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A Problem In Houston

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The Yanks had a shot to sneak into Boston  and Toronto’s  Wild Card rear view mirror last night but young 22 yr old Lance McCullers completely outclassed the offense…The contrary, on 4 days rest, Ace Tanaka was as flat as Christopher Columbus’s first map of the Earth.. The end result was a one-sided 4-1 loss for the Bombers

McCullers was the target player CashMan  wanted in a Miller trade with the Astros this winter, and of course they  said No… Houston  didn’t get ripped off until  their trade with the Phillies, who eventually picked their pocket…

McCullers features a  12–6 curveball  (Knuckle-Curve) a fast ball and a show me change-up.. Out of the 14 swings and misses, 12 of them  came on the bender, out of the 91 pitches he stymied the Yanks with, 44 of them were the killer curve..

His line 6 innings, 5 hits, 1 run, 2 BB’s, 10 K’s, 1 HR

Can’t give McCullers all  the credit, the Yankee offense had 9 outs to creep back into  this game vs the Astros bull pen but Giles, Gregerson, and Harris pitched 3 clean innings striking out 5, handing the Yanks a 15 strikeout night, which I believe is a NYY World Record.. If it ain’t, it ought to be…

McCann  touched McCullers for the Yanks only run, a Tater in the 4th inning to make it 4-1..

As for Tanaka, the Yanks elected to  go  to him on 4 days rest, which is understandable, he has a stellar road record, and his last outing saw him dominating for 6 innings an injury plagued Giants team 5 days ago in the Bronx

Tanaka has a 1.90 ERA on the road, and an underwhelming 4.30 at Home.. Unfortunately his differential between  4 and 5 days rest is as astronomical as his home and road splits..

On 4 days rest he’s made 10  starts, he’s 1-3, with a 4.95 ERA, and team’s hit .295 off him

On 5 days+ rest,  we’re looking at  11 starts, 6-0 record, 1.70 ERA, and teams hit only .196 off him

Breaking it down further

Tanaka is 1-3 with a 4.95 ERA on four days’ rest, 4-0 with a 1.05 ERA on five and 2-0 with a 3.27 with six days or more of rest.

The Astros scored 1 in the 2nd inning on 2 walks and a single, they put the game away in the 3rd scoring 3 runs on two singles, a wild pitch, and a big  2 run HR by Rasmus

The closest the Yanks got to  scoring off McCullers, sans the McCann Tater, came in the 2nd  and 3rd innings when  they had two men on base, but in the 2nd, Beltran  whiffed, and in the 3rd, Headless and Hicks were both punched out stranding the runners

Yankees RISP: 0-3 (Headley 0-1, Beltrán 0-1, Hicks 0-1)
Team LOB: 6

The highlight of the night was waiting to  see Adam Warren  and Severino  the new look Bomber  bull pen pitch.. Tanaka was  yanked after just  5 innings, 7 hits, 4 runs, 2 BB’s, 4 K’s, so  we had 3 defensive  innings to check it out

Warren pitched the 6th inning, threw 7 pitches, coughed up  a double, who was erased trying to  steal  third base, and for the most part pitched to  contact for a scoreless frame

Severino looks like a good weapon out of the bull pen, but that’s not what’s gonna happen here, the Yanks are expected to put him back into  the rotation once Nova is traded.

His first inning of work  was impressive, he struck out 2 batters and induced a weak pop  up.. One punch out came on successive drop off the table sliders, nice pitches, something we didn’t see a lot of earlier in the season

His 2nd inning started with a walk, then his third punch out, and an inning ending DP

He threw 28 pitches, 16 fast balls, 11 sliders, 1 show me change up, 5 swings and misses.. Again this kid is a two pitch pitcher with his 2nd pitch not as devastating  as say McCullers knuckle curve… His  fastball command is still  suspect, especially if you’re looking for him to  secure at least 18 outs and 3 times through a line-up

The expectation  is to  trade Nova, but I’m  not sure what  the hurry is, unless CashMan  can get a huge overpay…We’re going for it, right? And Tanaka on 5 days rest is optimum, right?

Then again, with Arod on the roster, that  25th man spot can’t be utilized by a  13th pitcher or a position player who  would actually  add to  the overall depth

While the loss was disappointing to  the fan base, Humpty Teixeira basically brushed it off as no big deal

“Every ballpark has an out-of-town scoreboard and if you are aware of your surroundings, and we all are, you notice,’’ Teixeira said. “The last week of the season you [lament not winning when others are losing] but at this time of the year we have to worry about ourselves. It’s way too early for that.’’

the Whole 9

Torres vs Jimenez?

