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Hot Stove Dog Day’s

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At the moment MLB  Hot Stove News is moving slower then the cash register line at a local 7-Eleven..It’s the MF lotto  ticket buyers that  fuck it up..

ESPN’s Andrew Marchand, one of the few non-pay for view writers @ ESPN, put up  a funny fantasy article entitled Imagining A Dream

No hardcore nuts and bolts here, just some early January filler material, but with just  enough abstraction to give you a belly laugh.. The DonB will love it when Girardi gets Fired

And all of moscone’s kids are All Stars, including Torres…….!


Mikey 2 Chin’s

‘Is back to  work so there are / will be  plenty of Analytics to thumb through..M2C has a real red ass for Aaron Hicks, he’s giving AH one more season before he summons La Nuestra Familia to ram a shank in him….

Overall, Hicks was undeniably disappointing in 2016, hitting .217/.281/.336 (64 wRC+) with eight home runs in 361 plate appearances. He did perform better after Carlos Beltran was traded away and his playing time increased — Hicks hit .271/.333/.424 (105 wRC+) with five homers in 129 plate appearances around a hamstring injury after the trade deadline — which was nice to see, but ultimately it doesn’t mean a whole lot.

No surprises here, Hicks looks like central casting, if you’re making a  baseball movie, but he doesn’t seem to  gather positive results between the white lines when he plays..

He’s cheap help, he plays good defense, and until Austin, Frazier, and or Judge force the issue, Hicks fits the defensive scheme on the field, and he’s barely above minimum wage so  the accountants are hoping he pans out…

The Gley-Hey-Kid

Might be moving too quick on the Gley-Hey-Kid stuff, but Marchand did string three words together that scratched where it itched worst..

M2C whip’s up  probably the most thorough break down of Torres, and “let’s be honest” when it comes to heavy lifting, M2C is the Vasiliy  Alekseyev of MLB Analytic Data

Hopefully the Gley-Hey-Kid is the Bombers 2nd baseman in 2018

TelI You What

I have no idea what  happened to Matthew’s Fun House Twitter, it disappeared ??

Only media I know of like it is Bob’s Blitz, the original Francesa take down for 2 points


I know Mariah got popped for lip  synching, no worries, they  all play to  tracks on those shows, unfortunately somebody lost their marbles and never made sure MC’s in ear monitors were hot before she wobbled on stage

I don’t know what’s worse, the fact they  didn’t cut to  commercials and fix the mess, or one of MC’s star fucker assistants didn’t tell her that outfit she had on woulda worked back when she was dating Derek Jeter and he was hitting .330, but he’s  retired honey……

It’s Christmas for Pete sake, less Ho Ho Ho more Santa’s helper, for the kids ….


Written by Sal

January 5, 2017 at 8:47 am

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  1. Those degenerate gamblers look like they cant buy a pack of Juicy Fruit and yet they buy $50 of scratch-offs !
    White trash lol
    YES I hate Girardi 👿👿👿👿


    January 5, 2017 at 9:01 am

    • White Trash Lives Matter lol… they need to set up two lines, but 7 Eleven is one stop shopping, one of life’s blunders.. not exactly enthusiasm meeting inspiration to form results….


      January 5, 2017 at 9:19 am

  2. Joel Sherman has good news and bad news… If TJ Tanaka pitches well, he’s gonna opt out then what ???? Now the Yanks have to pay him, but how much??? You don’t want another Sabathia, opines the Sensie, good thinking Sense

    Simple, we just root for Tanaka to kill it, then trade him at the deadline for 2 or 3 prospects, then re-sign him as a FA, like Chappy… Cashman can get another haul trading Tanaka, Pineda, and Gardner at the deadline….

    Or the Yanks offer Tanaka 3 yr’s and $90M on top of the 2018 / 2019 money, $44.6M = $134.6M plus his 2017 ($22.3) and the Yanks would be on the hook for 6 yr’s $157M


    January 5, 2017 at 9:17 am

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