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Andrew Miller has been getting most of  the buzz for the  Cleveland Indians, and it’s well  deserved, but last night another player on Chris Antonetti and Mike Chernoff’s  trade deadline grocery list, a journeyman player named after a breakfast cereal, was the offensive hero in a white-knuckler 1-0 Indian win

The dramatic and unconventional victory ensured the 2016 World Series will  conclude  in  the state of Ohio as the Indians now take a 2-1 lead in the Series, with Cory Kluber on the bump  tonight vs John Lackey

 Coco Crisp, who was acquired from the Oakland Athletics in September, promptly delivered a pinch hit single to right field off Carl Edwards Jr. to drive in the only run of the game. It was the latest contribution in a memorable run for Crisp, who had previously homered in Cleveland’s American League Central title clincher, the division series clincher against Boston and the ALCS clincher against Toronto.

The Cubs and their 108 yr old storyline  have been MLB’s feature attraction this season.. Showing up  to the  table with  a stacked deck consisting of very high priced free agents, and a slew of home grown talent, the Cubs, with All of their ducks in a row were the chalk pick to finally bring a Ring to  the North Side of Chicago

Unfortunately for the gouge your fanbase Cubs ownership group, and the  Fox Media Mafia  who  control  everything you’ll watch, including MLBTV, the euphoric coverage of Chicago  winning it all on Sunday has now gone up in smoke…

And if Tito Francona continues to ride through the Playoffs in his bullet proof  Bat and Ball-mobile, taking no prisoners, just W’s along the way, the Cubs, the Networks, and Cubbie Nation will  have to add another year  of torment to  their century long tale of woes

Last night Francona not only tugged on Superman’s cape with  his curious moves, he practically ripped it off the back of his team  and donned it like a velvet mantle befitting a conquering General

With Texas born Josh Tomlin getting the Game 3 pitching assignment, assisted by the emotional boon of having his paralyzed father in attendance, the gutty soft tossing  righty was nothing short of fantastic..

That’s until Francona decided 4.2 innings, 2 hits, no  runs, 1 BB, 1 K, 58-38 pitches was enough work  for one night….??

“That was agonizing,” Francona said. “As fun of a game as it was to be a part of, that was agonizing, because we used so many guys.”

With only 13 outs under his belt, and looking like he had the Cubs number, yanking Tomlin at the point was a Shock from my vantage point

With no  days off this weekend, and only two  starters Francona can  trust, why on earth  would he yank Tomlin in the 5th inning and go  to his Attack Dog Miller so  soon?

Perhaps NLCS Game 1 hero LHB Miggy Montero  who  was coming up  to pinch hit for Grimm scared Francona?

The Indians plan to bring Tomlin back on short rest in Game 6, so it was a nice bonus for Francona to lift him so early. But it was also a bit of a risk play for the Indians.

I guess that  covers the knee jerk  reaction by Francona, but only because it panned out, the move was fucking crazy

Along with the pitching change came an NL double switch


So in one move Francona lost a very effective starter, and one of his best hitters Carlos Santana who was his lead off man…That double switch put Miller in the lead off spot 7 batters away from extinction

Miller got Montero on a very loud F/8 to  end the 5th, he was tremendous in the 6th striking out the top of the order Fowler, Bryant, and Rizzo on on 13 pitches, un-hittable..

Thanks to  a 1-2-3 top of the 6th inning, Miller was now due up 4th in the 7th inning… A lead off single by Perez followed by a successful sac bunt put a man on 2nd base with one out and Miller 2 batters away….

