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Holliday Scratch-Off

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Brian Cashman can  now scratch the DH spot off his To Do List  when the GM meetings start up today in Md..

On Friday  Cashman publicly shut down his office for the week end..  On Saturday the Astros swept in and signed projected “perfect fit” Carlos Beltran, who will take his hitting and leadership skills to a young contending Houston team..

Yes we  will have drone footage of the Don B driving Carlos to  the airport

With a plan to keep injecting youth, and cut excessive fat off the payroll (under $195M by 2018 ) Cashman chose the 37 yr old injury prone veteran Matt Holliday to commandeer the DH position, fake left field and first  base, and  “mentor the kids” in 2017 …..

 Cashman’s sharp butcher knife also trimmed $3M in fat off the DH cost, ( Beltran 1 yr $16M, Holliday 1 yr $13M)

Party At Napoli’s didn’t  seem to fit Hal’s style, rumor was he wanted more then 1 year, so the hard nosed, but often injured grinder Matt Dock Holliday gets the nod..

 Holliday’s $13M, Sabathia’s $25M, and ARod’s $27.5M AAV, all come off the books after 2017… Even before the news broke that Shohei Otani  will now be allowed to hit the free agent market after 2017, a one year deal  for a bridge DH was imperative..

Holliday’s  13 yr career Standard slash is impressive

.303 .382 .515 .897

But it’s top heavy, he did most of his damage in the first 5 years of his career while playing in Colorado..

Holliday’s best season came back in 2007 with the Rockies, when he hit .340 with 36 homers and 137 RBI. He has recorded 10 seasons of 20 or more home runs, including a streak of nine in a row from 2006-2014.

For the Analytics guys, in 2016  Beltran put up  a better  wRC+ 124

Holliday wRC+ 109

He also spent a portion of the 2009 season with the Oakland A’s before being traded to the Cards.

Colorado received from Oakland  right-handed reliever Huston Street, lefty starter Greg Smith and promising outfielder Carlos Gonzalez from the A’s.

Early in 2008, the Rockies had offered Holliday a deal worth $107.5 million over five seasons, but agent Scott Boras rejected it back in March.

Holliday  was flipped by Billy Beane to  the Cardinals in 2009, a typical Beane dump potential  salary for a prospect haul  move

The A’s sent Holliday and $1.5 million to the Cardinals and receive power-hitting third baseman Brett Wallace, a top offensive player in the St. Louis farm system; outfielder Shane Peterson and right-hander Clayton Mortensen.

Sounds like Beane lost Street, and a star in Carlos  Gonzalez for 93 games of Matt Holliday..Holliday was perceived to be a rental but the Cards ended up  signing him as a Free Agent

Holliday announced on Tuesday that he is coming back to the Cardinals on a seven-year deal with an option for 2017, agreeing to a guaranteed $120 million — the richest contract in club history. He announced his decision on ESPN Radio.

As for a slugger, looking at his spray chart results his HR’s seem to land in in Left Field


His hit tendencies seem to have a decent share of fly balls going to  right field, so  they may land in the seats in the Bronx?


In a small  39 PA window Holliday  has been successful  as a DH

.368 .385 .868 1.253

In his career Holliday  has compiled a pretty even Split vs both LH and RH pitchers

Beltran  was a better fit based on the fact he could switch hit, but Holliday’s career splits look pretty even..

Again we can post all  the stats available, but it’s about Holliday  staying healthy now that he’s 37 yr’s old


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December 5, 2016 at 6:54 am

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  1. Jeff Passan ‏@JeffPassan 9h9 hours ago
    Just to clarify: Sponichi story says Shohei Otani would be posted following the 2017 season, not right now. Will play in Japan next season.


    December 5, 2016 at 7:22 am

  2. Joel sherman wants Valbuena as a compliment to Holliday, don’t we all, but Sherman’s price tag 2 yr’s $18M probably isn’t what Valbuena is thinking

    Plus Cashman would have to move Headley.. I don’t think the Yanks want to get into a pissing match over a Valbuena contract, and they’re aren’t gonna actually pay him, not when they have Torreyes and Refsynder for minimum wage

    Sherman has some good rebuild but still contend ideas, but they all cost money


    December 5, 2016 at 7:31 am

  3. here’s a sobering thought, Why would the Nationals or the Orioles allow Harper or Machado to hit free agency if they’re not getting a first round pick back in return?

    Answer: they won’t, if you want either player my guess you’ll have to back up the truck and unload your farm system of it’s elite prospects plus add one or two of Sanchez, Bird, Judge, Severino, Mitchell etc who will no longer be prospects in 2017

    plus you’ll have to shell out over $300M to sign at least Machado, and close to it to sign Harper especially if he has a few good comeback seasons…


    December 5, 2016 at 9:12 am

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