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Under the Heading: No Shit

Four or five days ago Marbles Feinsand’s replacement Mike Mazzeo reminded Bomber Universe that letting Cadillac Cano leave the Bronx was a mistake…

Unfortunately, Ellsbury has mostly been a disappointment, while replacing Cano — or at least finding an above-average player at the position — has proven difficult.

Brian Roberts (91 games, 1.5 WAR) was a flop in Year 1. Stephen Drew (131 games, 0.4 WAR) was a flop in Year 2. And Starlin Castro (159 games, 1.3 WAR) was just OK — albeit an upgrade — in Year 3.

Actually young fella, not ripping up Cano’s 4 years / $30M (2008-11), plus 2012-13 club options and extending him in 2010  when Bobby Barad was still his agent and not Scott Boras, that was the mistake..

At the time Carl Crawford, as a free agent, received  $148M from Boston, he’s was part of the “Greatest Team Evah” per Boston Nation, and their media

The Yanks could have extended Cano on a similar deal, or given him 8 yr’s,  and right now he’d be a Free Agent after 2018..

Cano 2010 / .319 .381 .534 .914 /  141 OPS+

Crawford 2010 /  .307 .356 .495 .851 / 135 OPS+


A combination of ancient 1970’s, 80’s, and 90’s, business practices, the lack of insight on the type of player Cano was at the prime age of 27 yr’s old,  and maybe the harshest reality, in 2009  CC Sabathia, A.J. Burnett, and Mark Teixeira, were all inked to contracts that guaranteed nearly half a billion dollars in total.

Cano  should have been  part of that Core, a year later, bought out  and paid for, he was the best 2nd baseman in baseball  working for $10M a year, with  2 more option years @ $15M per..

The Yankee accountants had a bargain, and they  flaunted it like Kardashian booty..

Before the 2013 CBA knee capped them, the Bombers were the ultimate financial bully, their front office’s  M.O. always shied away from extending contracts, Cano  was an exception in 2008, they had cut a shroud deal, and were sticking to it…

4 years/$30M (2008-11), plus 2012-13 club options

signed extension with NY Yankees 2/08 (avoided arbitration, $4.55M-$3.2M)
08:$3M, 09:$6M, 10:$9M, 11:$10M, 12:$14M club option ($2M buyout), 13:$15M club option ($2M buyout)
NY Yankees exercised $14M club option for 2012 10/29/11
NY Yankees exercised $15M club option for 2013 10/29/12

Of course with the advent of stringent drug testing, revenue sharing, Luxury Tax penalties, MLB TV money landing in smaller markets pockets, and the art of Tanking in an effort to  pick at the top of the draft year in and year out the Yankee model had become the Edsel

Too many old, and now drug free players not living up  to  their contract’s value, and with no farm system ready to  replenish in 2014, they went back to  throwing good money after bad bringing in Beltran, Ellsbury and McCann

Piling on more  guys North of 30 yr’s old, who  were just entering the back 9 of their careers, while adding more stress to the payroll, finally collapsed this house of cards in 2016

Extending Cano  and  before Russell Martin signed his misguided 5 years/$82M (2015-19) in Toronto, he inked a very friendly 2 years/$17M (2013-14) deal in Pittsburgh

I wonder where the Yanks would be with Cano  8 yr $160M (2011-2018)  and Martin 4 for $36M  (2013-2016) with Sanchez taking over in 2017

Instead of Ellsbury 7 yr’s $153M and McCann 5 yr’s $85M?


Written by Sal

January 9, 2017 at 7:35 am

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  1. I bet Cashman can get Valbuena on 2 yr deal that is less the Headley’s $13M AAV… that would make Headley expendable, and it would save Hal money

    All we’re doing is holding the position warm until Andujar


    January 9, 2017 at 8:03 am

  2. Valbuena has platoon splits, but he can hit RHP… projected FA contract 2 for $14M… If you’re confident the hammy is good, makes sense to flip Headley grab Valbuena…

    So you platoon Valbuena with Torreyes, and this Spring Training you talk to Castro about taking some reps at third base..

    Castro has 3 yr’s $30M left with a $16M team option $1M buyout in 2020….

    Torres is coming and hopefully by 2018… Castro could be decent trade bait, or reasonably priced depth at 2nd and 3rd while they ease in Torres and Andujar….?


    January 9, 2017 at 8:14 am

  3. The key to rotations is finding guys who can navigate three times around a line-up, Yanks have Tanaka who exceeds the 18 outs John Smoltz floor…. Smoltz has been screaming about length in starting pitching since he’s become a broadcaster, herd him say it again last week on high Heat

    We’ll have to dig up all the dudes who qualify for Smoltz’s Army


    January 9, 2017 at 8:26 am

  4. Now ain’t this special the Red Sox have 3 of the top 10 in innings pitched

    Innings Pitched s c a p y
    1. Price (BOS) 230.0
    2. Scherzer (WSN) 228.1
    3. Verlander (DET) 227.2
    4. Sale (CHW) 226.2
    Bumgarner (SFG) 226.2
    6. Porcello (BOS) 223.0
    7. Cueto (SFG) 219.2
    8. Kluber (CLE) 215.0
    9. Roark (WSN) 210.0
    10. Quintana (CHW) 208.0


    January 9, 2017 at 8:27 am

  5. On average:

    Price 6.5 innings per start

    Sale 7 innings per start

    Porcello 6.7 innings per start

    Tanaka 6.4 innings per start


    January 9, 2017 at 8:35 am

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