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Drone To Adversity, Cubs In Hibernation

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Curt Schilling  
Please don’t tweet at me about Bauer.He cost himself a start, likely more, AND his teammates, and fans, dicking around with a drone. #stupid

That about sums up  where the Cleveland Indians are right now, despite holding a 3-1 lead in the ALCS…I can help but  think how pissed off Hank Bauer (no relation) and Moose Skowran would be at  this  friggin fruit cake  had he pulled this crap  back in the Bombers Halcyon days

Knowing he’s down to  2  legit starting pitchers, Tito went for all  the marbles yesterday throwing  Cory Kluber on short rest… Unfortunately Kluber wasn’t a combination of Clayton Kershaw and Andrew Miller combined… On 3 days rest Kluber went 5 innings, 4 hits, 2 runs, 2 BB, 6 K’s, 1 Loud HR..

Not bad, except Aaron Sanchez and 3 relievers went 9 innings, 2 hits, 1 run, 1 BB, and 9K’s for Canada…Toss in 3 tack on runs off Shaw and Clevenger in the 7th  and 8th innings, and you have the Indians first playoff loss 5-1..  And with that defeat comes  a shitload of momentum on the Canadian side..

“Let’s be Honest” Tito has been winning games  with a smoke and mirrors act from game 1 of the ALDS… Yes Miller is wipeout, and Allen has been a very good running partner, but before you get to  those two weapons, you have a questionable middle relief group, and a depleted starting rotation

Kluber on regular rest  is a legit Ace, Tomlin despite two  gutty outings would be Tito’s # 5  starter after Kluber, Carrasco, Salazar, and Bauer.. With injuries to the three pitchers in front of him, Tomlin is now Cleveland’s 2nd best  option..

Later this afternoon Ryan Merritt with only 11 MLB innings under his belt will face Canada’s Game 1 starter Marco Estrada in probably the mismatch of the playoffs thus far..

The Indians have already overcome the Bauer adversity in game three, where Tito’s pen needed to  get 25 outs after Bauer’s pinky predictably sprung a leak prompting Mr Kate Upton, Justin Verlander to advise

Justin Verlander  
Put every possible foreign substance known to man on there to stop the bleeding.  #postseason 

The way Tito’s rotation is set up, we could be heading back to Cleveland where Tomlin and Kluber can at least be legit starters, with possibly a well  rested Miller and Allen

The ALCS Source

Cubs In Hibernation

Is it ironic that Boston AL East Champs, most runs scored (878), and Chicago, most wins 103,  have hit massive road blocks in October ? MLB and the TV’s cash cow World Series would have been  a Boston / Chicago Battle of the Curse Bros extravaganza..

With Epstein and his former Red Sox front office in tow looking for their 2nd Curse Buster Championship, and TitleTown going for their 4th Ring since 04 (13 yr’s) while stopping Epstein in the process, the suits had a match made in Tinseltown

Well  the Red Sox choked in 3 games, and now after an outlier Grand Slam from an unexpected source that won game 1, the Cubbies have choked on their own hype and have been shutout the last 2 games at the hands of Dodger pitching.

All of the damage in the last 18 innings, 7 hits, no  runs, 18 K’s has been done by Kershaw, Hill and Jansen, with  a sprinkling of Blanton and Dayton

On the other side of the diamond the Cub offense has gone into  a world class legendary funk..

Rizzo, Russell, and Hayward are the poster boys, but just  about every player but Bryant has contributed to  the fall of the Maddon Epstein Empire

“We’re just not hitting the ball well,” Maddon said after Tuesday’s loss. “We’re doing the same kind of routines, the work is the same, the batting practice is the same, or the lack of it is the same, and we’re just not getting the results right now. There is really no excuse. We just have to pick it up quickly.”

So  there you have it, Maddon is reassuring his unwashed masses, those Lovable Loser diehards that he and his coaching staff, with  assistance from Epstein have done everything Right, it’s not us, it’s them, the players….

So  sad to  see Boston  and  the Cubs do everything Right, spend gobs of money on useless free agents like David Price and Jason Hayward, trade top prospects for pieces they needed at  the deadline, in the Cubs case they hired the Baseball Whisperer, Joe Maddon to  guide them on that  seemingly endless quest to bury Murphy the Goat once and forever

Much to  the chagrin of Cubbie and TitleTown Nation  everything that  should have gone Right  has gone Wrong….

John Mad Dog Lackey vs a kid who  was in kindergarten when he pitched a game 7 World Series for Anaheim, Julio Urias 

NLCS Source

The Scorpions lost to Mesa 6-3

The good news: Gleyber Torres 2 for 4 with  a HR.. Andujar 1 for 3..

The Bad New: Kaprelian 3 innings, 2 hits , 3 runs, 1 Earned, 2 BB’s 3 K’s

JP Feyereisen one of the Miller trade prospects, 2 innings, 5 hits 3 run, 2 Earned…….

Tebow took AB’s away from Bird which is a God forsaken tragedy


Written by Sal

October 19, 2016 at 8:03 am

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  1. Joel Sherman ‏@Joelsherman1 6h6 hours ago
    Think Maddon move for Game 4 should be bench Russell, start Baez at SS, Zobrist at 2b, Contreras in LF, Ross at C. #Dodgers #Cubs


    October 19, 2016 at 8:10 am

  2. Hey Sal,, i read the piece on bubba McCant
    Scary to think that sweaty chub a muffin will be in Pinstripes in 2017.
    We have enough guys that can ground out with men on base.
    Who is better than Tony Pena to mentor the Sanbino anyway?
    Keep Romine and take out the trash.
    Send him back to that slagheap in Atlanta PLEEEEEEZE


    October 19, 2016 at 11:37 am

  3. Its a great day for all the Wahoo maniacs!!! Andrew Miller was the ALCS MVP- you can bet the Yanks will regret getting rid of him,I know I do. There was an article in the NYPost the other day,a scout was saying
    the pitcher they got from the Rangers may not end up being successful. He did not like his makeup and his pitches,so we will see. The Cubs this season were like the 98 Yankees,winning the division by a mile,by far the best team in baseball. They also find themselves down 2-1 in the NLCS,just like the Yanks were to Cleveland. It will be interesting to see if the Cubs can start hitting and comeback to make it to the series,like the Yanks did. I am glad the Jays didn’t make it-again!!!


    October 19, 2016 at 7:58 pm

  4. Man I walked out of Daryl’s House tonight and checked my MLB app.
    I did a Ef You Toronto dance all around tge parking lot !!!!
    Haaaa Haaaa Haaaaaa
    Take that Joey No Bats and you fuggin stuffed parrot head asshole !!!!
    Love it !!
    Go Indians !!!!!
    HA !!!!!!


    October 20, 2016 at 12:01 am

    • hey fellas good to see you… Yes that Dillon Tate is getting strange reviews, mostly about his stubbornness

      Kid sounds like a relief pitcher, could be another CashMan boner


      October 21, 2016 at 7:34 am

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