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Monday Morning Quarter Back 12/19/16

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After Edwin Encarnacion didn’t immediately accept the Blue Jays’ initial four-year, $80MM offer, Toronto quickly pivoted to sign Kendrys Morales.  With Encarnacion still unsigned as we move into late December, Sportsnet’s Shi Davidi opines that the Jays could have re-signed the slugger at around that price had they been a bit more patient.  By contrast, as Davidi notes, the Dodgers were able to re-sign Kenley JansenJustin Turner and Rich Hill after expressing their interest in the players but giving them time to test the market before circling back with an offer.  “Given how much common ground there was [between Encarnacion and the Jays], it’s an awful, awful way to part with a franchise icon,” Davidi writes. 

The best HR hitter on the Fee Agent market, Eddie Encarnacion, can’t find a job?


That’s not as surprising as the media is making it out to be.

1) Eddie has the dreaded 1st round draft pick  attached to his free agency baggage.

2) He’s 33 yr’s old, and he’s looking for a 5 yr plan at plus $20M per yr…

Any of the contending AL teams that  are kissing the 2017 -$195M Lux Tax  threshold will  most likely pass on Encarnacion, and Encarnacion is a “win now player”

Eddie is a butcher in the field so no NL team is committing long term, and a non-contending AL team signing him is like serving the wrong wine at a moscone green room party, it’s not gonna end well…..

 Eddie’s market is crashing faster then the first  five guys in line at a Methadone clinic.. No worries, the problem could very well solve itself if he heads back to Toronto for a lot less money, or takes a 1 yr pillow, and hopes for the best next  yr when there is No pick involved..

…Same with Joey Bats who  will be working for tips with  that  draft pick  in tow….Team’s would rather throw their mother’s off the train then give up  a 1st round draft pick

Tanaka, Betances, Clippard, Nice Knowing You..

Mikey 2 Chins brought up a modern negotiating ploy established more so  by Small Market teams then a financial Super Power like the NY Yankees..Well  guess what, every team in the league is now a potential One Percenter thanks to the new CBA agreements that  started in 2013, and just upgraded in 2016 / 17 for 5 more years.

The art of extending a player before they  hit Free agency, has never been in the Bombers DNA, but the new financial structure in MLB has created parity across the board.. Let’s not get too crazy, clubs will  still  cook the books and cry poverty, but it’s getting increasingly harder to do

The Cubs went from a team that backed up  the truck 6 years ago, to  winning a Ring, and paying a 2016 Lux Tax Penalty.. To the Cubs credit, they  did eat  a lot of payroll  along the way in an  effort to  clear roster spots for young players coming through the ranks

The Yanks seem to  be taking that same approach, and 3 more appealing sell offs at the dead line are Tanaka, Betances, and Clippard

Tanaka is gonna opt out anyway, might as well  flip him as a rental, and pick  up 2 or 3 good young prospects from a desperate contender… If you miss him that much resign him as a Free Agent, or try to  extend him with 3  $30M yr’s on top of the 3 for $67M you already  owe him, see if he bites.. Beat 6 for $157M Tanaka…

Clippard is a no  brainer, he’s a free agent in 2018, and good set up  relievers have value, especially in October.. Clippard probably won’t get much in return, but something is better then nothing

Betances if he’s pitching good with 2 more years of team control before he becomes a free agent would land a nice 3 prospect haul from a contender.. Tanaka, Betances and Clippard could yield a Chappy Miller Beltran  haul

By August 2017 we’ll know if Severino  has gotten better at  repeating his delivery so  that his fast-ball  command is much better then it was in 2016… If he can’t crack  the rotation you have a 23 yr old  Betances to  team up  with Chappy..

You also have Cessa and Green who could very well  end up as relievers

Joel Sherman has a brief phoner with Larry the Stable Guy

Rothschild does a quick  scouting report on Mitchell, Severino, Cessa and Green

Rothschild: “Everyone talks about the need for him to develop a changeup, but the most important thing is he needs to command his fastball better. He can throw great pitches to the glove side down to righties, but it is not repeatable and in the majors mistakes show up. The changeup is an important pitch, but if he locates his fastball with his breaking ball, he will pitch well. My emphasis at the end of the year with him was locate your fastball better, repeat your delivery and make sure your breaking ball morphs back into a harder breaking ball. I certainly look at him as a starter. But to be a starter, improvements need to be made. If the improvements are made, he will be really good. In 2015, he was marginally better — it was like relief [in 2016] in that he overpowered with his fastball and got chases on his breaking ball and hitters hadn’t seen him a lot. The league will catch up to you if you do not make adjustments.”


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December 19, 2016 at 7:39 am

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  1. That wrong wine at a Moscone Green Room Party almost happened, until I grabbed Lauren & told her don’t open that bottle, I have something much better!
    I take care of my people!!


    December 19, 2016 at 1:21 pm

    • yes very impressive, also very clear she impressed you much more then LG’s prune face lol…

      He turned to me and said “what am I chopped liver” hahahaha


      December 19, 2016 at 5:49 pm

  2. Hahahaha!!!! Somehow I missed that line..
    Could be I was enamored with the slinky dress, stockings, & knee high boots. Not to mention the blonde hair & rack…


    December 19, 2016 at 7:56 pm

    • you missed the line because at that moment nothing else in the world mattered.. So the fact she could play Donna Lee and Straight No Chaser in every key had nothing to do with it?? lol


      December 20, 2016 at 6:13 am

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