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It’s now official, Joe Psycho’s season as full time NYY pitchman, part time baseball manager, is over… His 21 minute romp under the covers with Mikey 3 times 7 on WFAN is without recourse, the fat lady singing on his season….

I’ve seen $2500 hookers reeling in billionaires less accommodating then Francesa was to Joe Psycho… Talk  about a soft landing, Psycho did his interview from a My Pillow showroom…

Once the Pope tucks you in, it’s lights out, phones off, until  his eminence needs a week’s worth of bull  shit to  sling at  his unwashed masses..Then it’s get Brian or Joe  on da phone…

I must admit, I marvel at how much information this mountain of a man, Francesa, can move from his mouth  to our ears in just 5.5 hours…Yesterday we got a lesson on the Mets, from top  to  bottom, the do’s, don’t’s, why’s, and where’s..

Francesa has well lubricated the Met fans by touting their perseverance through a series of injuries..I hope they know it’s nothing more then  a back handed compliment in an  effort to piss off the Yankees fans!!

This is how Francesa Do, as they  say in Staten Island..

Out of so many, my favorite sermon was the Pomp-ass giving us intel  on the San Francisco Giants…I can almost  guarantee he has not watched even one inning of a Giants game this year, and that includes Scully’s last call, but that  didn’t stop  him from game planning for Bochy and Dave Righetti

Any caller who  tried to  give the Pope intel on the Giants, maybe because they’ve watched all  162 games,  was quickly dismissed as a threat  to his reinforced steel girder soap box..

And what  do  you do  for a living schmuck

I had to  check out on  the Pope once he decided to  tackle the Rider Cup.. Mikey baited the hook  with a 2 minute set up for his next segment or three by talking about the event.

He was more interested in telling the PGA and the Networks how to  run their business, which  worked for me, I don’t know a putt from  a birdie……

I guess they  promoted the event the way  the event is supposed to be presented and Francesa thought it was a lightning rod for the  atrocious behavior by the USA fans..?

From what I read

The Ryder Cup all but requires you muster a healthy amount of scorn for the opposition, an acrimony that does not exist at any other golf tournament.

It is what makes the event so special, so intense, so exhilarating. There was yelling and screaming and cheering and booing from the time the sun came up Friday morning until Rory McIlroy holed that eagle putt on the 16th green and bowed to the crowd, his emotions at a fever pitch.

I don’t know anything about golf or the Rider Cup, but my guess, the golfing was probably pretty damn good…

You’re in Minnesota for christ sake, and the libations those Vikings were pouring down in large quantities weren’t exactly nourishing the spiritual sacrifice  to a deity

Judging by that  quote this Tee Time Event without some rowdy behavior would be like going to  a Stones concert, and Mick  and  Keith bust out  2 hours of  Don McLean  covers

The MILF’s in the front middle and back rows will bolt, and what’s a Stones concert without MILF’s?

My guess  the Jets got a pass, after all Francesa pretty much  recruited their coach, and the Giants will  always get a pass… Manning is the only pro athlete who comes on his show, so Eli leaves with lipstick traces on his ass every week, win, lose, or draw…

The Psycho  interview is heard here in it’s entirety 

The gist of Psycho’s interview, as least where Francesa was trying to  drive it,  was how much we have to  look  forward too, how wonderful  this season was, and how exciting it’s gonna be to  watch  these kids grow!!

While Psycho kept hitting the 50 MPH fast balls into  the first  row in right field, you could tell  deep  down he knows  he’s in deep  shit with  this 2017 team..

The NY Post hasn’t played Kumbaya with the Bombers, from Sherman’s blueprint on what to do in the off season, to  today’s uncovering of how average or below average D-Gregorius and Castro  were when  you stack them  up against the rest of the league

We haven’t gotten  to  researching Sherman’s take on sub-par OPS+ for every player but

Yankees amazingly had just four players with an OPS-plus of better than league average: Chris Parmelee, who had eight plate appearances; Billy Butler, who joined them in mid-September; Carlos Beltran, who was traded on Aug. 1; and Sanchez, who was promoted after the Beltran trade.

The Yankees were the only team that did not have a player qualify for the batting title with an OPS-plus even 1 percent better than the league average — by comparison, the AL East champ Red Sox had six at 9 percent or better.

There is some telling intel if you click the link, not sure how cherry picked it is yet..So  this company line that Cashman has replaced vintage Derek Jeter and Cadillac Cano  is total Bull Shit, per Sherman..

