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A Tale of Two Robots

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Yo Hal, make an R2 Detour

I was at Home Depot on Saturday  and this big dude did to me what I usually do  to  somebody else, talk to  them  about their baseball  team if they’re wearing that team’s hat

It’s a bad habit,  especially if you’re with a crowd of people who  think  baseball is nothing more then taking bribes, shooting steroids, and players sport fucking Bimbo’s on the road….

This guy knew his shit, the first  thing out of his mouth was, “we got our ass kicked last night” I don’t know about you, but Girahdi’s gotta go, I don’t like that  son of a bitch”

“Boy I miss Old George”

 I tried to  explain that once George was out of the way for a few years, Stick, Buck  and the boys built the core, so maybe George would trade the farm for some big stars, especially after Boston just  went out and Bought the Division….?

He wasn’t having any  of that  stuff, missing the playoff’s 5 of the 9 years Psycho Joe’s been in charge was enough for him…

I turned to  the disinterested wives and said, Joe Torre never missed the playoffs,

“Joe Torre inherited a young core dummy, I have  photo’s older then some of these guys that play  for the Yankeess now”

So  there you go

Somewhere in-between all  that  mess lies the truth  about Psycho Joe and his tenure in NY..

“We respect Joe Torre an awful lot,” said team president Randy Levine. “He is a great, great person and a great Yankee. All we could do together as a group is make him the offer that we thought was the best for the New York Yankees. We respect him and he’s entitled to his own decision.”

The Yanks were heading into  a bridge year in 2008, the  lame duck offer was one Al Yankzeera was hoping Joe Torre would walk  away  from, probably on more then  one level..

In retrospect for me, it was obvious CashMan had convinced ownership they  needed to get younger and more in tune with  analytics, especially in the  manager’s chair..

“We need a fucking robot Hal, a geek who understands this next era of baseball on field management”

“What  era is that  Brian” ?

The Robot era Hal, where  me and a room full of college kids crunch metric numbers,  they program me with the data , and I tell  the manager how to use the players we get him”

“Sounds fascinating Brian, how much  will  this cost me?”

In late  October, 2007, Girardi  was signed to  a 3 yr $7.5M contract

Girardi’s deal is worth approximately $7.5 million, ESPN The Magazine’s Buster Olney reports.
According to The Associated Press’ source, the deal includes bonuses based
on how far the team advances in the postseason.

Psycho Joe’s new contract  signed in 2014, 4 yr’s $16M expires after 2017,  no doubt it  has the same incentive bonus for making the playoffs and  beyond?

No  wonder he’s always pissed off, unless they’ counted that 1 game debacle vs Houston as a playoff game, P-Joe’s incentives haven’t kicked in yet!

Girardi was the 2006 NL Manager of the Year with Florida, plus
he has a pinstriped pedigree. The hard-nosed catcher played on
three Yankees teams that won the World Series, served as their
bench coach under Torre in 2005 and was a TV announcer for the YES
network in 2004 and this year.

Cashman had his robot, Al Yankzeera had their squeaky clean nerd, and we got fucked after 2009, watching the front office and their robot field boss’s Cashman and Girardi mismanage everything from building the farm, to hog tying the pay roll with more senseless free agent signings, to questionable decisions that predictably backfired..

“I can’t be Joe Torre because I’m made up different,” Girardi
said. “You know, I’m a different character, so I don’t really
necessarily worry about replacing someone or how I’m going to
replace someone. I’m more worried about just being myself and
getting the most out of the guys.”

Girardi is definitely no Joe Torre, who  actually pulled off a miracle in 1996 without any $200M players or gaudy payrolls protecting him..

Getting the most out of his players, for the most  part, per the media has been one of P-Joe’s strong suits.. We beg to  differ, he’s always had a plus $200M payroll at his disposal.. The problem of course, just  about everyone of those highly paid players were past their prime, so he gets a media pass

As for Young players

 Severino’s start to 2016 followed  in the path of one taken in 2008 by Ian Kennedy and Phil Hughes, when those two young pitchers went a combined 0-8 with a 7.99 ERA in 14 starts out of the gate.

Severino was 0-6 with a 7.46 ERA  before he was dispatched to Triple-A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre at the end of May.

And when Severino returned to The Bronx in mid-August, it was as a setup guy out of the bullpen — where he thrived.

Girardi  was also at the helm when  the Joba debacle went down.. Hughes’ best  season was as a reliever, is it  Girardi’s fault just  about every pitcher off CashMan’s farm is more suited to be a  reliever then a starter?

Or his he not getting the best out of these guys? Either the GM or the manager or both  has failed miserably since 2012….

Gary Sanchez shocked the world when he came up in August, what he did was save Girardi’s ass by carrying the Yanks for a month until Girardi wore him out, the way he wore out Betances….

Without the horses Psycho Joe is just  another horse’s ass robot manager… Let’s not mistake young kids with  talent finally smelling jobs and career’s in the Yankees organization, with players running through  walls for the manager

We all winched when P-Joe put the 2017 team on alert, no free passes was the message..Hal Steinbrenner can make our day  coming out and saying the same thing about his Robot manager

“He likes to compete all the time,” Cashman said. “We believe he’s mentally tough.”

