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Sticker Price Inflation

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“So we’ll stay engaged, but I’d say again the sticker price of what the market is out there for anybody — not just the White Sox — it’s tough to do business in these current conditions.”

In case you’ve missed most if not all of the  Yankees Hot Stove Shows, this link will get you to a bunch of them

Last night Al Yankzeera had Bourbon Bob at the wheel, Bryl-Creem Curry guarding his gun side, and Hal’s wartime consigliere  Brian the Bug  Cashman doing the hostage tape reading….


Cashman’s Corner segment created some buzz when  the GM gave a  bleak 1 per cent chance of adding anymore pieces to his Spring Training roster..

In years past this would have been perceived as a typical Cashman  laying in the weeds type bluff by his fans and adversaries alike..


Now  with the youth transition being endorsed and promoted by the Al Yankzeera Network, the Bug doesn’t have to squirm like he’s trapped between a windshield and the dashboard  when the ugly word Rebuild is mentioned by some pot stirring media geek ..

All Cashman has to do is whine how enormous the trade returns are for quality pitching like Jose Quintana, and the  media and fan base back off…That’s what  beating a fanbase into  submission with mediocrity will  do


“I don’t want to say anything specific, but I think we set a high bar last summer with the trade returns (we received for Chapman and Andrew Miller). And this winter they followed that up with some significant deals with high-end returns (for Chris Sale and Adam Eaton), which I think has created a real high sticker price out there which more likely than not prevents a deal or deals to be more easily made.


YES popped up  a projected line-up, which  Cashman  was vague about agreeing with, of course..Talk of splitting up Gardner and Ellsbury at  the top of the line-up got some ink  from  the Daily News

The best  way  to  split up Gardner and Ellsbury is to  trade one or both of them

In 2016, Gardner had 314 at-bats out of the leadoff spot (.258/.347/.379/.726) and 228 at-bats out of the two-hole (.268/.354/.342/.696).

 Ellsbury had 318 at-bats out of the leadoff spot (.264/.330/.384/ .714) and 228 at-bats out of the two-hole (.250/.316/.333/ .649).

AL league average Batting First : .270 .333 .426 .758

Batting 2nd : .266 .334 .423 .757

Anyway Ellsbury isn’t going anywhere, and so  far Gardner hasn’t excited another GM enough to  hand over quality prospects so  based on his OBP I’d say Gardner in most match-ups should lead off

I don’t know what  they  do  with  Ellsbury he profiles a bottom of the order hitter in OPS

Ellsbury 2016: .263 .330 .374 .703

AL League Average: #7   .242 .303 .385 .687

AL League Average: # 8  .244 .307 .388 .695

AL League Average: #9  .235 .289 .356 .645

Here you have a complete standard stat breakdown of the AL, looks like OPS rules the board.. Yanks are 13 out of 15  so  bottom of the pack, but they are top of the pack in fewest strikeouts…So  they  are  putting the ball in play from the #1 and #2 holes, hard contact might be another issue though..




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January 10, 2017 at 7:11 am

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  1. Probably a good thing that Analytics has taken over baseball Ops departments… Imagine Casey calling in Mickey, Hank Bauer, and Moose Skowron to talk about what do do with Ellsbury, instead of finding cherry picked metrics that prove he worth something…

    Hank would say, “dude now you’re messing with my World Series money putting this poser in the line-up, and that means no man cave addition on the house, so this guy is history..

    Casey: Well Hank I can’t tell Mickey to run into him in the outfield, Mick might break something, then I lose 45 HR’s / 130 RBI’s, so you’re gonna have to kick him in the ribs on a pop up to left center…. Make sure you bust up a few of them ribs, gimme a good 6 months worth bandages on that boy


    January 10, 2017 at 7:28 am

  2. The DonB did have a cup of coffee with the Yanks, he came just a tick before Yogi, and left on his own the day Yogi got to the Bronx

    Rare footage


    January 10, 2017 at 9:06 am

  3. Thanks Sal,, I’m still owed my signing bonus tho,, 😨


    January 10, 2017 at 10:38 am

  4. My ears bleed after 15 minutes of those kool-aid drinking delusional toads Sal,, if they let the women speak,, i bolt to MLB 😲😲😲😲😲


    January 10, 2017 at 7:34 pm

  5. I hate January !!!!!!!


    January 12, 2017 at 6:05 pm

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