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Yanks Flushing the Mets 9-4

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Meet the Mess

Forget Steven Matz getting mugged for 6 runs in the first two  innings, or Cespedes being to banged up  to run, but Yo-Yo, no doubt inspired by Holy Healer Mike Francesa’s interview with Links Master Jimmy Walker on Monday, was whole enough to  rock his  TaylorMade clubs for 18 holes yesterday morning!!

And now he’s on the 15 day DL

Although entertaining, it wasn’t Humpty Teixeira  taking a page out of Cassius Clay’s handbook when he not only got inside Met reliever  H. Mensa Robles  spacious head, he was squatting an unoccupied room with a view

Nope, none of those bizarre  moments in Subway Series Game 3, were the reason our Flushing Mets were mauled 9-5 by the  Bronx Nomads.. The Amazing’s coup de grâce came when Jinx exrodinaire, Mush Francesa, bemoaned  Psycho Joe’s line up on his daytime radio  reality show..

Dis is a terrible line-up, terrible

Yes Mikey, a terrible line-up  that scored 9 runs

 Pope Francy the Only decided to take a vacation from his vacation and occupy the microphone from  1 to  6:30 this week, and for me, it was welcomed  bloviation for sore ears after being held hostage  by the WFAN B  and C list Taxi  squads that try to  replace Honest Mike during his summer furlough

Kid Stuff

The Bomber auditions for 2017 and beyond continued last night with Chad Too Green on the bump, Mythological Super Prospect  Gary Sanchez finally getting a chance to graduate, they even attached Cadillac Cano’s old a #24 to his cap  and gown, a pretty good sign  that Bubba McCann might be the next underachieving asset to block A-Rod from getting any  DH- PA’s..

Word from Al Yankzeera’s mission control: As soon as  Sanchez  who  also got his first  hit as a NY Yankee, is healthy enough to  don the tools, they  want him behind the plate, and with  the Romine Empire grinding out a very important niche for himself on this rebuilding Bomber squad, Bubba’s job description just  expanded to  being the new Beltran

Rob Refsynder playing right field last night finally put some distance between himself and Psycho Joe’s doghouse by having a 2 hit, 2 run, 1 RBI night batting out of the 2 hole…

The biggest  buzz coming out of the South Bronx this morning was the return of Luis Severino, who piggy backed and terrible performance from Chad Green with  a brilliant 4.1 inning outing of this own…

Psycho Joe while praising Louie’s outing wasn’t automatically handing him the  rotation spot…. It might not be a bad idea  to keep both kids in the rotation and try to  dispatch  a 6 man rotation..?  Despite Tanaka’s Tuesday night’s implosion on 5 days rest, his larger sample size pitching with extra rest should be impetus enough to make Hal’s $175M investment a bit more comfortable

As for Severino, he looks like a different pitcher since coming back from  being jettisoned to SWB earlier in the season…Whatever mechanical adjustment was made to his slider, it’s working.. The pitch now has a nasty late wrinkle to it that not only darts out of the bat’s barrel zone, but it shoots down…

Severino 4.1 innings, 1 hit, 1 run, 1 BB, 5 K’s no longer looks tentative, he’s back to pitching in rhythm, trusting his stuff, and taking control of the AB

Severino said the mechanical issue he worked on involved his head. He was letting it lean too far back whenever he tried to throw hard. It was better tonight, and so was he.

“I was thinking like a reliever,” he said. “Maybe they were expecting a fastball. They think I’m a starter, they think I’m going to throw in the middle. I thought like a reliever and threw a breaking ball.”

Said Austin Romine: “His momentum out there is better than it was. His actions. The way he’s carrying himself. He’s aggressive. He’s waiting for the ball. After I receive it, he’s waiting to get it back quick. The rhythm was better, and we were working a lot faster, so it was good.”

Chad Too Green as we’ve seen before was in way over his head in this game. It’s amazing in itself that he managed to  gut out 3.2 innings, 8 hits, 3 runs, 4 BB’s, because as bad as that line looks, Green was worse.

Long story short Green constantly pitched from behind, or when he was ahead in the count he had no out pitch, so Larry the Stable Guy needs to  go back to  the drawing board

Or maybe like Severino, Green should approach starting the same way he approaches relieving

“I guess I have a little different mentality out of the bullpen, which I need to bring to starting,” Green said. “I got away from that a little bit, just trying to take it one pitch at a time, trying to attack guys. I threw a lot of pitches tonight in not a lot of innings, so just trying to attack guys.”

Green might not get a chance to  try that move, Psycho Joe isn’t an advocate of the 6 man rotation, and with a wasted spot on the roster in A-Rod, the Yanks are already operating with just  24 players so  adding another pitcher isn’t likely…

Growing pains let’s get used to it….

Green put the Yanks in a 2-0 hole in the top of  first inning, Refsynder started the Yanks 3 run rally in the bottom half

Ellsbury struck out looking. 2 0
Refsnyder singled to right. 2 0
Teixeira walked, Refsnyder to second. 2 0
Headley doubled to deep left center, Refsnyder and Teixeira scored. 2 2
Castro struck out swinging. 2 2
Gregorius doubled to deep right, Headley scored. 2 3
Romine grounded out to second. 2 3

Green immediately gave up  the lead in the top of the 2nd  but Humpty Teixeira who apparently has abandoned his mule headed concept of pulling everything, has been an opposite field  hitting savant ever since..