What  Cashman has managed to  do is get better then Brendon Ryan  and Stephen Drew / Brian Roberts  up the middle.. Can  you win a ring with Castro  and D-Gregorius, hell yeah.. All  you need are two middle of the order weapons to  compliment Sanchez who probably isn’t gonna hit 20 HR’s every two months pro  rated over a 6 month season.. CashMsn needs to make  it so  Castro  and D-Gregorius aren’t batting clean-up  and 5th in the order..

As for Headless, Cashman for 4 yr’s and $52M has gotten  a better 3rd baseman  then  the washed up Kevin Youkilis he paid $10M..

The outfield is a complete joke with 33 yr old no punch Captain Gardner in left.. On Cashman’s watch the Worst contract in NYY history, the DoughBoy in  center, and the underwhelming Automatic Hicks in right…

The Bombers future isn’t in any of those guys, but getting rid of them is a long shot, and from my vantage point, the play  the kids rebuild will have 1 spot open, RF,  unless they move 2 of those 3 players…

You’re not bringing up Judge, Austin, or Frazier to  sit on the bench, so  the corners are blocked unless Gardner and Hicks are jettisoned..Hicks can  stay  around as your 4th OFer, until Frazier, Judge or Austin make him expendable.. The 5th OF needs to be a Swiss Army Knife player

Last night Dan Martin from the NY Post had 5 things the Yanks must do in the off season.. Outside of deciding what  to  do  with McCann and his 2 yr’s $34M, and outside of SS, 2nd base, catcher and the un-moveable DoughBoy, the Yanks need help  everywhere

The bullet points

The McCann decision,

The outfield: (Gardner /  Hicks),

The rotation: Who after Tanaka and Sabathia, who have a combined $48M in salary for the 2017 season, so  they’re locked in Stripes for 1 more yr.. Tanaka makes a opt out decision after 2017

First base:  with Bird,  Austin, possibly McCann, if they  carry 3 catchers, and Refsynder..

The Bull Pen: obviously with  a very anemic looking rotation CashMan better go hard after helping Betances…They’ll  try to make Severino  a starter, but that’s a wait and see if the kid can get a 3rd pitch, and command the  2 he already has for more then  2 / 3 innings..

Severino is either trade bait, or hopefully they plop him in the pen as an attack dog with Betances if the starter role fails..

If CashMan wants to start  the faux playoff run, he’ll  need to  think  about over paying Chapman, keeping Clippard and Warren, and work from there…


Written by Sal

October 4, 2016 at 8:35 am

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  1. Sal—it’s almost to the point that whatever Big Mikey professes, you are wise to take the opposite point of view. He gets so much wrong and RN’s Funhouse is so over his ass when he contradicts himself, which seems to be more and more often. I read that he wanted to extend his contract a few months and then leave after the Super Bowl in 2018. WFAN reportedly shot him down and he’s leaving as scheduled in December 2017. He is apparently pissed. Is there anyone who has ever played favorites more than this clown?
    I don’t know the personality of all the 10 managers in the playoffs, however, I do believe that most of them are pretty much old school and dramatically different from the friggin slide ruler guy we have—Dusty Baker, Terry Collins, Bruce Bochey, John Gibbons, Buck Showalter, Joe Maddon–all mostly loved by their players. Not sure of the other 4 ,but pretty sure none are at the level our nerd is.


    October 4, 2016 at 2:45 pm

    • Hey noogsie, I didn’t know he wanted an extension lol… That’s a kick in the balls taking him down before the Super Bowl….Poor mikey he hasn’t been a clean up hitter since the Dog left, and now they’re batting him in the bottom of the order ….good stuff thanks

      Yes good point on the remaining managers


      October 5, 2016 at 7:40 am

  2. The parrot took a walk last night. Hopefully, the parrot will soon shit on Edwin’s arm.
    Nasty fans up there.
    Sal–what I read about Mikey was that when he was told that he wasn’t getting a 2 month extension, taking him past the Super Bowl, he was so pissed that he omitted his weekly football picks. He was off last Friday, but has always made the picks on Thursday when that happens.
    Man, does he ever know how to burn bridges.
    Also, I forgot to add Terry Francona to the manager’s list of old school guys.
    Zip Zimmer must be rolling over in his grave when he sees what has happened in New York.


    October 5, 2016 at 10:11 am

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