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The Britton’s Aren’t Coming

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Not quite the Astros gently putting the Bombers to  sleep like last year’s WC shootout, last night’s 11 inning One Hand Clap elimination game went to  the dreaded Canadians after  the DonB’s favorite animal trainer Eddie Encarnacion walked the Parrot down Yonge St  for a dramatic 5-2 walk off win..

Of course the media mafia is all over Buck Showalter for pushing the button that sent his team down in flames while his best fireman was still back at  the station listening to  John Fogerty sing on the radio “Put me in coach”…

“Yeah, of course,’’ said Jimenez, when asked if he were surprised Britton wasn’t in the game. “He’s our best pitcher. And couldn’t get into the game.’’

Britton, who not only is the Orioles’ best pitcher, but the finest reliever in all of baseball with 47 consecutive saves, never threw a single pitch in this game. There were 13 pitchers used in the elimination game, throwing 297 pitches, but not a single one by Britton.

“It was just frustrating having to sit there watching that,’’ Britton said, “and not being able to pitch. It’s frustrating watching the guys battle ahead of you. You want to go in there, and do the same.

“But it’s not my call.

“It’s not my job to put me in the game.

“That’s Buck’s call.’

The way this thing unfolded the real hero in this game wasn’t the Parrot Walker, it was the 5 scoreless / hitless innings the Canadian bull pen pitched. And the fact the Beltway Bombers only getting 4 hits on the night

Stroman was great for 6 innings, 4 hits 2 runs, a 2 run HR by Trumbo… It could have been  a 3 run Tater but Pillar made a great  catch on a Machado line drive to  center field…

Gibbons may have given him an early hook at 81-53 pitches, but that’s only the case if Canada loses, as it stands, it was the right move

Cecil got 1 out, then Gibbons brought in  the Vowels

Biagini a real underrated set up  guy pitched 0.2 inning

Machine Gun Grilli who  would of had me scared to  death 1 inning,

Osuna 1.1 innings then was removed with  either an injury or he said he was just  tired,

and Liriano  who  was brilliant for 1.2 innings

5 innings, no hits no  runs….Gibbons looks like a genius..

Buck ran into  trouble early when Tillman started to get pummeled in the 5th inning 2 doubles and a single tied the game 2-2

Buck’s first man in Givens was brilliant, the kid looked like Severino, fast ball power slider, except he was hitting his spots, so Givens looked like the Severino  that pitches out of the Bomber pen

Givens could have given Buck  3 innings but that’s when the O’s skipper started to get cute.. Givens had stomped out the 5th inning rally  inducing a DP off the bat of Travis

After putting out the fire in the 5th, he mowed down Donaldson, Encarnacion, Bautista, Martin, and Tulowitzki before being yanked  in a match up  scenario..

Buck was carrying 10 pitchers, he ended up  using 7 of them

Tillman, Givens, Hart, Brach, O’Day, the pitcher in question was inserting Dunesing to start  the 11th inning

Dunesing did his job, he struck out the one batter he faced, but instead of bringing in Britton to pitch to  the top of the Canadian order, Bucky inserted his “hottest pitcher down the stretch” Jimenez who  is a dog with  fleas, but somehow managed to  trick  Buck into  thinking his last  7 outings weren’t a mirage…

No contest, Travis and Donaldson poked a single and a double to  bring up Encarnacion… Instead of walking Eddie, Jimenez served him a cookie and the game was over in a flash..

The 2nd guess by the media is not starting Britton in the 11th.. The question that  was never asked to Britton, yes you wanted  to  come in, but could you pitch for 6 innings like Liriano could?

Once Buck saw Ubaldo had nothing he needed to  walk Encarnacion, then bring in Britton and hope he pulls a Houdini, instead Buck  pulled a Joe Torre /  Jeff Weaver boner and left Jimenez in to fall on his sword

Buck certainly gave  the Oriole fans stuck in their cages something to ponder over the winter…. What they  ought to look at is the 4 hits they  got over the 11 innings.

As the old lightweight boxer Cornelius Boza-Edwards said after losing a fight on points to  a Lou Duva fighter who  didn’t want to mix it up  for 12 rounds,

“You con’t win a fight by flicken and flicken”

Anyway  the Network mafia got their way, Texas vs Canada

TV Networks and MLB now have what they wanted, Texas / Canada…You almost start to think Buck and Baldo were on the Network mafia’s payroll…..

Buck did a good job of covering the decision at his presser…Bucky “Five Angels’ Pentanglia, have a nice winter pard

the Whole 11


Written by Sal

October 5, 2016 at 10:19 am

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  1. Trying to figure out where Bucky left the dementia meds last night leaving Jimenez in this game despite him not having it out of the pen

    Some splits vs the guys Jimenez was facing…

    Eddie was 9 for 42 with 1 HR off Ubaldo

    Bautista 3 for 38 no HR’s 11 K’s,

    Donaldson 5 for 28 10 K’s once Donaldson hit the rope after Travis got the knock, good indication Jimenez had morphed back into the old Ubaldo..

    Buck needed his best strikeout pitcher to have a shot, Eddie has the best slash vs Britton 4 for 14…. 1 K….Maybe that spooked Bucky….


    October 5, 2016 at 10:29 am

  2. It was a great game but how can you have Ubaldo in the game instead of Britton? Sometimes even genius managers out smart themselves. Before the game all the experts said the O’s had the big edge in the bullpen,but the Jays bullpen did a 180 and actually pitched well. Even the Yankees had pounded them,especially Grilli. But thats baseball,anything can happen in 1 game. The Rangers and Jays wanted face each other, so get ready for more fireworks. I will be firmly planted on the couch watching.


    October 5, 2016 at 10:40 am

  3. Sal, today…..was just fucking brilliant!
    Laughed my ass off!!


    October 6, 2016 at 12:08 am

  4. Sitting in the Mississippi Delta and came back to the Isle of Capri Casino-Hotel to see SportsCenter.
    Why has no one drilled that smug prick Encarnacion in his parrot arm??
    Watta showboat punk.
    PLUNK him with a fastball SOMEONE ANYONE BUELLAR ???


    October 6, 2016 at 9:24 am

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