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Not A Whole Lotta Shakin, Cubs to Bears

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If I’m Trevor Bauer I STFU

I must admit, they  did a good job of slapping Bautista upside the head, but staying classy.. And so much  for players don’t read the press…

Well Joey Bats did it again, it wasn’t enough being punched out by Rougie Odor in May, you’d think having his jaw numbed and his head lights fluttered, it would’ve been  enough to  humble the 36 yr old Free Agent to be..?

Not a chance, before game 4, he took a shot at Cleveland’s young 11 inning old starter Ryan Merritt

“Not having seen him is something that could go either way but, with the experience in our lineup, I’m pretty sure he’s going to be shaking in his boots more than we are.

“So, I like where we’re at.”

Yeah  we like where you’re at  to Joey, 3 for 18 in the 5 game Cleveland Series, and 5 for 33 in the 2016 Playoffs .182 .308 .394 .702

No doubt Bautista was feeling his oats after Canada took game four, 5-1, and on paper he had a good point…


The reason baseball is such an enigma, they  don’t play  it on paper, and Ryan Merritt’s style, and we all know styles make a fight, was picture perfect kryptonite of the slugging Canadian offense

4.1 innings, 2 hits, no  runs, no  walks, 3 K’s…49 pitches.. Merritt is a junk baller, hit your spots, add / subtract with  enough  wiggle on his pitches to be deceptive….He’s a crafty  Lefty who never exceeded 87 MHP with his 4 seam fast ball (20) He also threw 13 cutters that  sat  83 MPH, soft contact, 1 of the 6 balls in play  went for a knock..

Merritt also used an 80 MPH change up  that complimented his 4 seamer, and a drop her down to low gear  70 MPH curve ball

Canada as a team  was feeling their aggressive oats so Merritt pitching backwards to  their strengths played right into  the Indians hand.. Throwing Merritt was another Brilliant move by the Indians Brain Trust...( Pay attention Hal)

In fact with 1 out in the 5th Martin dunked a soft pop up just out of the reach of both Kipnis and Chisenhall for only the 2nd hit off the Rook.. While Merritt looked as cool as a cake of ice, his manager, Tito Francona, the anti Girardi uncharacteristically started to  shake in his boots and in a Cleveland minute Tito yanked the kid in favor of  the generic Brian Shaw

Francona mentioned after the game the only person in Merritt’s way  was Tito! How come we can’t find a manager like this guy?

“Tito is such a people person,” Napoli said. “He understands situations, he understands the hype, he knows how to calm you. He’s been there before. He’s been through it as a player, he’s been through it in Boston. He’s done so much and been through it that anything he says, it opens your eyes. It means something, because he’s so genuine as a person. To be able to look at your leader in that way is something special.”


Shaw wasn’t bad, he coughed up  a single to the first  batter he saw in the 5th, but punched out the next 2..He took  care of the 9 hole hitter in the 6th then gave up  a knock  to Bautista, prompting Tito to call on his Attack Dog Andrew Miller

One pitch boom, Miller got Donaldson to  bounce into  a 6-4-3 DP.. Yes it cut the head off the snake..Miller pitched a clean 7th, gave up  a lead off single in the 8th  but finished off his 2.2 innings with just  21 pitches

He looked primed to  finish off Canada but Tito  brought in Allen his closer, who has been great, but in contrast to Miller also looked human / generic, I thought Tito blew this move

Joey Bat’s lead off double seconded my emotion and my fingernails paid the price… No worries, Allen kicked it into  another gear and just  blew away Donaldson, punched out  the Parrot Walker, and finished off Canada in style when Tulowitzki fouled out to first

Santana caught the pop  up fell  to his knees and the Wicked Witch of the North  was Dead

ALCS Source

Cubs to Bears

Well  so much  for Cub hibernation, all it took was a Zobrist bunt in the 4th inning and the Cub offense managed to  shake their doldrums in a 10-2 rout to  even the NLCS at 2-2

20 year old Julio Urias was applying the same  death  grip  choke hold that  fellow southpaws Kershaw and Hill had on the anemic Cubs offense for 3 innings..

Urias had allowed 2 walks but no hits until Ben Zobrist singled on a bunt with Turner playing deep  at  3rd..Then Baez broke his slump  with a single, and the roof caved in on the Dodgers

The Big Blow, Addison Russell’s 2 run  Tater, that  dissolved  his slump with one crack of the bat, in the process it had every LA Hollywood script writer running to  their laptops for a Re-Boot…

In the 5th inning Tony Rizzo broke his slump  with a Big Fly to make it 5-0. It got to  5-2 in the bottom of the 5th, but Chicago hung a 5 spot on LA in the 6th  and the Cubs had turned into hungry Bears before our eyes

Tonight they  go back to  Game 1 starters Lester and Maeda

NLCS Source

The Scorpions lost 2-1

Gleyber Torres continues to make the Chapman  trade worth while with another 2 for 4 night

Greg Bird 0-4

Tyler Wade 1 for 3

Dillon Tate who  came here in the Beltran  deal pitched one scoreless inning giving up  a hit

Yoan Moncada who plays for the Surprise Saguaros went 0-3 with 2 more punch outs

Boston prospect Trey Ball pitched 1.1 innings for the win


Written by Sal

October 20, 2016 at 7:12 am

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  1. Gleyber Torres leads the AFL in OPS.. He and Andujar are top 10 in BA, Andujar is top 15 in OPS


    October 20, 2016 at 7:33 am

  2. congrats to Chris Antoinette and Mike Chernoff, what a pleasure watching this creative front office and manager rise to the top

    Refreshing watching these guys instead of CashMan’s clown posse stumbling all over themselves..

    Hopefully Hal allows CashMan to stick to a plan, let’s see if he can actually build something without a check book and somebody else’s developmental intel


    October 20, 2016 at 7:33 am

  3. Did I mention the EF YOU TORONTO dance i did last night in the parking lot at Daryl’s House after i saw the final score ??


    October 20, 2016 at 11:50 am

    • no but I hope you taped it lol…


      October 21, 2016 at 7:32 am

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