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After Mike Francesa, preaching from  his fortified steel girder soap box told the unwashed masses the Yanks had no  shot against the Seattle Mariners  with an “Old Man” going to  the mound last night, the over money in Vegas doubled on New York to win  …Everybody knows when Pope Francy the Only speaks, you go opposite!

The Yanks behind Sabathia’s  best effort of the season, a rare HR from the DoughBoy, and another multi hit game from Ronnie Torreyes, beat the M’s in Seattle  5-1

Sabathia 7 innings, 3 hits, 1 run, 7 K’s, 1 BB, was pretty nasty, his command was spot on, up down in and out, his junk pitches kept Seattle off balance, and the offense scored more runs then  the Mariners

“To help the team out felt good,” Sabathia said. “I made pitches when I needed to. … Hopefully things are turning around.”

A misplayed triple, and a 55 hopper up the middle was all Seattle could muster Re: a run off Sabathia in the 3rd inning

The DoughBoy started his night like a lamb getting punched out twice.. Once leading off the game, and in the 3rd inning after Judge reached on an  error, Hicks walked, and Torreyes doubled to make it 1-0, the DoughBoy  was punched out to end what  could have been a nice cushion for Sabathia to sit on..

He atoned in the 5th blasting  a wheel house fastball for a 2 run homer to make it 3-1.

Teixeira doubled, McCan’t ground ball  to  2nd moving Humpty Teixeira to 3rd, and Judge with a long sac fly to  right center field combined for the 4th  run in the 6th inning

The DoughBoy reached 2nd base on an error and D-Gregorius doubled him home in the 9th  to cap it 5-1.. I thought the D-Gregorius double was gone, but it fell  short and bounced into  the stands for a ground-rule double

Six players in the line-up built a picket fence with  1 hit apiece, Torreyes went 3 for 4 to  further bury Rob Refsynder in the Bombers dog house, McCan’t and Judge took the collar..

Although McCan’t’s ground ball  set up Judge’s sac fly, so  two “productive outs” if you wanna take the cherry picked route to  the top

Babe Sanchez didn’t hit a HR, so YES can  take the camera’s off him for a minute.. And do  we need to  see headlines that say the Babe and Pudge all rolled into  one after 71 AB’s?

I understand wanting to applaud your teammate, and the only way Starling Castro gets to  a Mensa meeting is if he walks in the wrong room, so coming from him it was innocuous, but Teixeira should know better…

Re: Refsynder, he got the Daniel Murphy treatment from Francesa yesterday.. Fatso  was following the company line, which  is all he does for his Bomber takes, he know nothing about the farm system, he has no idea how the system is structured, he gets his pulse from the media, and he regurgitates what CashMan goes public with

Mikey has his head up  a horse’s ass at the moment no time to go  deep into what  the “Bombah’s are doin”, when day get here from da mynah’s, day get here..

Mikey had no interest in finding out who Dietrich Enns was, “I haven’t heard anybody tawkin about him, so he means nothing, when he here he’s here”…..

the Whole 9


Written by Sal

August 24, 2016 at 8:20 am

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  1. Last night was a game that even Psycho couldn’t screw up. Would be nice to take the series with a win this afternoon. The Royals are smokin, so that makes the second Wild Card even a bigger pipe dream.
    The closer I’ve been seeing but not getting a lot of attention is Zach Britton from the Orioles. An amazing ERA of less than a half a run per nine innings and a crazy unscored on streak Not sure because I do not verify, but I believe he’s around 31 innings without allowing anything.
    I did some intel on Mikey The Hawse Owner. He actually has two horses running today. The one mentioned the other day–Mongo Nation is the number 1 horse in the 6th race and the morning line is 12-1. A maiden race and the horse has never raced before. 85k purse, meaning the winner gets 60 percent and the first four finishers get a check.
    Also, he is half owner of House of Friends, the number 2 horse, running in the 4th race, with a morning line of 10-1. It is a claiming race, meaning the horse is for sale–price is 40k.
    Mikey calls his stable JEH Stable. Meaning–Jack, Emily and Harrison, his three kids. Maybe we all should have slept on the job like Mikey has and we would all be very rich.
    I’m sure you guys are incredibly interested. LOL


