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Yanks Leaning Too Far Right?

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Of Course Happy Birthday  to  the Great Don B, where the fuck  was Face Book  when I needed it?

The DonB might have trouble with the Curves, unlike moscone who  devours them, two  at  a time even,  but throw him 98 down the middle and see how that  works out for you…

Paint the Black  will pick  up  the pace starting next  week, getting off the road created twice as much  work  for me this month, shoulda stayed put for Pete Sake

Yanks Leaning Too Far Right

The Yanks have started to  bring in players based solely on how much  they’ll  cost the owner, not so much what holes need to be plugged, Sans Chappy, who Hal feels is a fan  favorite, and fan  favorites put fannies in the seats in NY

We understand the marquee concept, just not the baseball sense.. What’s  an $86M closer on a 4th place team who is looking to get under the Luxury Tax  doing here ???

Cashman’s take is they’re still  trying to  win and rebuild at the same time..

OK, we get that marketing strategy, he’s suckering the casual millennial posers looking for a trendy night out, or the poor hard core junkie who will  go  down with the ship out of pure loyalty..

He brings in an injury prone DH for $13M, although Cash said Holliday is a “Mountain of a Man”.. A Dave Kingman clone as a platoon 1st baseman and a back-up DH  in case the injury prone DH gets hurt, and Chappy who  is equivalent to  buying an expensive refurbished antique car as your work ride, but you can only use it on Sunny Days..

That  said, what’s a GM to  do  when his owner stationed bad contracts in 2014 looking for star power in Free Agency, in a season where the past his prime Jacoby Ellsbury was the top FA…!! Now Hal  wants to lock the coffers, although we must  admit the market is terribly over priced, can’t blame him

We get it, if the touted kids fail, at least the Yanks have some pro players that  can grind out the 162 in a battle for 5th place and a possible top  10  draft pick… “Let’s be honest if Sanchez, Bird and Judge don’t produce this rebuild will be fun until it isn’t

That’s OK we have to  start  somewhere after Hal  ran the wheels off Daddy’s Cadillac

Joel Sherman opines the Yanks used to look for Big LHB Hairy Monsters to take advantage of that  short Right Field porch, but now all  their sluggers, or potential  sluggers are RH

Sanchez, Holliday, Carter, Austin all RH.. The Bombers LH power to  scare the opposition:

A wounded Greg Bird, and DD-Gregorius…smh

Cashman’s spin, the LHB’s with all  the shifts being used has negated the one time advantage afforded by Lefty sluggers at the Mall win Rivera Avenue..That’s because you brought in the wrong guys Cash, McCann, and  Teixeira, never met  an outside fastball they didn’t try to  pull

End result, rolling over one ground ball  after another, or lofting a can of corn to  the warning track

Can Bryce Harper say 10 Yr $400M contract?


In one of the worst scenes I’ve seen in quite sometime Guitar Jimmy Dolan had the Great  Charles Oakley tossed from  the Garden.. Dolan a fat piece of shit should do NY sports and music  fans a favor and sell not only his guitars but his friggin sports teams

A Love Story

Mike Francesa should have been arrested for sexual misconduct in the work place after a 39 minute ass kissing affair with his buddy Brian Cashman on WFAN

Actually  if you don’t follow the Yanks everyday during football / basketball  season, and you need a Yankee ReHab pep rally the interview, when Francesa would shut up  and not interfere, was a vanilla state of the Yankees report..I suggest  clicking the link, and listen to  the biggest on air love story since Casablanca or Broke Back Mountain

Cashman has the balls to  say  if healthy he’s comfortable with his rotation, Francesa never pressed the issue that  after 2017 the Yanks have No veteran pitching under contract once Tanaka opts out, what’s the plan Cash?

Francesa slots Sabathia as his #5, so Mikey who’s 2 through  4, Pineda is also  a #5…..?

Yanks WBC Contenders

The Yanks will have 10 players messing with the WBC, Luis Severino  should have his head examined, although from what  we read he’s on the (Dominican Republic, Designated Pitcher Pool) Which means he can be added after the first  round or at  anytime

If Severino  wants to be a starting pitcher somebody needs to get in his ear to  stay in camp, the Bombers camp  not Cano’s DR camp, although  who  wants to  say no  to Tony Pena?


Written by Sal

February 10, 2017 at 8:14 am

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  1. “A Love Story

    Mike Francesa should have been arrested for sexual misconduct in the work place after a 39 minute ass kissing affair with his buddy Brian Cashman on WFAN”

    Sal’s Pulitzer Prize entry lolol


    February 10, 2017 at 5:36 pm

    • its always been my downfall, you just can’t take the knuckle out of the head


      February 11, 2017 at 7:16 am

  2. poor old Mike Ilitch all Dombrowski had to do was get him a decent bull pen back in 2013 and they may have finally got a ring for Mr Pizza

    He finally got tired of waiting RIP Mike


    February 11, 2017 at 7:14 am

  3. highlights the Francesa / Cashman foreplay before they got a room.. Of course we know puff pieces are a rite of spring and really Fancy and Cash smooching shouldn’t come as any surprise, but i just can’t help myself when Francy pulls his personable act..

