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If I was President….of the Yankees, I’d hire Andrew Dice Clay to  answer  the calls from the Genius CEO of the South Side Cubby Bears Theo Epstein,  when he calls begging for Andrew Miller

Jack be Nimble, Jack Be Quick, hey maybe you can have Schwarber close out Game 7 you asshole

For the last 4 games the 2016 Bombers are on what  they  call  a good old fashioned Walk Year run.. All of a sudden the overpaid under performing $220M Bronx Bombers are playing like the back of their baseball  card

Or did the Orioles come to  town  with only half a team? In last night’s 5-0 Bomber win, the O’s had no Chris Davis, no Manny Machado, no Matt Wieters, Adam Jones bolted with back  spasms, and their bench has thinned out with Hyun Soo Kim on the 15-day disabled list, retroactive to July 11, with a strained right hamstring.

Bourbon Bob and Bryl-Creem Curry did everything but win the 2016 Cheerleading Competition waxing the virtues of this 3 game wipeout of the first place O’s….

First place is nothing but bookkeeping, it’s how you’re playing at  the time, and  Buck’s Beltway Bombers came limping into  the Bronx banged up… The Perfect Storm, the Yanks after almost flatlining the whole first half, seem to have risen from the dead…

Today  they  go  for the Sweep, as the Ball of Confusion RE: Buy or Sell rolls on…. Sounds like good entertainment too me…

Psycho Joe for MVP

I thought Kevin Kernan had more on the ball  then this flip flop puff piece

So now the media is mentioning how Psycho Joe is pushing all  the right buttons in this big 4 game resurgence that his 4th place Bombers have enjoyed on the now 4-2 homestead..

Last night Micheal Pineda became the 4th Bomber starting pitcher in a row to  shut down the opposition  on 1` run or less, in fact the whole Bomber pitching staff has gone 36 innings allowing only 3 earned runs

That’s a real  big deal because the same Gidrool relievers Psycho Joe always brought into  the game with  either a big lead, or if they  were losing, sometimes when they  were tied, all of a sudden have pitched to perfection vs Baltimore

And that  ain’t all

Since returning to action after the All-Star break, Yankees pitchers have thrown 45 scoreless innings out of 54 played. They have allowed 13 runs (12 earned) in the six games played for a team ERA of 2.00, and they have now allowed one run or less in four straight games for the first time in nearly 13 years. The bullpen hasn’t allowed a run in 28 2/3 innings, and the names aren’t just Dellin Betances, Andrew Miller and Aroldis Chapman, but guys like Anthony Swarzak, Nick Goody and Chasen Shreve.

Kernan has P-Joe morphing into Bruce Bochy by flip-flopping Gardner and Ellsbury

By my calculations Ellsbury moved to  the 2 hole 9 games ago, he’s 7 for 36 in that  time span, so  that brilliant move has Psycho Joe’s $21M man hitting .194

Captain Gardner is 10  for 35, a robust .286, the Captain also has a stellar .311 OBP in July

Last night with Humpty Teixeira able to  at least stand upright, Psycho Joe inserted his $23M first baseman, replacing a kid who has played the position for 5 minutes, that’s some kind of genius move  P-Joe made… Humpty Teixeira did reward his manager with a line drive HR into  the seats in right field

He wasn’t trying to beat Big Pimpy Ortiz’s 35 second HR trot record, he was running as hard and as fast as he could, meanwhile YES could have gone to  commercial  and got back in time for Texy’s re-entry into  the dugout

ARod coming off his 696th HR the night before was on the bench being replaced by .194 hitting Aaron Hicks who  went 0-3, but Kernan applauded the fact Beltran hit a HR as a DH…

Sounds good, but by the time Beltran went Big Fly to  make it 5-0 in the bottom of the 8th, the O’s had already  checked out after being humiliated by first Pineda, then by Betances, Goody, and Shreve..

That’s right, the Gidrools now want their own T-shirt, where’s Bald Vinny when we need him?

Here’s the point, Psycho Joe isn’t doing anything he hasn’t done previous, just so happens his pitchers have thrown goose eggs  and non-crooked numbers in Game 3 of the Boston  series, and the 1st three games of this O’s series

More often  then not if you only give up  0 or 1 run you have a good chance of winning, so  kudos to  the pitching staff, hopefully they  can keep  some semblance of this 2.00 ERA they’ve compiled

The Yanks have the media so  confused, they have become the story as much  as the Yanks 4 game winning streak, and the narrative changes with  every Bomber win…Here’s a guess, one loss and the warm  and fuzzy will  turn into cold and blustery

Cy PinHeada

Pineda has given the Yanks a lead in the Montero / Pineda trade conversation, last night for whatever reason you want to conjure up, he was able to pitch the new Bomber starter limit, 6 innings

He gave up  5 hits, no  runs, 2 BB’s, 8 K’s.. He wiggled out of a 1 out  bases loaded jam in the 4th by punching out Reimold and Flaherty.. He worked out of a lead off Trumbo double in the 6th by inducing an F/7 and punching out Hardy and Reimold

So Pineda left with  a bang, and a 2-0 lead and BMC ready to  go…

Up 3-0 Betances pitched a clean 1-2-3 7th inning

The Yanks tacked on a 4th run in the bottom of the 7th, Miller sat  down, and Goody got ready to pitch the 8th.. Boom  a clean  1-2-3 inning 8th inning by Goody

Beltran made it 5-0 in the bottom of the 8th, and Shreve closed it out, so  the pen No Runs G-B-S went 3 innings, no runs no hits….. Get Well Soon Buck

Hit(s) and Run(s)

You know the Yanks are playing for their neighbor’s lives in pinstripes when Beltran laid down a push  bunt in the 6th inning to beat  the O’s defensive shift

Last time Beltran  did that I remember Met fans screaming that  their #3 hitter had the gall to  bunt and not swing!!…… The Yanks loaded the bases with no outs in that  6th inning with Humpty Teixeira, D-Gregorius, and Castro  coming up

Humpty walked in the 3rd run, but D-Gregorius struck out and Castro smacked into  an inning ending DP…So  some things never really change, the Yanks had a chance to nail  the coffin shut in the 6th but couldn’t get the clutch  knock

No worries the O’s didn’t put up much of a fight with  most of their big earners on the bench…

The Yanks scored a run for the first  time in 23 or maybe it’s 24 games when Captain Gardner tripled and Beltran plated him with a sac fly

Humpty Teixeira went Big Fly in the 4th to make it 2-0, Texy walked in the 3rd run in the 6th, A Torreyes triple and Gardner sac fly made it 4-0 in the 7th

Beltran capped it in the 8th  with  a HR

Yanks go  for the Sweep Sabathia vs Tillman

the Whole 9


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July 21, 2016 at 8:14 am

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  1. I was at Bethel Woods last night for Los Lobos & The Tedeschi Trucks Band. So, I checked in from time to time monitoring our boys. Was shocked to see Pinetop throwing so well & the offense chipping in. Big win giving more confusion to the argument of who & what to sell?? The Cubs made a move to take them outta the mix?? They traded with the Mariners for reliever Montgomery who they believe will turn into a gem. Stay tuned to our local programming for results. We’ll see if they are now out of the mix.


    July 21, 2016 at 11:59 am

    • hey buddy, that’s a good show hope you enjoyed it…

      I think the Cubs knew they weren’t getting Miller for Vogelbach and a few spare parts and they don’t want to cough up Schwarber, so they went to plan B… Good job by the M’s

      good stuff bud…


      July 22, 2016 at 7:16 am

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