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Cashman’s Lap Dance

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Yesterday we mentioned unless something falls into Cashman’s lap the Yanks were heading into Spring Training with Holliday  and Chapman as their only off season Free Agent acquisitions

Signing Chris Carter at a reduced rate ( he did have an $8M option that Milwaukee  declined) is definitely a lap  dance for the Bomber’s GM

The Yankees actually discussed a trade with Milwaukee last fall for Chris Carter before the slugger was non-tendered, and before Matt Holliday was signed. Now the Yankees get Carter for $3.5m in guaranteed money.

Well  there you have it, 2016 NL HR  leader Chris Carter is further living proof MLB has an  estranged relationship  with All or Nothing type sluggers as Cashman pounces on Carter’s receding market and secures the one dimensional slugger for $3.5M with incentives that could bring his earnings up  to  about $4M

It’s a preferred one year deal so it won’t affect Hal’s desire to creep under the $197M 2018 Luxury Tax ceiling..

Re: this deal, there are most likely two unhappy campers this morning, one has to be Carter himself.. After watching his market crash, he’s stuck taking a platoon gig with at best,  a 3rd or 4th  place AL team.

The second unhappy camper has to  be Tyler Austin, who  was slated to platoon with Greg Bird at  first  base, but guess what, the now frugal Bombers didn’t hand a guaranteed $3.5M to Carter as a tax write off, he’s making the 25 man  roster, unless he’s completely forgotten  how to hit or he gets injured….

Both Bird  and Austin have options, so  the loser in this three ring circus will be shipped to AAA to  start the season.. Of course with  any young prospects ( see Severino) there are no  guarantees the player  lives up  to hype, or to be kinder, the projection….

If you’re a fan of fervent competition, Steinbrenner Field in Tampa from Mid February to the end of March is the place to be.. The Yanks will have at least 6 or 7 young pitchers battling for the last two  rotation spots, with  the unfortunate losers either landing in the bull pen, or starting  the season at SWB as part of Cashman’s rotation depth…

First  Base and Right Field are the other two openings, and this Carter signing is obviously gonna  cut into one of Cashman’s younger prospects playing time, which is a very typical NY Yankee type move

Trying to  rebuild while simultaneously promoting the team is contending for a playoff spot is a dangerous tightrope…

Signing Matt Holliday, and now Chris Carter will cut into the already over crowded DH / first base opening where Gary Sanchez will also need to be slotted on days he isn’t behind the plate..

It’s been a tough off season  for back of the rotation  type starters, middle relievers, and all or nothing sluggers… Joey Bats, Eddie Encarnacion, Mike Napoli, Mark Trumbo, and now Carter will all be working for a lot less then what  they anticipated…

This move also puts a disclaimer on NYY media ninja, Mike Axisa’s  projected 2017 Bomber line-up we posted on Monday


As much  as I’m looking forward to watching “the kids” I do like the fact Cashman  brought in a heavy weight sparring partner for Bird and Austin.. There is also no  guarantee Matt Holliday can make it out of camp or go deep into  the season  healthy based on his recent injury woes

Bird is also coming off a shoulder injury, perhaps Cashman is being informed that Bird will need some reps at AAA in April.. That  would be unfortunate, not only is Bird the heir apparent to Teixeira, he’s a lefty slugger who made a good impression at the end of 2015.. More important, he’s the LHB platoon that  compliments Carter, who has pretty even  splits…

A more realistic line-up on paper now that Carter is in Stripes was  put together by

Gardner, Ellsbury, Sanchez, Bird / Carter, Holliday, Gregorius, Castro, Headley, Judge

The bench at the moment would be Romine, Hicks, Torreyes, Carter / Bird

 Austin, and Refsynder will be playing everyday at AAA, and will be first  calls on the injury depth chart, unless they’re traded is our guess

We could also be looking at, barring injury


Same bench


Written by Sal

February 8, 2017 at 9:15 am

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  1. Somebody in the media just asked
    The Rangers gave Mike Napoli a one-year contract worth $8.5M yesterday. How, exactly, is he $5M better than Carter?


    February 8, 2017 at 12:05 pm

  2. My wife shops like Cashman, God bless her, only difference, Cashman didn’t use coupons off the internet to save money on Carter, all those Punch outs we’ll see did it for him


    February 8, 2017 at 12:15 pm

  3. Napoli always scared me when he came up in a clutch situation tho Sal,,

    Texeira to ESPN ???
    He will make those late Sunday night games even longer.


    February 8, 2017 at 8:46 pm

    • indeed Donny, he killed the Yanks, and he’s the much better player defensively and he’s a clubhouse force see Party at Napoli’s T shirts the Indians loved him, just not as much as Encarnacion who probably wouldn’t be in Cleveland if Napoli would have accepted a 1 yr $8.5M deal with the Indians

      I think what Axisa is saying is Nap isn’t $5M better then Carter.. He’s an analytical nerd he looks at Naps 1 WAR and Carter’s 0.9 WAR and hence his conclusion… Naps is a way better all around player especially on defense

      It’s all about Hal coupon shopping once again the SteinBlowers are building a team for all the wrong reasons, like 2013.. how much it costs.. Both players would have been off the roster in 2018


      February 9, 2017 at 6:27 am

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