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The ABC’s of the MLB 2017 CBA

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Let’s finish off  this CBA thing off so  we have a few posts / pages to  come back to  for reference moving forward…

I’ll grab bullet points from Mikey Two Chins / various media, and we’ll leave links incase you want to dive into it deeper

Disabled list reduced to 10 days
The 15-day DL is now the 10-day DL. The 7-day DL for concussions and 60-day DL are unchanged. The new 10-day DL means we’ll see fewer teams play shorthanded going forward…

Food for Thought:  We also might see an increase in  fake  DL stints. Rest a young starter who needs his workload kept in check by placing him on the 10-day DL with a sore ankle and let him skip a start without playing shorthanded.

All-Star Game no longer tied to World Series

The All-Star Game will no longer determine homefield advantage in the World Series. It’ll instead go to the pennant-winning team with the better regular season record.  

That’s still not a perfect solution because of unbalanced schedules, but it’s the lesser of two  evils.

Rather than homefield advantage in the World Series, players will instead play for a pool of money in the All-Star Game. That’s a pretty good way to get them motivated. No idea what that pool will be, but I hope it’s substantial. Like $1M per player on the winning team. Something like that. Want guys to play hard in the All-Star Game? Putting a million bucks on the table is a good way to do it.

Food for Thought: the All star Game having meaning was Bud Selig’s  pail of milk, the fact it ran it’s course for the full  3 CBA years, meant his underlings didn’t want to kick the pail overland diss their Guru…..

Manfred ending the All Star Game madness was a universal no  brainer..

Finding pool money in their $10 Billion dollar reservoir and dangling it as  a prize carrot finally gets to the most sincere heart of the matter


Luxury tax details
 The thresholds the next five years are as reported yesterday: $195M in 2017, then $197M, $206M, $209M, and $210M in subsequent years. Here are the tax brackets:

First time offenders: 20% (up from 17.5%)
Second time offenders: 30% (remains the same)
Third time offenders: 50% (up from 40%)
$20M to $40M over threshold: 12% surtax
$40M+ over threshold (first time offenders): 42.5% surtax and first round pick moves back ten spots
$40M+ over threshold (repeat offender): 45% surtax and first round pick moves back ten spots
So a team over the luxury tax threshold three straight years and at least $40M over the last two years would be taxed at 95% (50% plus 45% surtax). It’s not a hard salary cap but it might as well be. That’s a major deterrent. Come 2019, when the tax threshold is $209M, the “soft” cap will essentially be $249M. Anything over that results in a 62.5% tax for first time offenders.

Also, those tax rates will be phased in next season. Apparently MLB is treating 2017 as something of a transition year for teams at or over the threshold. That doesn’t matter for the Yankees. They’ve been over the luxury tax threshold ever since the system was put in place, so they’re getting hit with a 50% tax right off the bat, plus whatever surtax applies depending on their payroll. My guess is they’re less than $20M over the threshold in 2017, so no surtax.

Food for Thought: The game has become as much  about bookkeeping as anything else, especially with  tax penalties for repeat offenders climbing through the roof..

The shift in balance has swung 360 to youth…Prospects are potential  core building blocks,  and for 6 seasons, these payers are under team  control.. The Yanks unfortunately rode the core 5 until it was out of gas, and they  never had replacements ready to  take over..

This could be the first  complete tear down season since we first heard about getting under the Lux Tax back in 2013..

That  said signing Encarnacion, Hill, and Chapman, will fully disclose the rebuild / Faux Playoff run is still intact #TearItDown shoot for 2019

Free agent compensation and qualifying offer details

The qualifying offer itself remains relatively unchanged. It’s still a one-year contract set at the average of the top 125 salaries in baseball, and the player must be with the team the entire season to be eligible for it.

There are two changes to the qualifying offer: players can only receive it once in their careers, and now they have ten days to accept or reject the offer rather than seven.

