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Sanchez and Pain, and Pray for Rain

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I guess from August 1st, after trading Beltran, Miller, Chapman, and Nova for two handful’s of future promises, the Bombers were playing for moral victories, or best case scenario, a lower 2017 draft pick

Despite the never ending gibberish  that  came out of Psycho Joe’s mouth about not raising the White Flag, everybody knew it was a Tank Lite move to  trade you’re 3 most productive players, in an effort to bring back  a boatload of  building blocks in search of the next Bomber core..

The Yanks were doing the unthinkable, they  were tanking…


Why it was a tank lite move, the owner still wanted the fan base who  was paying through the nose for tickets to  think the immediate  battle was over, but the war goes on.

In came Adam Warren and Tyler Clippard to  replace Miller and Chapman..

Yes it was like replacing Mantle and Maris with Torreyes and Refsynder, but Clippard had been a successful closer and set up man, and Warren was the prodigal son who got shipped out of town against his will..

What  followed was an unexpected turn of events.. Gary Sanchez went on an offensive onslaught  that  no one had ever seen

.405/.468/.893. That equates to a .488 ISO and .551 wOBA folks. It’s not even like this has occurred through a week of play. No, this has been his performance for nearly the entire month of August. 

When he hit his 11th home run on Saturday, Sanchez became the fastest player in MLB history to reach that mark, achieving the total in just 23 games (which counts two plate appearances from two games during his actual debut last year). What’s crazier is that the homer gave him one more than he had hit during his entire time at Triple-A this season, but he required 71 games and 284 at-bats to reach double digits at that level! It’s not often a player performs significantly better once reaching the Majors than he did in the minors in the same year.

The SanBino  was born, he finished off August 37 for 90 with 9 doubles, and 11 HR’s

Sanchez’s market corrected in September,  so  far he’s 12 for 55 with 2 doubles and 4 HR’s..

In 90 AB’s in August he struck out 20  times.. In 55 AB’s in September he’s been punched out 20 times already..

Despite his return to  earth this month, yesterday he reminded the rest of baseball what  a force he can be if you make a mistake pitch to him..

With the score unexpectedly still 0-0 in the 3rd inning, the Romine Empire led of the inning with a single.. Captain Gardner tripled him home and Bryan Mitchell  and the Yanks had a 1-0 lead on mercenary deluxe David Price

Ellsbury who  was Boston’s 10th man on the field, meekly grounded out, but with a 3-2 count on the board,  Sanchez smacked a 95 MPH two  seam fast ball up  and over the Green Monster for a 3-0 lead


Bryan Mitchell, like the  3 other Bomber pitching prospects who CashMan has called on to fill out the rotation, (Severino, Green, and Cessa) has proven to be yet  another  3 inning pitcher at this point in time..

After an impressive 1-2-3 1st inning, Mitchell got into hot water in the 2nd thanks to  a misplayed pop up single by Gardner, and and infield knock.. He worked around the jam getting the next 3 Boston hitters to roll over and play dead..

He wasn’t so lucky in the 3rd when in the blink of an eye two  doubles, a passed ball, and a RBI ground out  made it a 3-2 game.. At that moment you knew Boston  was gonna eventually steam roll over Mitchell not how, but when…

Two  singles and a Romine 2 run double  made it 5-2 in the 4th, while Mitchell  shocked the world with a nifty 1-2-3 shutdown bottom of the 4th to keep  the game temporarily on ice..

The day  started to turn sour in the Bomber’s 5th inning after Castro pulled a season ending hammy legging out a double.. The Bombers 2nd best power hitter was now finished for 2016, not to mention  his 2 bagger went for naught when Babe Butler grounded out to  end the threat

Mitchell’s day abruptly ended with  2 outs in the 5th when Bogaerts smacked a 2 run HR to creep Boston closer at  5-4…Severino  came in to  walk Ortiz but he  momentarily silenced the crowd when he induced a loud F/8 off the bat of Betts to  end any more Boston havoc

Severino  didn’t have it yesterday, his rhythm with Romine behind the plate was way off, his slider was back to moving side ways not down, his fastball  command was shaky at best, and he just  didn’t have that aggressive look we’ve seen in  his previous appearances out of the bull pen..

