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Line-Up Control

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 Congrats to the Pats, a mind boggling comeback win with Ten Yard  Tommy, a P the B favorite, solidifying his number 1 all time QB status..

If you’re gonna sit through only one football game this season, that one hit the Wow button.

Stat_ an_ Island

 No PED’s, no problem, HR’s are on the rise..

MLB sluggers weren’t a hot commodity this off season… I don’t think the HR has lost it’s Luster, I think the ball is juiced and even non HR sluggers are finding the seats more regularly, sans Jake Ellsbury that is..

Why over pay for one dimensional players when guys with more contact ability and bat speed can pop their fare share of Taters?

With 5,610 pitches leaving the yard in 2016 — 700-plus more than the year before (4,909). Such was the continuation — not the start — of a serious trend, the second consecutive season with homer rates on the rapid ascent. (A “mere” 4,186 were hit in ’14, some 1,400 fewer than last year’s collective tally.)


Mikey Two Chin’s

Line-Up Control

Even if you don’t agree with M2C’s concept’s on line-up  construction, he has done the required heavy lifting, and his food for thought consumption is a positive

His first debatable move is based on pure analytics

Yankees’ three best hitters this year will be some combination of Matt Holliday, Gary Sanchez, and probably Brett Gardner.

While I think Gardner should be the lead off hitter, if he’s your 3rd best hitter, you’re battling Tampa Bay  for last place and a better 2018 draft choice, not a potential Wild Card..

M2C’s projected line-up is out of the box, new school, and it’s most likely the type of print outs GM’s entertain their managers with.. Remember Mike Scioscia and Jerry Dipoto getting into  it over new and old school

Fat Mike has a big contract, so  young Jerry was probably told to “step down”..Which of course makes his new team the  win  now Seattle Mariners an interesting West Division rival

The M2C Line-Up


The Yanks are paying Ellsbury like a #3 hole hitter, or if you’re from  the #2 hole is your best hitter school, they’d love for him to slot between Gardner and what will probably be Girardi’s choice, Sanchez batting third..

Supposedly Cockrell has been working with Ellsbury, and moving Ellsbury to  the #6 hole isn’t a new concept, sorry Mikey.. Sweeney Murti brought this switch  up in November

 Sweeney’s take wasn’t anywhere near as analytical, in fact it was as old school as it gets.

Ellsbury’s power to the pull side is evident. Another aspect to this is getting the hitting coaches involved to work with Ellsbury and tweak — not dramatically alter — his approach so he can drive the ball more frequently. He has not been a high average hitter for any of the last three years. It’s time to see if he can help the team in a crucial spot in the batting order where opposing pitchers might start to relax after navigating bigger bats in the 3-4-5 slots.

Ellsbury is 33 yr’s old,  part of the skill  set Cashman overpaid him for was his top of the order, specifically his  lead off capabilities.. Well  that  hasn’t panned out..

While it makes sense to alter his mechanics so  he trends to more of a drive the ball gap type hitter, his power numbers declining refute him landing in the 6 hole..

Cockrell said at Yankee Stadium during the team’s Winter Warmup. “We’re not looking for power production, but he can be a very productive player.”

Sounds like a table setter too me..A dream  scenario would be Ellsbury getting traded, but his contract is a nightmare, so  that’s not happening.

Hopefully by 2018  Torres, Mateo, Frazier, Sanchez, Bird, Judge and Austin are finding their way into the line-up, and D-Gregorius has improved his offensive game so he can be considered a top of the order candidate, similar to  some other budding young short stops like Bogaerts, Correa, and Lindor..


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February 6, 2017 at 8:19 am

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  1. While Betances waits on his arbitration case he’s been working on fixing his throwing absurdities


    February 6, 2017 at 8:27 am

  2. Sal

    February 6, 2017 at 8:29 am

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