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Astros Catch A Fallen Star

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Well CashMan did it again, he traded another catcher!..

Much to  the seraphic delight of our consigliere The Don B,  former All Star catcher, turned Back Up, Brian McCann, by waiving his no-trade clause, became the 6th  catcher shipped to another destination by  CashMan’s Catcher Warehouse since 2011


By finding a buyer for Bubba McCann, who the Houston Astros feel has 2 more years left  in the tank, CashMan has finally opened  a spot for the final piece to his 6 year catching puzzle..

Gary Sánchez signed with the Yankees as an international free agent in July 2009, he received a handsome $3 million signing bonus as a 16 year old. That  warms my heart,  Sanchez was one of 5 kids, 3 brothers and a sister, being raised by their mother after a divorce..

He started to play for the Yanks in 2010, so we’ve heard about the SanBino for the longest time.. The Bridge leading to  the next Core Catcher was 6 years in the making before CashMan was confident enough to hand  Sanchez keys to the Dickey, Yogi,  Elston, Thurman, Posada Penthouse..

With McCann gone, the SanBino not only  gets a chance to solidify an important “up the middle” position, the Bronx Bombers are now His Team…

Home Grown Core #1 hopefully is in place!

We thought Bird and Severino  were jump starting the Core building process after great  small  sample size performances in 2015, but Bird injured his shoulder, and Severino failed in his attempt to make the rotation in 2016

With McCann gone, the Yanks can peel $11.5M off their payroll, or add it to  a Free Agent cost, so not only does Sanchez get the gig, the Bombers gain some much needed payroll flexibility

We’ll have to  see what CashMan does next, moving Headley and Gardner would not only scratch off $49M in payroll, it would open up LF and 3rd base.. The Yanks would then be able to take back salary on a 1 yr basis…

Todd Frazier and Melky Cabrera come to mind thanks to  a Joel Sherman brain storm.. Of course that’s pending the White Sox trading Chris Sale, their Franchise, which would signal  a total  team  rebuild..

Melky has $15M coming and Frazier in his last yr of arbitration is projected to make $14M.. The Yanks would take back $29M in AAV, and send Headley plus a trade from depth prospect to Chicago..

The White Sox can peel $16M AAV off their payroll, the Yanks get Todd Frazier and Melky for one yr as bridges to any combination of Clint Frazier in LF, and Castro, Andujar, Torres at 3rd base in 2018…

Clearing as much payroll as possible sets CashMan up for a Manny Machado hunt if he indeed becomes available  on the Free Agent market in the winter of 2018…

What  the Yanks got for McCann

12. Albert Abreu, RHP

Current Level: A+
ETA: 2019
DOB: 09/26/95

Abreu has burst on the scene in the Minor Leagues, going from relatively unknown to eye-opening in a span of months. Signed out of the Dominican Republic in 2013 at the age of 17, he quietly dominated Rookie Ball, and really broke out in 2015 in Low A Quad Cities. He has hit somewhat of a rough patch in 2016, but will continue to adjust to the hitters he faces. Abreu will continue to fill out his frame, currently standing 6’2″ and weighing 175. Topping out at 99, he has elite velocity for his age. As he develops and grows, he’ll improve in throwing his offspeed pitches, which includes an already nasty Changeup. His control will improve with time, and he’s going to continue to get better as he learns to pitch in the higher levels soon. – Johnny

2016 Stats: 3-8, 3.39 ERA, 93.0 IP, 63 H, 35 ER, 50 BB, 107 K, 10.4 K/9

Abreu is the closer of the the 2 prospects

Jorge Guzman

Here is a more detailed report on both pitchers

Abreu / Guzman Source


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November 18, 2016 at 7:50 am

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