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Hopefully our Homeland Security is better equipped at protecting the country then Brian Cashman is at  protecting the NYY Brand

One main portion on CashMan’s plate this off season is Brian McCann

Brian McCann’s Contract

14-18:$17M annually. 19:$15M club option (no buyout)

2019 becomes player option if McCann: 1) has at least 1,000 plate appearances combined in 2017-18

 2) starts at least 90 games at catcher in 2018, and

3) does not end 2018 season on disabled list

full no-trade protection

One thought from Mikey 2 Chins

With Sanchez entrenched as the new No. 1 catcher, McCann’s going to have a hard time meeting that playing time criteria with the Yankees. The option could make him more receptive to waiving his no-trade clause.

It’s a good point, but a  biased NYY take… The negative: McCann’s acquiring team might not  want that $15M option in his favor? In fact  it may keep  a team  away that only needs McCann  for 2 years as a bridge to  their pipeline..

The Yanks are running out of veteran voices in the clubhouse, Captain Gardner is the longest  tenured home grown Bomber, and he’s a far cry from young players running to Baseball Whisperers Jeter, A-Rod, Teixeira, Beltran, or Miller for some advice..

McCann might be that  type of valuable as a worse case scenario positive for keeping him…The other  enthusiastic spin for hanging on to Bubba, is his left hand power,  or what’s left of it, which plays nicely with Sanchez’s RH pop..

Regarding the value his $34M contract has, that’s a lot of money for pretty much a 33 yr old, very very slow  platoon catcher who  is diminishing on both  sides of the ball…

vs LHP: .218 .317 .345 .662

VS RHP: .249 .340 .430 .770

On the other hand,  CashMan’s analytic goon squad will  note McCann’s wRC+ while just  a tick  above league average (.100) is at .103, it’s actually  better then  both Russell Martin’s .99 or Frankie Cervelli’s .99

Both McCann  and Martin hit 20 HR’s Cervelli  just  1 so  the ISO compare is

 McCann .170

Martin .168

Cervelli .058

McCann plays in a band box in NY, so he’s gonna mistake hit a few taters, but an eyesight not a heat  graph, we noticed his warning track power was a bit more prevalent this year… And just  to mention, he hasn’t come close to those .122 type wRC+ seasons he had with Atlanta

His 3 seasons in NY have produced  .094 / .106 / .103

No doubt team’s in need will  see the benefits of having McCann, but what  we found out, the market just  doesn’t want to pay $17M per yr for the next 2 with a possible $15M option in the 3rd yr for him…

Flipping Romine, unless he’s a throw in for the bigger wheel type trade, won’t bring back the value he provides the Yanks as a back  up  to Sanchez.. The Bombers have enough middle relievers and #6 / #7 type rotation pieces

The Yanks have a big decision  to make on McCann, or actually the market will decide for their useless GM.. Or as one prominent Metric MLB website pointed out when they put together a list of what  the 2017 NYY’s should do

Get a new G.M: Brian Cashman simply hasn’t gotten it done. He was given a good team with an unlimited budget and has turned it into one of the worst clubs in baseball.

Unfortunately since 1998 Brian Cashman has been at the helm as the Bombers GM.. Blessed with an inherited good team he wasn’t much of an issue from 98 to  2005. He struggled  some from 2006 until  the Bombers bought a Ring in 2009

From 2010 to 2012 the Yanks lost 2 ALCS and 1 ALDS series

From 2013 to  the present, the Yanks have missed the playoffs 3 times and played 1 sleepwalk WC playing game

If you want to join the save CashMan and Girardi Party Line headed by Mike Francesa have at it.. The platform is Cashman has made the playoffs in 12 of the 16 yr’s he’s been in office ( sorry we don’t count WC play-in games)

CashMan  was handed a Cadillac, all he really did was not run it into  a telephone pole, until  2013 / 2014..That’s when he not only drove the Caddy into  a guard rail, he totaled it..

Some very questionable moves set the Yanks back almost 5 to  6 yr’s by acquiring Ellsbury, Headley, and McCann…

Beltran  worked out OK after an abysmal 98 OPS+ in 2014, he was  tick  better at 119 in 2015, and he was a superb 133 in  4 months in 2016.. If Dillon Tate becomes a valuable piece, or minor league right-handed pitchers Erik Swanson and Nick Green become useable depth then Beltran may have been worth it…..?

