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A Rain of Terror

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Unlike Alex Rodriguez, Mark Teixeira isn’t being paid to  go away, the we’re glad you came, and we’re glad you’re leaving Bomber 1st baseman for the last 8 years has a brief 22 game career left to play, and he’s being paid to  “empty the tank”

 Teixeira’s 4th inning Grand Slam proved to be the winning hit as the Yanks, after 3 rain delay’s held off the nothing to lose Tampa Rays 7-5..

In a game that had no  rhythm, and moved slower then a late night truck stop janitor, thanks in part to  2 misguided rain delays by the umps, and a neophyte hotshot pitching prospect Blake Snell, who probably wiped out more worms then Yankees batters

“There were a lot of balls in the dirt,” Cash said. “I don’t think that was his intent, trying to get them to chase.”

Snell is a good looking pitching prospect who has had intermittent success, but last night isn’t gonna land on his highlight reel

Just last Saturday, Snell gave up one run on two hits in six innings against a strong Blue Jays lineup. 

Friday night, he fell back into the same frustrating pattern of long pitch counts. He allowed three runs on six hits, but the big number was the 88 pitches by the time manager Kevin Cash came to get him two outs into the third inning.

Snell’s counterpart PineTar Pineda continued his quest to become the most enigmatic pitcher in the game today with a typical Jekyll and Hyde split personality outing that lasted 4.2 innings, 6 hits, 2 runs, 2 BB’s, 7 K’s, 2 HR’s 77/51 pitches 

That’s not what Psycho Joe was looking for, in fact Pineda started to get on P-Joe’s nerves in the 4th inning, but the previous 3 innings were “sensational”

Pineda allowed harmless singles in the 1st and 2nd innings, a walk in the 3rd, he sandwiched in 6 strike outs and 13 swings and misses, while holding the Rays off the board for 3.1 innings

With the Yanks up  3-0 with one out in the 4th, Pineda lost his marbles  and coughed up back  to back Taters

Morrison homered to right (432 feet).
Souza Jr. homered to left (358 feet).

Morrison’s ball still hasn’t landed, and Souza’s almost took  down the foul pole, so Chef Pineda was serving his specialty, fatso meatballs, and just like that it was now a 3-2 nail biter

After the first  rain

Teixeira’s Grand Salami in the 4th inning took the pressure off the Yanks, temporarily… With 1 out Pineda who  stayed in the game after a 20 minute delay, walked a batter, and gave up  an infield knock

Longoria hit what could have been  a DP but Castro could only get a force at 2nd..With  a LHB coming up, and Pineda’s tendencies to go off the deep  end rearing their ugly head, Psycho Joe yanked  the very disgruntled  starter…

Hey there’s no  time for babies PineTop, the lunatic manager has 13 relievers, and the fucker wants to use them all… “Let’s be honest” I’d trust Bernie Madoff with my money before I’d trust Pineda with  the ammo after his focus dissipates

Shreve punched out  Miller to  stop  the bleeding, and P-Joe turning out Pineda was rendered the right move…

Shreve coughed up  a double and an RBI single to make 7-3 Yanks…Warren relieved him and allowed the inherited run to  score on a knock before closing out the 6th..

Warren  and Layne cleaned up  the 7th, unfortunately Psycho Joe went with a match-up to  start  the 8th and Layne hit Morrison  a LHB ending his night..  Clippard had to negotiate around the lead off HBP, which pissed off Paul O’Neill, “why not just  start Clippard with a clean inning”?

O’Neill gruffed at P-Joe’s match up fetish, good to  see O’Neill  and Cone go  after the Lunatic manager over the last few games…Clippard walked his first  batter but he was great after that inducing 3 pop ups…

In 5 games previous to his last 2 outings, Betances hadn’t allowed a hit or a run in 6.2 innings.. Over his last 2 outings 1.1 innings, 5 hits, 3 runs, 3 BB’s, 3 K’s

With the rain threatening to stop  the contest for the 3rd time, Betances coughed up  two  consecutive singles, and before he could try to  stop  the bleeding the game was held up  for over 50 minutes..

Amazing that Betances would’t allow Psycho Joe to  shut him down after the delay, and he went back out to  finish  the mess he started

Betances struck out Miller, gave up  an RBI single and punched out Souza who  was the go ahead run to  end the damn game over 5 hours after it had started

Hit(s) and Run(s)

Great night for the SanBino, he hit a Bomb HR into Monument Park, picked up  a single and a BB, plus made a high-light reel pick off throw to  2nd base from his knees….

Refsynder was gifted a first inning double by some shoddy defense, the ball  was really hit hard though..Ref was also on board with a single when Teixeira hit the Salami, so  2 for 4 with a run scored and an RBI

Austin  and Judge both went 0-2 but they  both  walked twice, Austin struck out twice, Judge once

Teixeira was the offensive game hero with the Salami, Ref was already on base when play  resumed.. Sanchez singled, Castro walked, and Tex hit one that landed on top of the bull pen fence that  gave the Yanks a 7-2 cushion, and they needed every run…

4:05 Today Tanaka vs Archer

the Whole 9

Yanks are now 1 game behind Baltimore and Detroit for the 2nd WC.. They’re 2 games behind Toronto  for the #1 WC seed.. They’re 4 games behind Boston  for the AL East

Best case scenario Toronto  takes at least 1 from Boston, Baltimore takes at least 1 from Detroit who  the Yanks don’t play so  they  need help  elsewhere

Most important the Yanks need to  win every game vs the Rays, especially with  all  4 teams in front of the Yanks playing each other, it’s the only way  they’ll pick  up  any ground…


Written by Sal

September 10, 2016 at 7:56 am

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  1. Amazing the Yanks never got a hit after the Tex Salami, only 7 walks…. Man looks like all that rain wouldn’t allow the batteries in NY’s offense to work after they score 7….Good thing that game ran out of outs when it did, any longer and somebody on Tampa was gonna go Big Fly in extra innings

    Sanchez was too tired to hit after baby sitting that friggin pitching staff all night, especially that baby Pineda.. the kid must have walked a mile just going back and forth to the mound


    September 10, 2016 at 7:59 am

  2. you gotta love Betances

    The kid wouldn’t let Girardi take the the ball from him after a 50 minute rain delay.. He was ready to throw down… Girardi is smarter then I thought, then again he would have looked funny with that Binder shoved down his throat

    These kids didn’t come up here to play video games, or make some analytics geek with an iPad full of numbers look good, they came to win ball games


    September 10, 2016 at 8:24 am

  3. one of my favs from Rob Bartlett


    September 10, 2016 at 8:52 am

  4. This would be a tough loss


    September 10, 2016 at 6:48 pm

    • Huge DP by Warren

      Psycho Joe really had Blieir up that’s really going to the well too much

      Him just warming up is scary


      September 10, 2016 at 6:51 pm

  5. THIS is Baseball the way it oughta be, finally.


    September 11, 2016 at 7:36 am

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