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The DoughBoy’s Revenge

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I guess theoretically it’s true,  the MLB website headline was

Clash of Contenders Ends with Yanks on Top

The Bombers are contenders because the math  says they are, but the eyesight test doesn’t quite score as high on the PAT’s (playoff assessment tests)…

Per Fangraphs, and I don’t know how they  figure it,the Yanks have a 3.5% chance of making the WC game, 3.9% to make the playoffs, and 0.1% of making the World Series

Back here, we’re just  hoping they make it to Wednesday, the division is 5.5 games in front  of the Yanks…. There are 3 teams, Houston, Detroit, and Baltimore in front of NY for that One Wild Ride Game

The Bombers  are 3.5 behind Baltimore and Detroit…Boston is a game behind Toronto  for the Division, and 1 game ahead of Baltimore and Detroit, Boston is the #1 WC Seed at the moment

At the moment the Yanks are 71-65, a high water mark of 6 games over .500

They’re 23-30 vs AL East teams, the Yanks are the only AL East team  with  a losing record vs NL teams 7-10

They’re just numbers, but relevant based on the remaining 26 game schedule

There are 9 games left on this present home stand

2 with Toronto….. 4-9

4 with Tampa Bay…..6-6

3 with the Dodgers…..0-0

From September 15th  through 26th an 11 game road trip

4 in Boston, 3 in Tampa, 4 in Toronto…

From  September 27th to October 2nd the last  6 games of the season at  home..



26 games, 1 day off, September 19th, a Monday after the Boston  series and before Tampa Bay…

23 of the 26 remaining games are vs the AL East, where the Yankees are playing .434 baseball..Easy team  to  root for, the manager withstanding, the lying prick turned Ellsbury out for being nicked up

The DoughBoy won some points from me by calling Lying Joe out..

Yesterday  was a big win, and a big day  for the DoughBoy, Lying Joe ought to piss him off more often, let’s see if he can  carry it through a few games, he’s usually one and done for a week or so..

If Tanaka keeps grinding out Quality Starts that opt out after 2017 might be a dream come true… I like Tanaka, and I bet he’s not the only pitcher in baseball  throwing with some sort of ailment, but after 2017 they would owe him $69M for 3 yr’s

That’s about as far as I’d want to go on him, after 2017 he’ll be 28 yr’s old, if he stays in NY the Yanks get him until he’s 31, that’s when you say sayonara… If he wants to  opt out he’ll be looking for 2 more years like Sabathia..

Sabathia would have had 3 yr’s $69M left on his $161M Bomber contract.. The Yanks extended him 5 yr’s $122M.. Tanaka even with  a 5 yr extension will be 33 during that last year, so it’s highly possible the Yanks go  down that Sabathia road with TJ…

Tanaka was the 2nd Yankees player to  call Lying Joe a lying bastard…Lying Joe mentioned Tanaka did pretty good despite not having his slider

“I don’t think it was just the slider. I think it was everything,” Tanaka said through a translator after lasting 6 ¹/₃ innings in the Yankees’ 5-3 victory over Toronto at Yankee Stadium on Monday. “I felt like I was all over the place.”

The media has found a soft target and it’s Aaron K Judge, the kid is striking out at a record pace…

Judge became the first Yankee to record an extra-base hit in each of his first three career games when he arrived last month, homering his first at-bat, and is the second player in Yankees’ history to homer in each of his first two career games, joining Joe Lefebvre, who did the trick in 1980.

But the game has gotten its revenge. Over his last 12 games, Judge has three hits in 39 at-bats with 26 strikeouts, including three Ks on Monday.

He has 35 strikeouts over 65 at-bats, three home runs, and is batting .169.

Lying Joe said he was gonna keep  running AK Judge out there, and we hope he does.. We just have to  decide when you stop the training day, and start  the run for the roses with  your best team on the field ?

Judge made two pretty nice defensive plays yesterday…He also  stumbled over an infielder’s foot and was tagged out the other day, so he’s a big man in a small world and he’s facing complications at  the moment..

I was watching Moncada last night and the Padres struck him out 3 times.. These kids haven’t seen breaking pitches in fast ball counts with this much  command down on the farm, so Sanchez, Judge, and Moncada have had a rude awakening to “market correction”

On the other hand Tyler hair Austin had himself a career day.. After jumping on the scene with Judge on day one with  a HR and a single, Austin has been just  about invisible

Over his previous 12 games, Austin had just five hits in 37 plate appearances and had walked just once while striking out 12 times.

Yesterday Austin roped two  doubles, drove in a pair of runs, and probably slept like a baby.. He was co-Big man on Campus with the DougBoy’s 3 hits, one a HR, 3 RBI’s and a run scored….The DoughBoy’s Revenge

The SanBino  is 2 for 12 in September, with  3 BB’s and 6 K’s, yesterday he went 1 for 4 and struck out twice..  In 45 PA’s Sanchez has struck out 13 times in the last 10 games..

That’s about a 29% rate…

The Yanks continue on life support with Luis Cessa dealing against Cy Young candidate Aaron Sanchez, Oy Vey

the Whole 9


Written by Sal

September 6, 2016 at 8:41 am

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  1. for the moscone scrapbook… lord have mercy

    work the next button for more moscone awards


    September 6, 2016 at 8:59 am

  2. Thanks for the shout out Sal!
    Can’t get enough good scrapbook material! Loved that the Doughboy called out PJ. Calling him banged up……the Doughboy countered with we’re ALL banged up.
    Psycho Joe as Pinocchio in the re-make!!


    September 6, 2016 at 11:29 am

  3. Enjoy… We’re dead in the water, Mikey is in full football mode, it’s the start of his new year…..My God please


    September 6, 2016 at 1:42 pm

  4. Bob’s Blitz has footage of Mikey 21 falling asleep at the Mets game.the other night. One of my favorite subjects.


    September 6, 2016 at 8:18 pm

  5. Jays had won 5 straight series from the Yanks in NY until tonight!! Incredible game,great comebacks,lots of gidrools,great catch by GARDY!!!!!!!!!!!


    September 7, 2016 at 12:27 am

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