Now we only post this graph because of the NYY’s GM and Manager are extreme devotees toward  analytics, and some, if not most of the decisions they’ve made, especially the GM when it comes to  team building are, well  you come up  with  your own metaphor for questionable…

Position: Players: Combined Salary: Combined WAR:
Catcher Brian McCann, Austin Romine 17.5 million 1.5
First Base Chris Parmelee, Rob Refsnyder, Ike Davis, Dustin Ackley, Mark Teixeira 27.9 million -1.1
Second Base Starlin Castro 7 million -0.4
Third Base Chase Headley, Ronald Torreyes 13.5 million 1.1
Shortstop Didi Gregorious 2.4 million 1.5
Right Field Carlos Beltran, Benjamin Gamel, Aaron Hicks 16.1 million 0.6
Left Field Brett Gardner 13 million 1.0
Center Field Jacoby Ellsbury 21.1 million 1.4
DH Gary Sanchez, Alex Rodriguez 20.5 million -0.8

According to the Baseball Reference measurement of Wins Above Replacement, Brett Gardner has been quite literally the most successful Yankees draft pick since Derek Jeter. If you limit the sample size further, counting only the past 20 years, the distinction becomes even more undeniable.

That’s undeniably insane, and a direct indictment on CashMan’s inefficiency

From LoHud:

Here are the top 25 players drafted and signed by the Yankees since 1993. They’re ranked according to career WAR, counting all playing time with any Major League team.

Jeter was drafted in 1992 and finished with 71.8 Wins Above Replacement. After that…

Brett Gardner, ’05 — 30.3 WAR
Mike Lowell, ’95 — 24.8
Austin Jackson, ’05 — 22.2
Eric Milton, ’96 — 16.6
Nick Johnson, ’96 — 14.6
Ian Kennedy, ’06 — 14.5
David Robertson, ’06 — 12.7
Tyler Clippard, ’03 — 12.6
Phil Hughes, ’04 — 12.1
Mark Melancon, ’06 — 9.9
Dellin Betances, ’06 — 8.3
Joba Chamberlain, ’06 — 8.0
David Phelps, ’08 — 4.8
Randy Choate, ’97 — 4.6
Adam Warren, ’09 — 4.5
Jeff Karstens, ’03 — 3.2
George Kontos, ’06 — 3.0
Mike Dunn, ’04 — 3.0
Phil Coke, 02 — 2.1
Zach Day, ’96 — 1.9
Marcus Thames, ’96 — 1.9
Zach McAllister, ’06 — 1.8
Chris Spurling, ’97 — 1.0
Shelley Duncan, ’01 — 0.9
Greg Bird, ’11 — 0.9

template CashMan should at least attempt to  follow
1.  Stay away from pricey free agents ages 31+.

2. Make sure not to sign any player who will be 37+ at any point during the deal.

3. Pay attention to the draft.  For the next few years, the Yankees won’t be very good, so they should make use of their high draft picks and start developing prospects, rather than just buying overpriced free agents.

4.  Only buy value-high, salary-low free agents, i.e. Ben Zobrist.

5.  Stay away from deals spanning eight years or longer.

Let’s get more in-depth with these five bullet points.  Oh, yeah, there’s a sixth:

6.  Get a new G.M.


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October 15, 2016 at 8:12 am

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  1. Good job by the Indians last night, now if their patched up rotation can somehow follow suit they might steal this series…. Gotta win today and steal on in Canada is my guess, once they get toToronto it might be a different story…

    Nice job by Fruitcake Bauer cutting his pinkie.. He will make Game 3 start so it can’t be that bad, although stitches on a pinkie doesn’t sound like a winning formula


    October 15, 2016 at 8:16 am

  2. test


    October 15, 2016 at 12:38 pm

  3. Nice Win Cleveburgh 👍👍


    October 15, 2016 at 6:54 pm

  4. Wrigley be Rockin


    October 16, 2016 at 12:00 am

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