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Happy Holliday

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Word on the bricks: 

Matt  Holliday remains an above-average hitter, though his batting line represents a rather stark falloff in overall productivity from the consistently excellent batting results he logged for most of a dozen prior seasons. With poorly-rated fielding and baserunning added to the uncertainty at the plate, the $17M team option cost for St Louis was just too great, so  they  declined and paid him $1M to  go  away.

Cashman ever the bargain shopper, especially now that his boss wants to  win, but wants to do it without exceeding the Luxury Tax ceiling, quickly signed Holliday for less then the $17M, but with his declining skills more then he’s probably worth, $13M for 1 year

The bargain here is the length of contract, it puts minimal  stress on the payroll  moving forward, and if Happy Holliday can somehow turn back the clock to  say his 2013ish

 25 Hr’s, 95 RBI’s .300 .389 .490 .879, 147 wRC+ or Cashman will  even take his  2014

20 HR’s 90 RBI’s, .272 .370 .441 .811, 136 wRC+

The GM’s low risk paid a high reward


If Holliday is a bust, it’ll  destroy the middle of the line-up.

“Quite frankly, I probably hit too many hard-hit ground balls,’’ and expressed the desire to lift the ball more. According to Fangraphs, Holliday hit a career-high 50 percent grounders and a career-low 14.1 percent line drives in 2016.

Last thing you want to  see is Matty coming up  with  ducks on the pond and rolling over pitches for soft outs over 50% of the time….

“It was weird I didn’t walk as much,” Holliday said. “I think it could’ve been some slight mechanical flaws that were not allowing me to not recognize pitches as well. That would be my first inclination as to what the problem was. But could it have been a year where they just threw me more strikes? I don’t know.”

Not knowing is bad, knowing you didn’t know is good, and Holliday isn’t lacking for effort if you buy into  the photo op



It has been something of an odd final two seasons in St. Louis for Holliday. Both have been limited by injuries, and both have involved very different types of performance issues. Last year, his power disappeared, but he was able to maintain a robust .394 OBP. That mark fell by 76 points in 2016, but he significantly upped his power output (.450 slugging, 19 home runs).

Holliday was probably a good  soldier in St Louis, but while they  were happy to  see him come, they were happier to  see him leave as he noticeably has declined into an American League player

Still, there’s plenty of reason to think that Holliday could remain a useful player — even if a trip to the American League, with frequent or even full-time DH usage, makes the most sense at this stage. Odds are that there would be plenty of organizations with at least some interest in that kind of arrangement, particularly given the high regard in which Holliday is held around baseball.

In games the SanBino needs to DH, Happy Holliday  can take the day off, or he could fake 1st base, where he has played  10  career games..  Holliday is predominately a left fielder with 1692 career games under his belt..At the age of 37 ( Jan 15th) Girardi can try to  hide his declining defensive skills  in the tough Yankee Stadium left field, but that’s gonna bring back the night mares we had watching Beltran and Son trying and miserably failing to  catch  the rooster..

I had a day dream  the other day, Holliday had replenished his old juices as was having a comeback player of the year type of season..

He was trending in the 2015 first half Teixeira stratosphere, a hefty .333 .422 .724 1.146, 25 HR’s 

And we were at  the All Star break…..Then I woke up..




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January 17, 2017 at 7:25 am

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