When it arrives, it no doubt  will be under lock  and key, guarded by Lonny Trost, at least for another  9 days

With a big 10 game home stand, and the published paid attendance reaching 48,329, my math  indicates  B J and  Associates are looking to pick-pocket close to  500 thousand suckers at the Casino / Mall on Rivera Avenue

Of course, like that commercial  on WFAN that  states, “if you have a Big Stomach, you might not be fat, you’re just  bloated”,

The same philosophy applies here, just because it looks like “the crowd must have been in the middle of a fire drill with all the empty seats I saw”, doesn’t mean what  you saw was Fact, get your eyes examined and  fuck off, none of you assholes know how to  run a business like we do

After watching Pineda implode on Friday, and CC continue to slide further away from his tremendous comeback that lasted for 7 games, from May  to June 16th, the two pitchers  Psycho Joe needs to  flank Nibbles Tanaka at the top of the rotation have officially gone South

In 5 ¹/₃ innings Sabathia gave up five runs (four earned) and nine hits. He is 5-7 and hasn’t won since June 16 at Minnesota. Sabathia is 0-3 with a 7.92 ERA in the past five starts, in which he has given up 39 hits and 10 walks in 28 ¹/₃ innings. He was the victim of soft hits but a 2-0 cut fastball to Sandy Leon in the middle of the plate resulted in a three-run homer in the sixth.

That leaves Nova and Eovaldi who has emerged as a very good trade candidate after putting up  some  really solid numbers coming out of the pen..

As a reliever batters are 3 for 24 vs Evo, .125 .276 .125 .401

This opens up  a whole new world for the enigmatic 26 yr old, especially on a team like the Cubs who  could flip flop Evo and Adam Warren as spot starters or reliever weapons, or the Pirates who have been rumored to be interested in Eovaldi

The Yanks won’t declare, but Boston, Baltimore, and San Francisco might send the message for B J and Associates, and the message is loud and clear,  they  should be looking for teams that have Motive, Need, and Prospects

It’s bad timing that Aaron Judge who  was hot,  pulled up lame, or CashMan could slip him into right field immediately…That  said, if the right deal  comes along for Beltran, they need to still pull  the trigger,  the fan base at least gets to  see Refsynder..

Chappy of course is the obvious trade chip, worse case, you sign him back in 2017 with no  strings attached, like losing a draft pick.. the closer we get to August  1st, the more desperate contending teams might be and the return might be a  worthy  cause

Not as easy as it sounds, no Chapman, no Miller, No Eovaldi, No Beltran, no pipeline to  replace them, and the Mall on Rivera Avenue will look more like a bomb scare then  a fire drill

The Yanks are once again being wheeled into the ER in critical  condition, it’s up  to Nibbles Tanaka, who  was last seen trying to  blow an 11- to 1 lead 6 days ago in Cleveland to save the day…

Or in two  weeks the Jets, Giants and Mets will all  render the Greatest Sports Franchise in history irrelevant for the first  time since the early 90’s

It’s a necessary evil, and the quicker we start the rebuild, the quicker we make this team  watchable again, just look at the squad in the other dugout, they’re living proof

And I bet a lot of that fabricated 48 thousand in attendance were Red Sox fans, if Brillo  and Junior won’t sell,  the fan  base will…. Orioles fans step  right up, choice seats for sale by season  ticket holders…

the Whole 9


Written by Sal

July 17, 2016 at 7:45 am

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  1. Some of the links we’ve discussed over the last few days

    Eovaldi trade talk with the Pirates

    Not sure if Rosenthal is speculating or did he talk to someone, but the obvious chapman Beltran leaks are starting to hit the bricks all over the suspected rumors


    July 17, 2016 at 8:15 am

  2. To quote a scary candidate,
    “What does it matter ? “


    July 17, 2016 at 8:49 am

  3. The results of the games have not really been surprising,check out the batting averages of the start of the game,its no contest. CC has not been as sharp as he was earlier,but he did not have good luck or defense helping him out. Of course there is no excuse for the #9 hitter homering and driving in 4 runs. The Yankee offense was its usual pathetic self. I have had enough of Tex. I really wanted him signed,he used to hit .300,30 homers,100 rbi every year. Now,he is fkn garbage,a useless albatross around their neck.
    They had 2 men on,Tex tries to pull an outside pitch,hits a double play grounder to short,end of inning,ballgame over. He is batting .184=TAKE YOUR FKN HEAD OUT OF YOUR ASS AND STOP PULLING EVERYTHING.ITS NOT WORKING!! They have come out in the 2nd half,they seem to be playing what they feel is their best lineup,including the old men,trying to see if they have one last run.
    The good news is we haven’t seen Hicks,the bad news no Refsnyder. They would be better off benching Tex and playing Refsnyder. But they really don’t want to win,its better for them to lose and get a higher draft choice,which they will fk up anyhow!!-lol Its not bad enough they are losing,we have to wait and suffer through Sunday night!!


    July 17, 2016 at 1:05 pm

    • Tanaka on 6 days rest looking pretty good Big D

      I love when Price gets pounded now if he just doesn’t opt out after 3 yr’s and they get stuck with him, perfect

      Yanks playing the A team tonight no Tex no McCann

      Ref let that 3-0 cookie go by then went fishing


      July 17, 2016 at 9:44 pm

  4. Tanaka on 6 days rest
    Once again dominates


    July 17, 2016 at 10:37 pm

  5. Ref is making no sense, he lets those 3-0 cookies go by then goes fishing on the slider

    I wonder if they call that on the bench

    Terrible idea Romine bunting smh


    July 17, 2016 at 10:50 pm

  6. If the Yanks could just play every 6th day, and pitch Tanaka Betances, Miller and Chappy, they’d be pretty good…

    Never gets old beating Price, especially when the mercenary is wearing Boston laundry…


    July 17, 2016 at 11:30 pm

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