A wild pitch put pinch  runner Martinez on 3rd base, Davis predictably walked after seeing nothing to hit and Maddon had leveraged Miller out of the game with Coco Crisp hitting for Tito’s best  weapon

Crisp  saved Tito’s bacon momentarily, when he poked a soft bloop single to drive in the only run of this game, but with Miller gone after securing only 4 outs on 17 pitches, with 9 outs left in unfriendly confines, that  wasn’t the most comfortable feeling in the world…

Brian Shaw was starting to make Tito look like the Baseball Whisperer after getting the first  2 outs in the 7th.. Reality hit hard as Soler tripled off the right field foul line wall


Shaw clutched up  and got Baez on a 6-3 ground out to end the7th inning threat.. Shaw got off to  a good start in the 8th punching out Russell, and getting man-child Kyle Schwarber to pop out..Fowler hit a hard single to left field and that put Francona in motion once again


Closer Cody Allen punched out Bryant to  end the 8th inning shenanigans..

Goin to  the 9th  with a one run cushion,  Allen coughed up  a lead off single to Rizzo.. One of  the toughest outs in the inning was secured when Allen  struck out Zobrist.. A 5-3 ground -out brought up  the much maligned Jason Heyward who  had a chance to erase his  abhorrent season if he delivered the game tying knock.. He may have gotten  a statue built if he somehow managed to  walk  off with a Big Fly..

Heyward hit a very hard grounder to Napoli  who  couldn’t handle the hop  and the Cubs were still  alive with men on soon to be 2nd and 3rd base

Javy Baez had his chance for his very own  statue but Allen punched him out on a fast ball up  around the shoulders and  the Indians had miraculously stolen Game 3……


This and That

It was a night of growing pains for Cleveland shortstop Francisco Lindor, who killed a potential big inning in the first when he got picked off by Kyle Hendricks and grounded into a bases-loaded double play against Justin Grimm on the fifth. If the Indians had lost this game, Lindor would have had a tough night getting to sleep back at the team hotel.

Miller had pitched two or more innings five times in his first seven postseason appearances. But all those outings came under American League rules. 

“I don’t think we really want to go 2⅓ innings all the time,” Francona said. “I mean, it’s worked out like that, and in the National League it’s certainly going to be a little harder. But he threw (17) pitches, and I was OK with where we were there. That was plenty for tonight.”

Somehow I’m not buying that  explanation, but it’s about the results, and Tito showed tremendous confidence in Shaw and Allen who

“This is the best those two guys have looked, and thank God,” Indians second baseman Jason Kipnis said. “This bullpen and this pitching staff has been carrying us. They’re the reason we’re here, and they’re probably the reason we’ll go wherever we go.”

The Indians are now 2 games away  from flattening all  the tires on the Cubbies bandwagon.. If that miracle does appear it’s not so  bad for Manfred’s MLB and the Cubs.. Look  at next year’s potential, the Cubbies are primed to make another run similar to  what  the Royals did the previous 2 seasons

So the hard core Cub fans will have to  wait another year, what’s another 365 amongst  friends, while the new Cubbie Millennials will  need to take out a third mortgage on their condo’s just  to pay the freight for another wild and crazy run at burying the Goat…..

World Series Source


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October 29, 2016 at 8:24 am

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  1. 4 yr’s of Ellsbury or 7 yr’s of Heyward ?

    Heyward 7 for $149M left

    Ellsbury around 4 yr’s 89.5M with the buy out

    Heyward is 26 yr’s old and could opt out after 2018 season or after 2019 season with 550 plate appearances in 2019

    Both players have no trade clauses, Heyward’s is not full no trade

    A swap of really bad contracts?


    October 29, 2016 at 10:06 am

  2. Not good

    Fernandez’ autopsy found coke in his system

    So you’re telling me he was just gonna chill taking anything in 2 days when he pitched vs the Mets?

    My guess yayo stays in your system for a while, and another good chance that wasn’t Jose’s first rodeo snorting smoking or shooting weasel dust–mlb.html


    October 29, 2016 at 3:35 pm

  3. Cubs look beaten already.


    October 29, 2016 at 10:39 pm

    • Yes, if you’re counting on an old John Lackey to carry the mail you better hit, and Das Kluber is top 3 in baseball….My guess they’ll wake up tonight against FruitCake Bauer


      October 30, 2016 at 6:47 am

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