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This is starting to  get Twilight Zone-ish, I mean one more snatch  victory from the jaws of defeat win, and we might start  to think  we have a “team of destiny” on our hands??

If nothing else the Yanks are repaying their fans for tendering such a boring product the first  4 months of the season.. Last night’s 7-6 win might be the most dramatic of all 77 wins this entire year

First off, who  would think  selling off your 3 best players, and paying your biggest Star to  go  away, would make the team better?

Since August 1st, minus Chappy, Miller, Beltran, ARod and Nova, the Yanks are now 20- 13 / .606… 17-11 in August, and 3-2 in September..

The Bombers came into  this series with Canada having lost 9 of 12 games to Toronto, so  the 2 straight wins are either a “market correction”, the Yanks now punch teams back after they get knocked down, or yes indeed we are in the  Twilight Zone…

In game one, it was uncustomary  seeing Ellsbury go on an offensive tear, while Tanaka and 3 middle relievers ate 7 innings, and Clippard and Betances polished off the last 6 outs for a surprising but not shocking 5-3 win

Last night’s victory  was not only  improbable, it was down right impractical!

Toronto  took  the lead 1-0 in the 1st inning when E-Encarnacion walked the parrot for the 37th time.. The Yanks tied it in the 4th on a Bubbles McCan’t Tater 1-1..

Canada grabbed the lead back in the 5th scoring a run on 3 singles, Joey Bats doing the RBI honors to make it 2-1.. Two Baby Bombers Judge singled and Austin a 2 run Big Fly gave the Yanks a 3-2 lead in the 7th

Had this been pre deadline, no  worries, in comes the formula and game over…Psycho Joe isn’t such a master bull pen tactician now that Miller and Chappy are gone, although Shreve and Clippard have been pretty good

The Bombers Achilles Heel all season has been middle relief, and with no Severino  to  call on, it was an Attack of the Gidrools night, for both  sides…

 Psycho Joe yanked Cessa after 85 pitches and 5.1 innings of decent pitching, a Tulowitzki 1 out single in the 6th was his last batter… Something tells me Tulo  was Cessa’s last batter regardless of his AB’s outcome, based on pitch count and match up… God for-bid with  the pen  short, P-Joe allow a starter to  complete a 6th inning….

In came the first Gidrool, James Pazos to pitch  to Saunders who Cessa had handled all night, inducing  a ground out and a pop  up…


85 pitches,  third time around the line-up, Lefty righty match-up, Psycho Joe is wired to make a pitching change under those circumstances, regardless of the circumstance, because now in September, he can, and he did……

A Base hit ended Pazos’ cameo and in came Warren to  clean it up.. After a walk Warren induced a beautiful  3-6-1 DP to  end the threat.. Warren tossed a 1-2-3- 7th inning, and he came back out in the 8th  with a 3-2 lead after the Austin Tater

Warren got the first  2 outs, then coughed up  a single that ended his night at 44 pitches, that  was Psycho Joe’s limit for Warren.. In came Layne who of course had to pitch  to  a RH PH, a passed ball  and a walk later, in came Heller High Water..

I know they got this kid in the Miller deal, and he does look like at some point he might be a decent reliever, but for the 2nd straight appearance P-Joe put him in a high leverage situation, based on RHP / RHB match-up…

Now we know why he pitched around these guys in his last outing, Boom a two  run double erased all  the good vibes the Austin HR created and the Bombers with P-Joe pushing all  the wrong buttons were now down 4-3…

Shreve, who  should have come in to  face Pillar, then stopped the bleeding punching out the tougher Travis, even making him look  foolish in the process

Thankfully John Wayne Gibbons decided to hold a 4-3 lead with  the normally solid Jason Grilli in the 8th..

Despite both Baby Bomber hot shots, the SanBino  and Aaron K Judge striking out in the inning the Yanks mounted a gut check  comeback

Grilli relieved Sanchez. 4 3
Ellsbury walked. 4 3
Sánchez struck out swinging. 4 3
Gregorius tripled to deep center, Ellsbury scored. 4 4
Castro hit sacrifice fly to right, Gregorius scored. 4 5
McCann walked. 4 5
Young Jr. ran for McCann. 4 5
Headley homered to right (368 feet), Young Jr. scored. 4 7
Schultz relieved Grilli. 4 7
Judge struck out looking. 4 7