Teixeira doubled down on the 3-3 tie going Big Fly to  right field for a clutch  3 run Tater… Once again it was Ref who  got the line started

Sánchez struck out swinging. 3 3
Hicks lined out to left. 3 3
Ellsbury singled to left center. 3 3
Refsnyder singled to left, Ellsbury to second. 3 3
Teixeira homered to right (356 feet), Ellsbury and Refsnyder scored. 3 6
Headley grounded out to second. 3 6

With  2 on and 2 out Psycho Joe had seen enough of Chad Too Green in the 4th inning… Severino’s back to  the future outing started by punching out Yo-Yo Cespedes.. He continued to  dominate

Severino  was in complete command  for the next 6 outs before walking Granderson and muffing a bunt by Walker leading off  the 7th inning.. . An  error by Headless didn’t help  the inning, but Severino managed to punch out Bruce with the bases loaded and no outs..

Loney made it 6-4 on a ground out RBI to first base, but Severino shut the door loudly by punching out Conforto to  stop  the bleeding.

The Yanks put this one to bed in the bottom of the 7th when Teixeira who  was still energized from his 3 run Tater, a HBP on purpose by Matz that almost started a brawl, and a walk that turned into a nightmare inning for Hansel Robles who was distracted thinking Tex was stealing signs

Robles relieved Matz. 4 6
Sánchez singled to center. 4 6
Hicks doubled to deep right, Sánchez to third. 4 6
Ellsbury struck out looking. 4 6
Refsnyder hit sacrifice fly to center, Sánchez scored. 4 7
Teixeira walked. 4 7
Headley walked, Hicks to third, Teixeira to second. 4 7
Castro reached on infield single to shortstop, Hicks scored, Teixeira to third, Headley to second. 4 8
Edgin relieved Robles. 4 8
Gregorius walked, Teixeira scored, Headley to third, Castro to second. 4 9
Goeddel relieved Edgin. 4 9
Romine flied out to center. 4 9

When the smoke had cleared, Robles was barking at a smirking Teixeira as he departed, and the Bombers had a 9-4 laugher on their hands that had our Man on the Street’s approval

Ok THIS is a Yankee game lolol… That Robles thang was big fun.

While it wasn’t quite Piazza / Clemens 2000, a frustrated Steven Matz throwing at Teixeira got the Bomber’s expiring asset and his teammates  pretty fired up..

The night was no  doubt Luis Severino’s coming back from  exile party, but the co-star of this 9-5 drubbing was yacht rocker Humpty Teixeira’s return to Glory Days

Yanks go  for NYC / Metropolitan area bragging rights tonight Eovaldi  vs Colon

the Whole 9


Written by Sal

August 4, 2016 at 8:03 am

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  1. fun game Severino looking like his scouting report was a God send, be nice to have him back as part of the solution….

    I’m not sure how Cashman expects to add Judge here, who goes and where does he play? That may have been lip service.. If they have no plans to DFA A-Rod, and they didn’t want to eat McCann money to get him to Atlanta, where are these kids gonna play?

    Automatic Hicks isn’t going anywhere thanks to Bradley Jr… Refsynder needs reps somewhere be it RF, 1st base or 2nd base, Sanchez needs to DH until he can catch then McCann needs to DH, so where are you putting Judge in August????


    August 4, 2016 at 8:20 am

  2. Green was terrible last night,it could have been much worse if not for the double plays,the bullpen was up every inning. Severino looked great,turned the game around. Tyler Clippard pitched the 9th,he needs to get coke bottle glasses and he could channel Ryne Duren-lol Cashman was on with MKay pretty much said all the same things he said the day before. I just find it incredible that he compares Hicks to Bradley Jr
    Cashman fixates on a player-like Wilson Betemit-and thats it,ignoring the facts seen on the field. If Hicks has to play,where does that leave Judge? Or Refsnyder? I think everyone was shocked that they sent Gamel back to Scranton instead of cutting Arod. Cashman said that decision was not his,so we know it was Hal. Cashman said there were lots of players in the league who are not playing up to their contracts
    and are not released. But how does keeping Arod help the team? Sanchez is going to dh,they have 3 catchers plus they have to play Hicks. I guess we will stay tuned and find out,the other rookies may not be here until September after the minor league playoffs. Get ready for more of the same.


    August 4, 2016 at 10:08 am

  3. 1st time i liked Texeira this season, still laughing at the replays 😀😀😀😀


    August 4, 2016 at 11:49 am

  4. Your Don aint as smart as you guys.
    Coney and Kay make my head explode with all that Metric crap.
    Stats that are so.miniscule no one effin gives a shit about the #of spins on a pitch.
    Small sample this you effin nerds !!!
    Throw the Ball
    Catch the Ball
    Hit the Ball


    August 4, 2016 at 9:46 pm

    • Donnie B—it is good to keep it simple
      do you remember Hank Aaron’s reply to Yogi when Yogi told Hank he was going to break his bat because he had the trademark facing the wrong way?
      ” Yogi, I’m up here to hit, not to read.”


      August 4, 2016 at 11:16 pm

  5. Brilliant stuff fellas…

    ” Yogi, I’m up here to hit, not to read.” lol one of the all time great lines


    August 5, 2016 at 5:00 am

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