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San-Sanity Is Back

The Yanks behind the SanBino who had a walk,  3 hits, smacked 2 more Taters, knocked in 5 and scored 3 runs, won Game  Two of the Spoiler Bowl 11-5 to stay  alive…

The Yanks are now 79-72 with  11 games left to play, they  can  sweep  the Rays tonight and head to Canada on a 3 game winning streak..

At the moment Boston has run away  with  the Division after winning 7 in a row, they’re 8.5  games in front of the Yanks..

The Bombers are 2.5 games behind Baltimore for the last WC spot, problem with that, the Tigers and Houston are 1 game out, and Seattle is 2 games back, so  the Bombers not only need to  win  everyday, they need help from bottom feeder teams..

Wild Card elimination number is nine and three for the AL East.

Yanks don’t need  a calculator,  or scoreboard watching, just  win every day, 11-0 ? 9-2 might still keep  them breathing….

The Legend of Gary Sanchez wrapped up  another chapter last night as the 23 yr old cornerstone catcher took what  the Rays pitchers gave him and lived to  tell BrickHouse and the Girls about it after the game

“I never thought it was going to be like this,” Sanchez said through an interpreter. “At the same time, you work very hard so you can have good numbers during the season.”

“I don’t really worry about the numbers,” Sanchez said. “What you want to do is just win ballgames right now, because if we do that, we can make the playoffs. That’s my focus right now.”

Sanchez is a monster talent who hit the ground running in August, ran into an 8 for 41 “market correction” in the last 3 games of August through the first 13 games of September, but is now on a 6 game hitting streak, 11 for 26, with 5 HR’s and 13 RBI’s

The Rays in particular have pitched to Sanchez, no  funny stuff like the Royals who made him expand the strike zone, held him in check (3 for 15).. That was  a series that forced Sanchez to make his  first adjustment as a NYY…

He started to  see more pitches in the Boston  series and for the last 2 nights in Tampa he’s 4 for 7  with  3 HR’s and 8 RBI’s..

I certainly understand the competitor in Tampa’s pitchers wanting to  challenge the SanBino, and why not, the Rays have been long gone from  any playoff contention, their testing their own metal, and playing for roster spots next year

My guess once teams need wins more then individual accolades, the pitchers might start  to  expand the zone again?

If  the SanBino  doesn’t get any help in the line-up, despite his acute baseball  acumen and patience at the dish,  he may  try to hit his way off the Island, no matter what or where they  throw it..

Last night Sanchez had some help, the Bombers hung a 7 spot on Cobb over the first  2 innings..

Top of the 1st

Gardner singled to right. 0 0
Ellsbury walked, Gardner to second. 0 0
Sánchez singled to center, Gardner scored, Ellsbury to second. 1 0
McCann singled to right, Ellsbury scored, Sánchez to third. 2 0
Teixeira popped out to third. 2 0
Gregorius struck out swinging. 2 0
Torreyes singled to center, Sánchez scored, McCann to second. 3 0
Williams struck out looking. 3 0

Top of the 2nd

Solano singled to left. 3 0
Gardner singled to center, Solano to second. 3 0
Ellsbury grounded out to pitcher, Solano to third, Gardner to second. 3 0
Sánchez homered to left (390 feet), Solano and Gardner scored. 6 0
McCann singled to center. 6 0
Teixeira doubled to right, McCann to third. 6 0
Geltz relieved Cobb. 6 0
Gregorius hit sacrifice fly to left, McCann scored. 7 0
Torreyes flied out to center. 7 0

The bomb that  separated  the Rays will  from  their desire was the SanBino  3 run HR that made it a comfortable 6-0 lead..

Tanaka once again didn’t have his A game, but he managed to grind out 6 innings…He temporarily lost his mind in the 3rd inning when he coughed up  4 HR’s.. He turned a 7-0 laugher into  a 7-4 horror movie in a matter of minutes, with absolutely no  coming attractions to warn you

Wilson homered to left center (393 feet). 7 1
Forsythe struck out looking. 7 1
Kiermaier grounded out to pitcher. 7 1
Longoria homered to left center (375 feet). 7 2
Miller homered to right (341 feet). 7 3
Dickerson homered to center (433 feet). 7 4
A. Ramírez lined out to center. 7 4

The 4 HR’s pretty much  turned Cy Tanaka into Sayonara

Sanchez gave the Yanks an 8-4 lead in the 6th  with a 406 foot Big Fly to left field that once again shifted the momentum to  the good guys…

Adam Warren  who  took over for Tanaka in the 7th gave up  a Miller HR in the 8th inning to make it 8-5 It was  his 2nd of the night and the 5th HR for the Rays off Tanaka and Warren…

The non Sanchez Bomber offense gave Betances a night off scoring 3 runs in the top of the 9th  to  cap it at  11-5, the big blow a 2 run Tater from  27 yr old Donny Solano

E. Ramírez relieved Romero. 8 5
Gregorius reached on infield single to second. 8 5
Torreyes grounded out to third, Gregorius to second. 8 5
Williams singled to right center, Gregorius scored. 9 5
Solano homered to left (399 feet), Williams scored. 11 5
Gardner grounded out to second. 11 5
Ellsbury flied out to left. 11 5

Jonathan Holder got the last non save 3 outs to  end it…

This and That

the SanBino and Solano HR’s etc

From Kool Aid Katie Sharp

Gary Sanchez HR per at-bat rate in 2016: 1 every 8.7 AB

Babe Ruth HR per at-bat rate in 1927: 1 every 9.0 AB

Kazuto Yamazaki ‏@Kazuto_Yamazaki  12h12 hours ago
He never allowed more than 2 HR in a game in his time in Japan.

Yankees to allow 4 HR in inning: Masahiro Tanaka Chase Wright (2007) Randy Johnson (2005) Scott Sanderson (1992) Catfish Hunter (1977)

Kool Aid Katie, it goes on and on

the Whole 9

Cessa vs Snell


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September 22, 2016 at 8:23 am

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  1. Davidoff spins Sanchez isn’t the rookie the yr based on his time line, it should go to Fullmer, I have no problem with that, like Davidoff said, Sanchez has bigger fish to fry moving forward..

    The dudes on MLBTV have a different take, they think he wins the award, they like how he’s the top story in baseball, even more then boston or the cubs or Big PEDi’s farewell tour…

    rookies of the yr get forgotten, Legends don’t, let’s light candles for Legends


    September 22, 2016 at 8:52 am

  2. MLB-TV filmed the Joe Torre talk last night.
    Their reporter was H O T !!!!!


    September 22, 2016 at 10:11 am

    • Donny there is absolutely nothing that could go wrong with that…


      September 23, 2016 at 6:18 am

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