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Tanaka TCB so No WBC

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The Dominican Republic has the highest traffic-related death rate in the Western Hemisphere with nearly 30 deaths per 100,000 people.

RIP Yordano Ventura

RIP Andy Marte

Ventura we know from his aggressive demeanor, and his high  profile dust-up with Manny Machado

TJ Tanaka Smartens Up


At the moment Dellin Betances and D-Gregorius are the only 2 significant Bomber players committed to  the WBC after TJ Tanaka went public that he’s withdrawing his name from Team Japan’s WBC roster

In Tokyo, Tanaka said, “Taking various things into consideration, it would be difficult, so I will not participate,” according to the Associated Press.

Tanaka is in the opt out year of his contract, and him wanting to remain healthy and productive for the entire season jump starts that process..

It’s not like TJ will be dining at Tokyo Jane’s Soup kitchen if his elbow blows out or he just  flat out sucks this season.. After 2017, he’s sitting on a contract worth  3 yr’s $67M, that’s on top of the $86M he’s already pocketed, in total,  a 7 yr $153M bonanza

Of course with $30M and up now the new norm  for uber Aces, Tanaka can jump from his $23M AAV tax bracket to at least David Price’s  stratosphere ($31M) with a new 6 year $180M contract that  takes him to  age 35…

The Yanks never made an  attempt to  extend Tanaka, despite him being their only top  of the rotation pitcher, and still only 28 yr’s old? Perhaps they have concerns about the elbow, imagine them handing over a 3 yr $90M extension on top  of the 3 for $67M remaining on his original  contract and his arm blows out in May….?

No Hal Steinbrenner probably didn’t like that  case scenario.. Anyway it’s good news for the Yanks that Tanaka is skipping the Exhibition and readying himself for the bigger picture…

Yanks Land the 16th Pick

Now that Bautista and Trumbo,  the last two remaining qualified free agents have signed contracts, the MLB first round draft order is set.

The Bombers moved up one spot and will pick 16th in the 2017 draft this June.. The happy day  arrived  when the Rockies forfeited the 11th overall pick to sign Ian Desmond….

The Yankees have a top 18 pick for the third straight season. That hasn’t happened since 1990-93, when they had a top 13 pick in four straight drafts, including the No. 1 pick in 1991 (Brien Taylor). New York selected James Kaprielian with the No. 16 pick two years ago and Blake Rutherford with the No. 18 pick last year.

A few post sources  if you so opine:

Mikey  2 Chins has a more elaborate take on the  Tanaka WBC  bail out

The main focus for 2017 will not be a playoff run, despite any puffery nonsense  the Al Yankzeera YES Network will spew on their telecasts..

Finding out if Sanchez is truly the first  big building block, and if Judge, Bird, Austin, Frazier, Kaprielian, Sheffield, Mateo, Adams or any of the fringe prospects acquired in the 2016 Sell Off, are contenders for the next Core?

That’s  step one, finding great young players at  a minimum cost, It’s the only way  to  achieve Step Two,  payroll  flexibility…

Young, cheap, productive players filling  as many positions as possible will  allow the Bombers to get under $197M Luxury Tax ceiling..Losing Sabathia’s $25M and ARod’s $27.5M AAV are the two  biggest  contributors to  that  goal

TJ Tanaka opting out will further elasticize the  flexibility, although not extending him may  end up  costing the Yanks more money in the long run if they  resign him or try to replace his production from outside the organization..

Then and only then  will  we see Hal possibly go back to being his Father’s Son..

M2C’s also deepens the content  a bit more then  we did on explaining : Machado or Harper only work as Free Agent acquisitions in 2019 if the kids pan out…

At the moment the Bombers have managed to make the 2017 season the most interesting since 2012.. Playing over their heads for a half season in 2015 was fun, but that  crashed and burned and we didn’t see a spark until Sanchez arrived in August

Let’s hope that  was the foundation for the House the SanBino Built..


Written by Sal

January 24, 2017 at 6:22 am

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  1. Sal

    January 24, 2017 at 6:34 am

  2. We’ll see if Cockrell can fix Judge, or did the Yanks Montero us to death with this kid ?


    January 24, 2017 at 6:35 am

  3. I see the funhouse account has been suspended.. wonder if Francesa had this dude busted, at least on social media ?


    January 24, 2017 at 6:49 am

  4. It’s looking like big all or nothing sluggers like Napoli are only getting 1 yr offers! That works, bring back Walter Alston

    the HR used to be sexy, now it’s on base percentage, good defense, and a team controlled contract that rules for position players


    January 24, 2017 at 6:52 am

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