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Heller High Water

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Word on the Bricks, the Bombers presented Ben Heller with the lineup card from Wednesday night’s 5-4 win in 13 innings over the Royals, no  doubt a fraternity nod to Heller getting his first Major League win.

I’m surprised, with  such a brilliant analytical engineering mind, Psycho Joe didn’t slice that card into  7 pieces and distribute the prize to  each of his Gidrool-Troop pitching staff

Starter Luis Cessa and six relievers ( Shreve, Layne, Warren, Parker, Heller, Betances) limited the Royals to one hit over the final 10 frames, with Kansas City’s last hit, an infield knock  coming off Salvador Perez’s bat in the fifth.

The G Troop bullpen worked seven hitless innings, with Heller picking up the victory and Dellin Betances locking down his seventh save in eight opportunities.

“Tonight was just so awesome, to be able to show the team, my coaches and everybody that I’m worthy of being here and I can help the team win,” said Heller, who came to the Yankees from the Indians in the Andrew Miller trade. “That’s all that really matters to me right now.”

Heller will probably be joined by Severino, Pazos, Bleier, along with position players Rob Refsnyder, newly acquired Eric Young Jr, and hopefully very soon the rehabbing Bryan  Mitchell.. Psycho Joe will without a doubt  bust out the old chemistry set, and there will be mixing and matching galore as the roster expands on Friday….

Unfortunately Aaron Hicks who was just  starting to carry his own bags in August, will now be out with  a hamstring injury.. This will hurt the Bombers depth, but it’ll  also open up more playing time for  Aaron K- Judge, and possibly Refsynder

The Royals, one smart baseball  team tried to cut the snake’s head off scoring 4 runs in 3 innings off Luis Cessa.. For a while it looked like Cessa was drowning in the deep  end of the pool, but he was able to swim to  the the top and   grind out 6 innings, 6 hits, 4 Runs, 3 Earned, 1 BB. 2 K’s, 2 HR’s

Cessa gave up  a single and a HR in the 1st, an unearned run on an  error and a double in the 2nd, and a HR in the 3rd.. He stopped the bleeding after the Hosmer Big Fly in the 3rd inning only allowing book end singles to Sal Perez in the 3rd and 5th innings..

Cessa’s comeback was the start of  7 inning, no hits, no  runs, 3 BB’s, 4 K’s performance from the G-Troop relievers, plus Bentances

Young At Heart

The Bomber offense had another night of futility with RISP

Yankees RISP: 1-10 (Sánchez 0-1, Hicks 0-1, Judge 0-2, Gardner 1-3, Teixeira 0-3)
Team LOB: 11

The Yanks were 6 for 34 (.176) with RISP over the 3 game series.. 3 of those 6 hits came in the 8-5 loss on Monday.. They  were  3 for 26 (.115) in the two nail biter wins..

Baby Bombers with RISP

Sanchez is 2 for 14 / .143 .429 .429 .858 with 6 RBI’s

Judge is 3 for 15 with 9 K’s….200 .188 .267 .455 5 RBI’s

Ronnie Torreyes is 8 for 24, 2 doubles, 2 triples, 8 RBI’s  .333 .448 .583 1.031

Tyler Austin is 1 for 4  with 1 RBI  .250

Aaron Hicks 15 for 70 .214 .310 .329 .639

Down 4-0  the Yanks finally caught up  to Ian Kennedy in the 6th inning to  cut the lead to 4-3

Ellsbury singled to right. 0 4
Sánchez walked, Ellsbury to second. 0 4
Teixeira flied out to right, Ellsbury to third. 0 4
Gregorius hit sacrifice fly to left, Ellsbury scored. 1 4
Castro homered to left center (415 feet), Sánchez scored. 3 4
McCann grounded out to second. 3 4

The big bomb was Castro’s 2 run Tater, but kudos to Ellsbury, Sanchez, Humpty Teixeira, and D-Gregorius for productive AB’s

Castro has definitely earned his keep in Stripes, or he’s making himself a very attractive trade chip  this winter… ?

The Bombers tied it in the 7th on a BB, a single and a sac fly 4-4

Headley lined out to second. 3 4
Hicks walked. 3 4
Alexander relieved Kennedy. 3 4
Gardner singled to right, Hicks to third. 3 4
Ellsbury hit sacrifice fly to center, Hicks scored. 4 4
Sánchez grounded out to third. 4 4

Thankfully Grateful Ned Yost has Chris Young on his 25 man roster.. And as Bomber Universe We stand as One and send a  toast   to Grateful Ned for actually using him vs the Yanks, salud Ned!

After the Ellsbury sac fly the Yanks only had 1 base runner in the next 14 batters, Castro  reached on an error in the 8th and the net 10 hitters went down in order

Until  the 12th inning when Chris Young gave up  a lead off single to Headley who  then stole 2nd base.. At this point where is Ronnie Torreyes to pinch  run???????

With no outs man on 2nd Judge was easily punched out looking no less, Gardner singled to left and even  with Headless running the winning run should have scored but Espada held the lumbering Headley at third despite an errant throw….