Severino  kept Boston off the board in the 6th inning, but it zapped every ounce of sustainable energy he had..

H. Ramírez doubled to deep center. 5 4
Shaw flied out to left. 5 4
León bunt grounded out to third, H. Ramírez to third. 5 4
Bradley Jr. walked. 5 4
Benintendi walked, Bradley Jr. to second. 5 4
Pedroia struck out looking. 5 4

Once again Shaw and Leon rolled over for a Bomber pitcher but Bradley put up  a good AB grinding out a walk..I thought he got squeezed on the Benintendi AB, he had the rook  struck out but didn’t get  the call..

Pedroia was punched out after coming back from an 0-2  to 3-2 count, on  a 100 MPH fast ball that nipped the outside corner..The Midget whined like a little bitch, but  the pitch was in the same location  as the two pitches he spoiled previous in the AB, so WTF was he screaming at?

Psycho Joe was gonna start to mix and match in the 7th, Severino had one RHB to get, Bogaerts, but the Boston SS smacked a long double to  right center field to lead off the inning.. Ellsbury was hurt on the play, a younger CFer makes that  catch, but it was a tough play

Penny Layne got Ortiz on an F/8, while the runner moved to  3rd in the process.. Warren  came in gave up  a single over the drawn in infield to  tie the game at 5-5

He gave up  a knock to Ramirez, a ground ball moved both runners into  scoring position, and a WP / passed ball  scored the winning run.. Luckily Ramirez was thrown out trying to  sneak the 7th  run across while Romine was sulking over his gaffe..

Once again Boston’s bull pen completely shut down  the Yanks, and once again the Bomber pen, completely shut down any thought of a victory

The Yankees offense could only muster two  walks from the 6th inning until Kimbrel blew them  away  for the last 4 outs of this disgusting  6-5 loss

Another heartbreaker defeat, but one you had to know was about to happen

This and That

I don’t know if there is much  difference between what Kimbrel does and what Severino  is capable of doing… They  both  can touch  97 to 99 with their fast balls, they  both have a slider, Kimbrel’s looks a little bit sharper but the point is they both have two potential plus pitches to  work  with in short spurts..

Severino looked like he was back to his starter mentality yesterday, he was a bit tentative and it appeared like he was thinking too much…

Kimbrel comes into  a game and here’s what I’m doing, you either hit it or you don’t, I either get you or you get me.. I was hoping to  see the same thing from Severino  yesterday but he never looked in rhythm too me…

Psycho Joe is starting to peel  apart at  the seems, he was once again grilled on his pitching decisions…

In one breath he says his pen is tired, in the next breath he states how much  rest  he gives his pitchers…

P-Joe has absolutely no trust in any of his starters, sans Tanaka, to  go past twice through  a line -up.. At 85 pitches his analytic data shows a drop off in his starters efficiency so more often then not, he yanks them

Cessa was gone after 63 pitches, Mitchell survived 74 pitches in 4.2 innings, Severino lasted 36 pitches in 1.1 innings, has anybody seen Tyler Clippard ?

Should we send out a missing persons report?

Cy Tanaka was yanked after 93 pitches in game one


“I don’t make moves flying by the seat of my pants,” Girardi said before the Yankees-Red Sox game on Saturday afternoon. “These are thought out.”

Yes P-Joe, that’s the problem, everything you do is pre-programmed, and deviating from  the preprogramed  Binder hasn’t been one of your strong suits

“I know I’m asked about Cessa (Friday) night,” Girardi said. “You look at Cessa, the third time through the lineup has not been successful. He’s gotten hit before hard. You try to match up and do the best you can in that situation, and it doesn’t work.

