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Party At Carters?

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Once again we turn to  the salty man in the street for a  reaction to Slugger Chris Carter’s new life as a  NY Yankee…

Paint the Black hit the bricks looking for a reaction to NYY media ninja Mike Axisa’s comment

The Rangers gave Mike Napoli a one-year contract worth $8.5M yesterday. How, exactly, is he $5M better than Carter?

Mark Teixeira joining ESPN also  rubbed Salt in the Wound of the outspoken / disgruntled Bomber fan who has seen just  about enough of the Old Yankees core polluting his Flat Screen TV

“Napoli always scared me when he came up in a clutch situation tho Sal,, 

Texeira to ESPN ???
He will make those late Sunday night games even longer.”

Oy indeed, although I’m liking Texy in the booth more then batting in the middle of the Bomber line-up

As for Napoli having a lasting impression on any Yankees fan, it’s well documented Naps killed the Yanks in his career

in 81 games he hit 19 HR’s, his slash line was a very sick

.300 / .425 / .577 / 1.001 / 141 OPS+

If Napoli had compiled those types of numbers vs 28 other teams he’s be a first  ballot Hall of Famer.. He also  struck out 83 times in 332 PA’s and walked 55…Napoli has  reached  the 30% strike out rate 3 times over the last 4 years so he actually struck out less vs the Yanks then the rest of the league in recent times

What Napoli has done vs the present NYY pitchers


So there you have it, the man in the street didn’t need a stinking stat sheet to know mentioning Napoli and Carter in the same breath is blasphemy..

Of course I think  what Axisa was trying to  say is Carter came to  the Yanks on the cheap, basically for middle reliever type money, which if you exclude the 41 HR’s, the .277 ISO and the 112 wRC+ that’s all he’s worth, if that!

Napoli splits


Carter Splits


Carter is a bad base runner, a terrible fielder, and he’s worth less then  1 WIN above a replacement player, plus he’s taking PA’s away from  a young player, so of course he’s about as appealing to metric / analytics departments as a Tofu Hot Dog would have been to Babe Ruth

Why Cashman pounced on Carter’s market crashing is pretty simple, for 1 yr and $3.5 to $4M Cashman spent the allotted money Steinbrenner gave him for a LH reliever on the slugger instead, it’s an insurance policy

The Yanks can’t be that sure Greg Bird is ready to  go.. You can  also  throw Aaron Judge into  that not ready for prime time mix.. Bird coming off a shoulder injury wasn’t all  that impressive in the recent AFL

Late in the 2015 season, it appeared that Greg Bird might be the team’s first baseman of the future, but he missed all of the 2016 with a shoulder injury. When he returned to action in the Arizona Fall League, Bird really struggled, batting .215 with one homer and 17 strikeouts in 65 at-bats. As the Cleveland Indians learned with Michael Brantley, no injury bears so much uncertainty for a position player — for a hitter — as a shoulder problem. For the Yankees, Bird is something of a mystery with spring training looming.

First impressions were Tyler Austin has lost his gig, not true… Austin could make decisions very difficult if he just puts up good numbers in March.. He’ll be battling Judge, Refsynder, and Bird more so  then Carter who is a 25 man roster  lock  with his new guaranteed contract

It’s very easy to  see Bird still  shaking off the rust, and Judge could very easily make Yoan Moncada look like a contact hitter with his strike out percentage reaching an  alarming 44.2%.. In 95 PA’s Judge struck out 44 times, that’s almost insane

Also if Bird spends Sixty-five days in the minors, it  delays his  free agency a year, and it’s now obvious  if everyone makes it through camp in one piece,two of Bird, Austin, and Refsnyder are going to open the season in Triple-A. Not only one. 

RAB Source

Joel Sherman Source


Written by Sal

February 9, 2017 at 7:48 am

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  1. Bird is a good kid very likable and we’re rooting for him big time


    February 9, 2017 at 7:52 am

  2. If and when Tanaka opts out, who takes his place in Hal’s World, remember it’s more about getting under the tax then winning at the moment


    February 9, 2017 at 7:53 am

  3. Yu Darvish is someone I’ve always liked. He pitched well last year after coming back from surgery. I wouldn’t mind ending up with someone like him, thank you.

    This could be a weekly segment. PVB talks to the fan on the street. Intrepid reporter, wearing a fedora, with a Press clip in the brim.
    This could be a weekly highlight!
    That said, I believe there’s only one man for the job, who also looks good in a fedora.
    And that would be the great Don B, who is also enjoying a Birthday today!!!
    So let’s all follow the bouncing ball, as we seranade one of our own on his big day!
    A one, and a two,….


    February 9, 2017 at 12:57 pm

    • Well said Bondsie, the Don’s birthday FB never told me, that’s the only way I can remember BD’s except for 1 on Jan 15, my dog house doesn’t have heat

      Darvish yes fun pitcher…We’ll see if Hal wants to spend the money TBC..


      February 10, 2017 at 6:19 am

  4. Sal
    You honor me on the day of my birth !!
    Grazie bruh
    Journalism was my minor in college so Put Me In Coach ,:)


    February 9, 2017 at 3:45 pm

    • Donny yesterday was your birthday? Happy birthday


      February 10, 2017 at 6:17 am

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