Torreyes is already  rounding third had he been running and not even Espada could fuck up  the play…. Yost then  intentionally walked Ellsbury to get to Sanchez, and it worked as Sanchez lined to  3rd base for the 2nd out

Of course Humpty Teixeira grounded out to  end the threat.. Man walking Ellsbury to pitch to Sanchez would have found Yost locked in a rubber room last week, but the Royals have handled the Bomber kids with  relative ease

Sanchez was 3 for 15, with a double, a BB, and 5 K’s

Judge 1 for 10 with 1 HR 2 RBI’s and 7 K’s

Austin was 2 for 6 with a BB, and 3 K’s

15 punch outs in 33 PA’s …

Mr. Ned kept Young in the game long enough to  start  the winning rally in the 13th inning

Gregorius reached on infield single to first. 4 4
Castro doubled to left, Gregorius to third. 4 4
Strahm relieved Young. 4 4
McCann hit sacrifice fly to left, Gregorius scored, Castro to third. 5 4
Headley intentionally walked. 5 4
Judge struck out swinging. 5 4
Gardner grounded out to third. 5 4

Yanks had a shot to  expand the 1 run lead but Judge whiffed and Captain Gardner bounced out

In the bottom of the 13th Betances made a circus play that  turned a DP after he allowed a lead off walk.. Thankfully the base on balls was to  the slower footed rookie Cuthbert, so  the stolen base wasn’t an option with Hosmer at  the plate

A between the legs grab, a shot-put throw to D-Gregorius at  2nd base, and a bullet relay  to 1st nipped Hosmer for the 1-6-3 DP

Morales ended the game on an F/9 to Judge..

The Yanks stole another game and moved 2.5 games behind the Tigers and Orioles for the chance to play the #1 WC seed Boston

the Whole 13


Written by Sal

September 1, 2016 at 9:15 am

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  1. The last 2 games were late night specials,like they were on the West Coast instead of KC. PsychoJoe played Gidrool Roulette all night and won!! Have to love the way they battled for both wins. I think Yost is a closet Yankee fan,bringing in Chris Young twice-lol I wanted to kill Espada last night,but fortunately they scored the next inning. Hicks may be out for a while,where was this injury all season??-lol He filnally got his average above .200,now he can’t play. Gamel was voted IL MVP,Yankees immediately shipped him to Seattle. At least he may get a chance to play there,he was not going to play here. I think Refsnyder may have the same fate in the offseason,even though he hit very well in the minors,the brain trust just does not seem to like him,prefers Hicks over him. Severino hopefully will be in the bullpen when/if he comes up,just like everyone here knows he should be. He should have been in the bullpen here instead of wasting time and pitches in Scranton-if they really are serious about making the playoffs. Interesting to see who they bring up,get ready for loooong games with lots of pitching changes. Austin Romine has replaced Torreyes
    on the milk carton,he probably will be gone in the offseason too.


    September 1, 2016 at 10:09 am

    • Couldn’t agree more big D


      September 1, 2016 at 10:01 pm

  2. Why keep McCant to “mentor” the Sanbino when you have Pena?
    Play Romine as a backup and let the only Coach with a brain teach the kid.
    Gawd i hate the mentality of our Mgt.
    I been hatin on our “Coaching” staff for months/years.
    Nobodies,, the lot of em
    All the ex Yankees Coach on other teams and we get “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil”
    Ack grrrrr


    September 1, 2016 at 11:12 am

    • Great point on Pena Donny


      September 1, 2016 at 10:00 pm

  3. I really hope our Baby Bombers can put that sor puss on ol Showalter’s mush tonight.
    Gives me great pleasure to ruin his night.


    September 2, 2016 at 7:23 am

  4. Sour


    September 2, 2016 at 7:24 am

  5. The Yankees added six players to the active roster today as their first round of September call-ups, the team announced. The six players: Luis Severino, Nick Goody, Rob Refsnyder, Kirby Yates, Eric Young Jr., and Jonathan Holder. It’s safe to assume all six will be with the team and available for tonight’s series opener against the Orioles.

    Holder wasn’t on the 40 man so that’s a shock, Cash said he changed his mind last minute… That works, let’s see if this kid’s stuff plays at the varsity level… He’s more of a command guy then a 100 MPH monster, so what worked at AAA might not work in the bigs….

    Yates has to be there until Mitchell logs in another week or so


    September 2, 2016 at 1:35 pm

  6. Mitchell hasn’t been good unfortunately must be a command thing he did punch outs 8 in his last outing


    September 2, 2016 at 1:36 pm

    • CashMan’s Gidrool All Stars
      And he’s worried about protecting some of these guys on the 40 man


      September 2, 2016 at 8:24 pm

  7. Ok, Green gives up 3 big runs then leaves with pain in his elbow,, oy vey,,
    Now Psycho is on a Gidrool frenzy,,
    Gonna watch my Ray Donovan on demand, if i dont see a glimmer of a spark soon,,


    September 2, 2016 at 8:23 pm

  8. Judge might be the first guy to reach a 60% K rate


    September 2, 2016 at 8:52 pm

    • Whoever thought we’d be pining for Aaron Hicks
      And they traded Gamel


      September 2, 2016 at 8:54 pm

  9. Friggin Cy Youngs we make these mutts look like,


    September 2, 2016 at 9:58 pm

  10. Yanks have been shut out the last 2 times they played the O’s,next face Gausman who has shut them out 2x!-oy!! Greens elbow hurt,I thought it might be his neck watching the rockets hit off him. Bringing in Goody and Yates certainly didn’t help. The game was over in the 2nd inning,the offense never showed up,did absolutely nothing all night. Just a putrid game.


    September 2, 2016 at 11:53 pm

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