“I’m not sure what would have happened if I left Cessa in there. But it’s part of the game. The decisions are based on facts and what you look at, but there’s also a human element that you understand is part of the game.”

So the truth is finally coming out, the groceries CashMan is buying for Psycho Joe aren’t the ingredients you would use to bake a Championship  Cake with

What happened to, yes they’re young, but they just have to get it done? At the first  sign of trouble P-Joe calls for help, even if the talent level of that help is far inferior to  what he presently has on the mound

It’s LH vs RH and vice versus, no matter what  the talent level of the competition is..

If the Bombers are gonna try to  develop  the next core, they might need a different general  calling the shots..

If CashMan  doesn’t want to  burn out his pen he better find better starters that can go  deeper into  games… Don’t want to  spend the money or trade prospects?

Then he  needs to  stack the deck  and sign Chapman or Jansen to  close, another reliever weapon or two  to help Betances..

And for the love of Mike,  please stop  trying to  force feed scrap heap  acquisitions, Double and Triple A pitchers who  for 2 consecutive seasons have proven to not be up  for the task at hand.

It’s all  easier said then done, but the holes are in front of the Yanks, and it’s gonna take a different approach then faking a playoff run while simultaneously trying to  rebuild..

The Red Sox just  exposed Psycho Joe, and CashMan, they  also  exposed what  the Bombers are

Sanchez and Pain, and Pray For Rain…

Might wanna adjust  those 2017 season ticket prices Lonny, this team isn’t ready to charge like it’s a premium product.. You already  shot your load trying to provide a Faux rebuild to go  with  a Faux Playoff run..

Been there done that, Boston just proved to you, it does’t work

the Whole 9



Written by Sal

September 18, 2016 at 10:01 am

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  1. This really sucks

    RIP and condolences

    Sweeny Murti ‏@YankeesWFAN 4h4 hours ago

    Sweeny Murti Retweeted Buster Olney

    This is awful and tragic. Knew Solarte only in passing as a Yankee. Thoughts and prayers to all.Sweeny Murti added,


    September 18, 2016 at 3:23 pm

  2. Just another disgusting loss,the sux are just a better team. They have 3 players with 100 rbi,Yanks zero,Castro leads with 69. Playing gidrool roulette is not a path to success. Kernan had an article about how PsychoJoe is losing his cool. After watching the gidrools pitch,who can blame him-lol Now we have to wait for Sunday night, I hate fkn ESPN


    September 18, 2016 at 4:41 pm

    • Hey Big D! I’m with you. I hate fkn ESPN!!! They NEVER STFU!! Incessant chatter about nothing. The more they talk, the more they are exposed about how little they know about the team!!
      Like Sal said…..this is the JV going up against the Varsity! The level of talent exposed yesterday between both teams was enormous! The Sux have the best hitting squad in the Majors… closed.
      We’re aways down the road to compete on an even level with those guys.
      All we have now, is to look forward to Brickhouse’s next chest busting outfit. She must have pully’s in the back to balance it all out!!


      September 18, 2016 at 4:56 pm

  3. I’ll be asleep by the third inning,, hate ESPN,,


    September 18, 2016 at 6:19 pm

  4. Mike Axisa ‏@mikeaxisa 45m45 minutes ago
    Six of the last eight batters have hit rockets, there’s like 37 LHP in the bullpen, and Sabathia’s being left in to get a matchup.

    take it easy Mikey the last 8 batters hit rockets, and no matter who you bring in out of the Gidrool pool, the next 8 batters are gonna hit rockets, it’s gidrool central

    The Cafeteria Lady needs a piss test.. Or a count that isn’t an obvious fast ball count that needs to be a strike lol…Get it out of your system Ramirez, when the video’s start to hit the clubhouses the market will correct this gidrool rampage you’re on


    September 18, 2016 at 11:18 pm

  5. Battle Is Over But The War Goes On


    September 19, 2016 at 8:35 am

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