    August 24, 2016 at 9:14 am

    • Dallas–another funny horse story. One guy I was golfing with 2 weeks ago was at Saratoga National which is the premiere golf course there. He heard this distinct voice on the golf range, turned around and saw it was Bill Parcells. Parcells has a summer home he built a few years ago in Saratoga, and owns 13 horses who race there. His buddies, according to my friend, were all bustin on Parcells because all of his horses always lose. I’m sure Mikey thinks he himself does better. I’ll let you know how his horses do today, but I am not going. Have not been there yet, but plan on going a week from this Friday.


      August 24, 2016 at 11:10 am

    • Fantastic Noogsie, keep em coming…

      funny you bring up Britton, I just read somewhere the O’s wanted to trade Britton to the Mets for Ike Davis… Mets hung up the phone


      August 25, 2016 at 6:19 am

  2. Nooger you are doing great work researching Fatsos horse farm!! The newspapers only mention Mongo Nation. He has had horses before,he fancies himself quite the handicapper,especially for the Belmont.
    CC must have had a flashback,he pitched very well,makes the loss on Monday a little worse. Torreyes is actually playing a lot better than Headley!! Judge looked like he was channeling Beltran on that ball that fell in-lol Beltran was hot when he got to the Rangers,is now slumping 0-17. Nova pitched a complete game for the Pirates vs the Astros last night!! He is 3-0- like AJ Burnett,you have to wonder why they got so much better in Pittsburgh!! Ellsbury homered,the first thing the announcers said was he has a scheduled day off Thursday!! Incredible. I just cannot get used to this nonsensical scheduled days of rest,its not shabbos. The guy is hitting well for a change,keep playing him! But they keep saying our manager is a genius-they must not watch the games like we do.


    August 24, 2016 at 9:32 am

    • Hey Big D thanks for the intel, amazing news about Nova…Some of these guys can’t get away from Psycho Joe fast enough…

      Ray Searage their pitching coach gets mad props from the MLB hipsters, maybe that plus pitching in the NL, and getting the fuck away from Lying Joe helped him

      If George Were Alive, lol, Searage would be in pinstripes and Larry the Stable Guy would be his assistant


      August 25, 2016 at 6:27 am

  3. It’s the Brave New World of Baseball, Big D! Cal Ripkin can rest easy. With the constant resting of players, young & old, his record will NEVER be broken!!
    Sal, I had to laugh when you mentioned Fatso’s take on Enns & other Yankee prospects as to who they are & when they’ll be here.
    Fatso had NO idea who Enns is…..and didn’t care. He’d rather spend more time talking about pre-season football. Which appears to have shanghaied the sports airwaves. Making it for me, absolutely unlistenable!!!
    I don’t really care about football. And to have it being discussed all fukking day long in the middle of August, is making me suicidal!!!
    I was listening when the Enns call came in. Sad & hysterical, all at the same time.


    August 24, 2016 at 10:21 am

    • hey mB, I hear you on the football, that fucker butters a lot of brad for these radio geeks, we’re fucked Re: getting baseball content, especially if the Mets tank…

      Mikey isn’t only a sports savant, he’s a pop culture and political savant as well, no time for m,nor leagues, in anything lol

      Good point on the Ripkin deal..


      August 25, 2016 at 6:37 am

  4. So….Mikey’s first horse, House of Friends, finished 8th out of the 9 hawses who ran. His other hawse–Mongo Nation was heavily bet (wonder who did that?) and finished third. RN’s Funhouse actually has the race replay.
    And Gary Sanchez is a monster. Hope he keeps going.


    August 24, 2016 at 6:40 pm

    • tough day for Mikey and house of Friends hahaha

      Maybe he made up for it on Mongo with a big show bet

      Thanks Noogsie

      yes Babe Sanchez is having himself some month, now I read he’s been good for Tanaka… He’s gonna get his own dedicated camera


      August 25, 2016 at 6:31 am

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