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Stuck In The Middle With You

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Stuck In The Middle

The Yankees’ 2016 record (84-78) matched 2014 for the organization’s worst mark since its last losing season in 1992. There are plenty of grumbling Yankees fans after four straight seasons of win totals in the mid-80s and just one postseason appearance in that span. But there are a lot of other fan bases who would like that kind of mediocrity as a downside.

Yes, except Yankees fans have to pay steak  prices for a spam entree…

The Yanks are projected to be a “middling / mid-tier team” this season, actually they’ve accomplished that  feat every year since 2013, so it’s  deja vu all over

Heading into  2017, the long awaited sanctioned auditions to  rebuild a core will at least create competitive interest throughout the 25  man roster as the game itself will  separate the contenders from the pretenders..

There is nothing worse then having unmovable objects ( ARod, Teixeira, Sabathia, Ellsbury), not only blocking the youth movement, but wreaking havoc with the payroll

It’s nice to  see our Sensie Joel Sherman back from his well deserved vacation.. It didn’t take him long to remind us that Hal Steinbrenner is once again talking out of both  sides of is mouth RE:  his team’s 2017 journey..

Recent relief deals have been for one year or one with an option. Thus, it would not harm the Yankees’ hopes of going under the threshold in 2018, which is their internal goal. If they were as gung-ho to win in 2017 as they say publicly – or as the Mets are — they would spend the marginal dollars as they have in the past when they believe they have a chance to win. Instead after adding Aroldis Chapman (five years, $86 million) and Matt Holliday (one year, $13 million), the Yanks have been in mostly a holding pattern, with perhaps no more than $3 million to invest in a reliever.

The Bombers are already paying Tyler Clippard almost twice the amount (5.5M) that Sergio Romo ( $3M) who Sherman opines the Yanks should have targeted, received  from the Dodgers..

Romo actually took less money to go to the Dodgers then Tampa Bay offered him, so obviously pitching for a contender was Romo’s top  motivation, especially if he can  stick it to  his old team  the Giants

Another rumored Yankees target was reuniting with Boone Farm Logan, but the sticker price ($6.5M) on Logan was way over Cashman’s means

When I asked if he did not have the financial authority to sign these kind of deals because of budget restrictions, Cashman said, “Correct.” Then added because of “the salary and luxury-tax combination.”

With ARod and Sabathia throw in Ellsbury still on the payroll, add a $17.2M closer, and a $23M Ace, it’s predestined,  the Yanks will  eclipse the 2017 $195M Luxury Tax ceiling, which tosses them into  the 50% penalty bracket, again

The Yankees will be above the $195 million threshold. That means they will pay a 50 percent tax on any dollar spent above that amount and an additional 12 percent (as part of the new CBA) for anything in the $215 million-$235 million range, which is where they are likely to end up. So, for example, a $6.5 million contract for Blevins would have cost the Yankees at least $9 million with the tax.

In closing what Sherman is chiseling in stone, the 2017 NY Yankees will  throttle full  steam  ahead with their efforts to 1) lower payroll 2) hold auditions at first base, right field, the starting rotation, and at least 4 spots in the bull pen

This doesn’t mean Cashman won’t grab something that  falls in his lap, (see Chapman) once the market completely crashes.

Cashman hasn’t been bluffing, Spring Training will  clear up  which of Severino, Cessa, Green, Mitchell, Warren, Enns, Montgomery, and Adams land in the Bombers rotation, the pen, or who  heads to SWB to  stay  stretched out?

If the Yanks were indeed a contender, it would make you queasy, but paying 50% on the dollar more then anyone else  for journeyman  relievers like Logan, Blevins, Romo, and Brett Cecil would make sense

It’s gonna be a lot more fun watching the auditions, then watching a fake playoff run, “Let’s be honest”, before Sanchez and the kids got here last year, the Bombers were a cure for insomnia


Written by Sal

February 7, 2017 at 7:55 am

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  1. Yes, I’ll have the Spam entree. Medium rare, with creamed spinach & hash browns, please.
    Along with a bottle of ’61 Lafitte Rothschild.

    Good take Sally Boy! It’s going to be an interesting ST this year. CashMan’s Low Budget Medicine Show gets rolling next week. I, for one, am looking forward to it! It’ll be fascinating to watch the rookies make their case for sticking or not. Maybe one of these kids forces himself on to the team by sheer performance they can’t ignore.
    I love it all.
    I’m looking forward to seeing how Brickhouse made out this winter with her “Seefood” diet. On Al Yankazerra, she looked like she ate half of the Joisey Turnpike……and it all went to her chest!
    There is a rumor, that the great Don B will be down there as a Special Bench Coach for Jumpin Joe Girardi. The plan is for Donny to hijack the Binder & use the papers for rolling up some Blue Dream.
    At the present time, his spokesperson, Tom Hagen, has issued a full no comment.
    Film at 11:00


    February 7, 2017 at 9:18 am

    • bnondsie Hal ain’t gonna rest until he’s under the tax penalty, lets get er done so we can back in debt again lol
      I wanna see the Don hook you up with Jenny Swindell Steinbrenner, I can see you in the private jet picking the wine list, and I can see you in that long cashmere pinstriped smoking jacket holding court inside one of Jenny’s mansions….


      February 7, 2017 at 12:02 pm

  2. Napoli was the guy i hated to see come up in a crucial spot
    He really came through in the clutch I thought,
    But hey, if our “brain trust” batting staff can cut down his Ks, cool.
    Spring Training should sell a few papers this year,, 😆


    February 8, 2017 at 4:48 pm

  3. Ok, that made no sense
    Napoli i liked and feared
    I like Carter’s numbers if he cuts down on his strike outs but our crack staff instills lityle faith in your Don.
    Confusing post, sorry, musta followed Bondsie’s Blue Dream suggestions haahaahaaaa


    February 8, 2017 at 4:51 pm

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