Eloy Jimenez, of
Cubs (low Class A South Bend)
Born: Nov. 27, 1996. Ht.: 6-4. Wt.: 205. B-T:: R-R.
Career Transactions: Signed as international free agent by Cubs, Aug. 1, 2013.
Background: Given the top signing bonus for a player out of Latin America in 2013, Jimenez has gotten his first taste of full-season ball this year and is flourishing.
What to Watch For: Jimenez’s calling card is his prodigious power, which has shown up in spades in the Midwest League and could draw plenty of oohs and aahs from fans in San Diego.

Based on just  about every pundit, and I bet most of them like me haven’t seen Gleyber Torres play, (outside of the standard you tube videos) are raving at  what  a haul  the Bombers got for Chapman.. Trust me, I’m good with  the whole process, but the one kid   we did see play ( 1 game lol)  in the Chapman  trade discussions Eloy Jimenez, was very impressive.

I understand stockpiling safe bets, and I get doubling down on a specific position, especially SS, based on the position’s history  producing versatile players ( ARod  and Machado were the 2 comps I read)


Guess what, Torres probably isn’t either of those guys, nor will  anybody expect him to be, but what’s lacking in the game at the moment are pure power hitters, and Jimenez, like Judge, is touted to be just  that, so  what  are we doing?

Let’s understand one thing, the labeled Cubs #1 prospect is nothing but bookkeeping, most of the elite Cubs prospects are already on the varsity hoping  to play deep into  the Playoffs now that CashMan has traded them Shotgun Chapman

Epstein already has an embarrassment of riches at the SS position with  Russell  and Baez playing, and of course off limits for the Cubs, so  he simply performed  GM 101  duties and traded from strength, like the Yanks with their closer..

For me, a ballsy move would have been taking the slugger and I’d have enough faith in the Cubs system who  scouted him to be a good reference… After-all  they’re used to it, the Yankees system, not so much, they usually pick from a different aisle in the Prospect Store

After watching him  make a highlight reel  catch and smack  a HR, my first  thought was Schwarber Who? Go  get this guy, “let’s be honest” Theo has a man crush and refuses to  trade Schwarber, his future #5 hitter, so  lets grab another one of their  young power hitters

Based on Baseball America who make a living scouting these prospects, the Bombers took the “safe bet” by picking Torres who is considered more defense then offense at the moment…

Of course we know scouting prospects is far from an  exact science, 61st-round Draft pick to Hall of Fame Mike Piazza is living proof of that.

Tale of the Tape.

Both rank among the better prospects in baseball. Torres ranked 27th in our Midseason Top 100 while Jimenez ranked 46th.

If you’re asking who has a better chance to become a star, the answer is Jimenez. Jimenez has the size, strength and power potential that could see him end up as a middle-of-the-lineup stalwart. His frame and present power make it easier to project him as a future 25-30 home run slugger.

But if you’re asking who is the safer bet to be a big league regular, the answer is Torres. Where Jimenez will bring little value defensively—he’s a left fielder who might be able to stretch to fill right field—Torres is a shortstop, one who most scouts believe will be able to stay at the position. So if Jimenez is going to be a useful regular, he has to hit for significant power.

Torres doesn’t have nearly as high a bar to clear to be a productive everyday player. If Torres comes close to reaching the average hit/average power he is projected to have, he’ll be a very productive regular.

So what gives Torres the edge is his increased defensive value, and a slightly better hit tool, but it was surely a difficult decision for the Yankees.

OK so  we already saw Jimenez make a fool out of the scout saying his defense was slacking, check out that  catch on the video link.. Or maybe that play  was the outlier, and Jimenez is the Latin Schwarber on defense

Let’s hope CashMan  made the right decision, the Chapman acquisition was a gift, like the Robertson FA signing was a gift, allowing the Yanks to grab the 1st round 30th pick

CashMan picked Kyle Holder, you guessed it, a no hit good glove SS….Again the Torres deal seems to be a win win, I’ll leave it at  that, but now that Cashman has overstocked the shelves with SS’s and LHB no pop outfielders, maybe he can  start  to  stockpile sluggers

Oh wait, he just let one slip  through the cracks, but maybe Nova can  bring back  a potential slugging star…




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July 28, 2016 at 8:29 am

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  1. This is a lost Season


    July 29, 2016 at 7:53 am

  2. 18.5 games out of 1st and they making us look so so foolish.
    Nova knows he is pitching for his life and he brings a wet noodle to a gun fight.
    Keeeeeerist why do I watch this crap?
    I have 2 Ray Donovan on demand.
    Might be seeing what Mickey and Bunchy are up to soon.


    July 29, 2016 at 7:37 pm

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