The free agent compensation rules are of course confusing :

Signing team receives revenue sharing money: Forfeits their third highest draft pick. Keep in mind this is not necessarily their third rounder.
Signing team paid luxury tax during most recent season: Forfeits second and fifth highest draft picks, plus $1M in international bonus money.
All other teams: Forfeit second highest draft pick plus $500,000 in international bonus money.
The Yankees are going to be paying revenue sharing always and forever, so the first bullet point doesn’t apply to them.

Once they get under the luxury tax threshold, they’ll only have to give up their second highest pick plus $500,000 in international money to sign a qualifying free agent.

Now here are the rules for the team that loses a qualified free agent:

Player signs deal worth $50M+: Former team gets a compensation pick after the first round.
Players signs deal worth less than $50M: Former team gets compensation pick after Competitive Balance Round B, which is before the third round.
Former team pays luxury tax: The compensation pick is after the fourth round regardless of contract size.s sig

Food for Thought: Pretty simple, teams that  held onto star players knowing they  couldn’t sign them, knowing a Qualifying Offer would yield a first round draft pick no longer has incentive to ride out the complete contract

case in point: KC trading  Hosmer and Moustakas is now a viable course of action.. Under the old CBA they’d offer both players a QO, it would be refused, and a first  round draft pick would be attached to  their Free Agency cost

This is a big win for the MLBPA and it’s players

International free agency…. Source Mikey Two Chins

As you know, there is now a hard cap on international spending, which is just awful. That was one of the last places the Yankees could really flex their financial muscle. The spending cap next year will be $4.75M for large market teams like the Yankees, $5.25M for mid-market teams, and $5.75M for small market teams. Well, I guess assigning the bonus limit by market size is better than using regular season record. The hard cap still sucks.

Because a hard cap isn’t enough, international players will now be exempt from the hard cap at age 25, not 23. They pushed it back two years. Jeff Passan confirmed with a team official that this applies to Shohei Otani, who is only 22. Rather than be posted next offseason, as expected, he has to wait until 2019 (!) to come over and not be eligible for the hard cap. So dumb. So, so dumb. Hopefully MLB comes to their senses and makes an exception for him (and other similar players). MLB and the MLBPA should want dudes like Otani playing their game.

(Aside: I wonder whether the hard cap will push some international free agents to play overseas for a few years, where they can make more money, then come over to MLB once they turn 25. Seems like a possible unintended consequence.)

Food for Thought: One of the Bombers strengths is revenue, so  this evens the playing field  for the big markets…I have a problem with pushing the age to  from  23 to  25, giving Otani or any player the freedom to  choose should be in the players favor

Financial compensation, in most regards is the Universal Language, nobody expects Otani to come here for nothing, but his choices have been blocked

Rest of Miscellaneous Items: our Source



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December 2, 2016 at 9:08 am

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  1. Joel Sherman wants to blow up the Hot Stove but, after his wonderful article saying the Yanks should first build their core, then enhance it once it’s in place he falls off the wagon with this doozy

    I wouldn’t even trade Mitchell straight up for Grenkie no less hand over a package… I want Ellsbury out of here too, but $89M worth of Ellsbury is a lot better then $172M worth of a trending the wrong way Grenkie

    Sherman has written a #Star_Fucker_ click_ bait article

    Greinke is 33 yr’s old 5 yr’s $172M left on his contract

    Yankees send Jacoby Ellsbury, Chase Headley, Domingo Acevedo, Albert Abreu, Ian Clarkin and Bryan Mitchell to the Diamondbacks for Zack Greinke and Brandon Drury


    December 2, 2016 at 9:16 am

  2. This seems to be the trending projections for the Yanks…..#ExpectDifferent?


    December 2, 2016 at 9:42 am

  3. Hopefully Noogsie is all good!!! We saw Big D…


    December 2, 2016 at 9:42 am

  4. Lopsided deal
    Gotta keep Mitchell,, he plays a great accordian,, 🎹🎹🎹🎹


    December 2, 2016 at 1:18 pm

    • When he remembers where he left it


      December 3, 2016 at 4:18 am

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