The D-Gregorius triple was exciting, the Castro Sac Fly rewarding, but the Headless 3 run Big Fly was off the charts amazing, 7-4 with Betances waiting in the wings was pinch me time…

Betances had nothing last night, and having nothing is something you don’t want when you’re gonna face the top of Toronto’s line-up starting with Joey Bats.. Those fuckers just  do not swing the bat at pitches they  can’t wreck, at least that’s what happened with Betances who wasn’t getting the paint calls, and didn’t have his Death / depth breaking pitch  working…

Betances relieved Shreve. 4 7
Bautista walked. 4 7
Donaldson walked, Bautista to second. 4 7
Bautista to third, Donaldson to second on wild pitch by Betances. 4 7
Encarnación reached on infield single to second, Bautista scored, Donaldson to third. 5 7
Carrera ran for Encarnación. 5 7
Martin struck out looking. 5 7
Navarro hit for Goins. 5 7
Navarro walked, Carrera to second. 5 7
Barney ran for Navarro. 5 7
Upton Jr. reached on infield single to first, Donaldson scored, Carrera to third, Barney to second. 6 7
Parker relieved Betances. 6 7
Pillar struck out looking. 6 7
Smoak flied out to left. 6 7

Betances gave up  two infield singles, 3 walks and 2 runs, when the smoke had cleared from his rocky outing, the game was 7-6 Yanks, there was 1 out, and men on 2nd and 3rd..

In came Gidrool #3 Blake Parker to Save the Season….He punched out Pillar on a wicked off speed pitch  that just  floated into  the strike zone, then gave up what  should have been a two  run double but Captain Gardner went back, leaped, closed his eyes, and the ball landed in his glove as he bounced off the wall like a rag doll…

The Yanks won  the Damn game!

Tough breaks for Toronto

Grilli had a 1.87 ERA over 33 2/3 frames and had yet to record a blown save during any of his previous 35 appearances with the Blue Jays. He has been described as a savior of Toronto’s previously maligned ‘pen, but it became evident early on that he didn’t have it.

There was a catchers interference on E-Encarnacion in the 9th that was missed, and t’s non reviewable which makes no  sense…He did end up  with a 75 hopper for an RBI infield single… I was just  glad E-Encarnacion didn’t walk  the parrot for the 2nd time

Headless laid out and robbed Donaldson of a double with RBI implications  written all over it, and Gardner made a circus catch to  end the game…

Yanks try for the improbable and maybe even impractical sweep with Mitchell and company vs Stroman

the Whole 9


Written by Sal

September 7, 2016 at 8:39 am

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  1. I kinda think she’s hot…..


    September 7, 2016 at 9:02 am

    • as reported by noogsie the Pope goes to sleep at a Met game… The pope has had his head up some horses ass all summer and now he’s a College football / NFL/ MLB expert.. go back to bed gas bag… that said we finally have entertainment back as the varsity ass hole his back to work

      The WFAN JV just doesn’t cut it… they better replace fatso with Mad Dogg


      September 7, 2016 at 9:10 am

  2. Always great satisfaction in beating the pricks from Toronto. What an unlikeable bunch. Saw the replay of Gardzilla’s catch. In the absolute top of his web. I did not like him earlier when he was 0-4 and misplayed a ball which allowed the second Toronto run to score. I don’t like him anyway and still firmly believe that he is overrated and overpaid. That said, happy with the win and looking for a sweep today.
    Could this be shades of 1978? That was the best comeback ever.


    September 7, 2016 at 9:10 am

    • yes indeed 78 was amazing noogsie…. Gardner was the blind squirrel and the acorn, a children’s book ……


      September 7, 2016 at 9:12 am

  3. We need a Goose Gossage to drill Encarnacion in that fuggin wing,, wtf ??
    I think he is so bush league,, asshole punk

    Noogsie i concur bro
    Gardy is Teacher’s Pet
    Only Gidrool Girardi rates him that high no one else.
    Overrated, overplayed overmatched.


    September 7, 2016 at 9:18 am

    • No Sanchez or Judge damn old people playing

      Mitchell to Severino to Clip

      Let’s sweep


      September 7, 2016 at 7:02 pm

  4. He’s had Severino up for 2 innings I hope he doesn’t pull Mitch after 5 innings and 73 pitches


    September 7, 2016 at 8:41 pm

  5. You know the apocalypse is here when they walk DD to pitch to Humpty Teixeira who should not be in the middle of any line up


    September 7, 2016 at 9:37 pm

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