Nine years ago that company line sound bite set the tone for how Al Yankzeera’s new regime was gonna proceed, no more Uncle Joe who  was like a real  father to his players, where he and Zim managed the game on the field, not the computer game  printout from the Robot GM’s programers

The future NYY teams were gonna be disciplined  God Dammit, and Robot #27 was dispatching the orders

How’s that  woking out for Al Yankzeera?

No matter who  the Yanks put in the robot chair, we’re gonna get drastic defensive shift’s, micro managing bull pen’s, keeping track of pitch  counts, and the constant obsession  with match-up’s..

Somewhere, somehow there has to be a Joe Torre robot being built, or maybe they  can deliver Donny Baseball back to  the Bronx, and put Tony Pena next to him on the bench..?

Probably our better bet is hoping this new farm  system’s players have what it takes to  win  despite the computer programmers pigeon holing their talents based on analytic calculations…….

Congrats to Teixeira, he played hard when he could, he was a great defensive asset, and seemed like an all  around good guy who leveraged the system to his advantage

Safe travels Tex, and thanks

the Whole 9


Written by Sal

October 3, 2016 at 8:36 am

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  1. Trying to figure out if Robot Girardi is a bull in the china shop with young players or is CashMan just developing nothing but live arm relievers down on the farm…

    They kinda missed on placing Joba in the right spot, Hughes’ best season was as a reliever weapon in 09, Betances was trade bait unitl even a room full of monkeys could tell his best game was working in short spurts out of the pen, and they never took initiative to work with Severino in the off season…

    You mean when he finally got to ST, they had no idea he was still a 2 pitch pitcher? Even a room full of chimpanzees know MLB hitters develop a book on players, did they think Severino was exempt from such an atrocity?


    October 3, 2016 at 9:21 am

  2. I was waiting for Psycho Joe to do this at some point this season


    October 3, 2016 at 10:25 am

  3. Great article, Sal. and boy do I remember Jim Rome being flipped upside down.
    Listening to John Flaherty after the last game yesterday helped me sum things up about this team and what management wants us to accept.
    Flaherty commented that the Yankees had a “very successful” year, this year. I am sure that he was encouraged to say that.
    So….in a few years, we’ve gone from a management perspective that any year is a failure unless the Yankees win the World Series, to a new position that a 84-76 team is very successful.. A team, as you’ve said, that has missed the playoffs 3 out of the last 4 years, and that one year was as a second Wild Card qualifier, which is new and has severely weakened the task of getting in the post season. Ten of the 30 teams makes the playoffs. Anything to keep the masses from revolting. I am not a Mets fan, but when the Yankees want to cry about injuries this year and make that a major excuse, I look to the Mets and see a pitching staff absolutely decimated and a manager that kept plugging along and finding a way to win. Their everyday players weren’t that hot, either.


    October 3, 2016 at 1:18 pm

    • Hey Noogsie….The little I see the Mets I’m still wondering how they do it, “not so hot” is the hammer meeting the nail, and the nail losing..

      Great take on Flash in the Pan, gotta watch Al Yankzeera, they were from selling used, now they’re pushing brand new cars coming on the lot, with only 2 months of R&D on them..

      After watching them miss on Severino, and I blame them for not knowing what he was working on over the winter, more then the kid, who per his press clips was gonna be the new Ace…

      fun read thanks..


      October 4, 2016 at 6:12 am

  4. Three managers are gone today-Ventura,Weiss and Hale-the one thing they all have in common is not making the playoffs. Its very unusual for there to be no media outcry for Psychos head after not making the playoffs AGAIN!!! They are in a transition,getting rid of the older players,but usually the manager is transitioned out too. The way they handle the young players is puzzling-play them every day for a week,bury them for 2 weeks,back in the lineup. Next season,the youngsters are really going to have to produce and the manager is going to be responsible for the result. It seems everyone had a pass with the sell off and retirements this year,its getting to be time to produce. BigMike had an interview with the Psycho,talking about this season and next,everything coming up roses.


    October 3, 2016 at 6:22 pm

    • Hey Big D like noogsie, spot on tearing away the layers of ambivalence we get from the suits running the show..

      Good point on the managers being pink slipped…

      As we know this Yankees regime reeks of snootiness, WTF does anybody know better then them ?

      After all, they built championships, what have we built, wood sheds?

      My guess not firing Psycho is part of that condescending / haughtiness One Percenter’s are indigenous to by nature.. It’s part of their master plan, as soon as they figure out what the plan is they’ll let us know, until then fuck off…

      And yes Psycho is a master pitchman, that’s another reason he’s in the chair, he kinda looks like what Al Yankzeera thinks a MLB manager looks like

      I think we get at least one more yr out of Psycho, no indication they’re gonna change, I hope you’re fight on he’ll be held responsible, Francesa has already planted the seed that next yr is a pass, he’s trying to get his two buds Psycho and Cash an extension, those kids are getting to the age where they want to upscale their ball park visits

      fun read thanks


      October 4, 2016 at 6:38 am

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