    I wonder if he went all out after Guitar Jimmy Dolan banning Oak from the Garden.. don’t wanna lose those rubbing elbows with the 1 percenters seats at the Mall or the Garden


    February 11, 2017 at 7:26 am

  4. Manfred is a idiot, first his concept of starting a runner at 2nd base in extra innings is asinine, might as well just have a 20 pitch HR derby

    Now he wants to raise the strike zone 2 inches because strikeouts are up across the league… Hey dope so are HR’s, by a lot, you think guys are swinging for the fences and K’s be damned is more of a mind set then pitcher dominance ?

    Manfred wants more offense, fine, but that translates to longer games, which is the opposite of what he’s striving to do

    You wanna get young peeps to watch, put the fucking games on earlier, and chill the friggin commercials, try lowering prices, more money for the vendors and the Mall shops.. It still all goes in Jenny’s pocket book


    February 11, 2017 at 7:52 am

  5. When will Torres reach majors?
    The 2017 season will be too soon to expect 20-year-old shortstop Gleyber Torres — considered by most publications the Yankees’ top prospect — to reach the majors, Cashman said.
    The Yankees want Torres to master Double-A first and then finish the year at Triple-A, Cashman said. At age 19, Torres became the Arizona Fall Leauge’s youngest MVP and batting average leader.
    Cashman said “it’s not fair” to think he’ll be in the majors this season.

    What Cashman meant to say, If I bring Torres up what do I do with Castro who has $21M coming his way, and Headley who has 26M coming.. I already tried to flip Gardner, Headley and Castro and all I got were crickets

    The kid probably isn’t ready, obviously, Francesa needs to use his head here, I know he’s looking for a soundbite or a clickbait headline but the more provocative questioning would have been at the moment Torres is being blocked so even if he hits .660 over the 6 week ST period, I’ll be in Pinstripes before Torres, right Cash


    February 11, 2017 at 8:00 am

  6. Yankees, Betances set for arbitration hearing Friday

    According to George King, the Yankees and Dellin Betances are scheduled to have their arbitration hearing this coming Friday, February 17th, in St. Petersburg. “Nothing has changed, we haven’t talked. We have no intention of talking. It’s not close. Somebody else will make the decision,” said Brian Cashman. Betances is seeking $5M while the Yankees countered with $3M, which, as far as I can tell, would still be a record salary for a first year arbitration-eligible setup man.

    Since the arbitration hearing is Friday, chances are the three-person panel will announce their ruling Saturday morning. That’s usually how it goes. The hearing is one day and the ruling is announced the next. Maybe they’ll wait until Monday because it’s the next business day. Eh, whatever. Each side will state their case at the hearing and the panel will pick either the $5M or $3M for Dellin’s salary in 2017. Nothing in-between. My guess is the Yankees win. (There have been six arbitration hearings around the league so far and each side has won three, for what it’s worth.)

    from RAB


    February 11, 2017 at 11:36 am

    • Its very rare for the Yanks to go to arbitration-they usually settle and in the past have traded those that did not settle. Strange that they are giving Betances such a hard time,does not really bode well for his long term future with the team. Davidoff had a long interview on the wfan website and an article on how spring training will be exciting for the Yanks,the season probably not that great. Girls fast pitch softball has had the runner starting on 2nd for a long time,I have never seen anyone mention that. The best way to shorten the time of games is to eliminate commercials!!-lol


      February 11, 2017 at 9:12 pm

  7. I’d pay to see Tony Pena manage this 2017 lineup for this season.


    February 12, 2017 at 2:10 pm

    • he’s managing the DR team for the WBC


      February 13, 2017 at 5:52 am

  8. hey Big D, good to see you, moscone was asking for you this week end.. I have to email Noogsie, I hope he’s alright just chilling..

    I agree on Betances and the Yanks, Hal is telling Cashman at this 50% penalty rate Betances’ $5M turns into $7.5M, and he’ll be 29 years old with 2 more years of arbitration to go, so maybe they’re not willing to invest long term on what will be a 32 yr old set up man…

    I think Miller not closing, and still making $9M per yr, has helped the set up reliever’s get more money, but the front office accountants still want to leverage toward what an 8th inning guy’s market is..

    Brett Cecil just got 4 yr’s $30M Darren O’Day last yr 4 for $31M so Betances has to think, damn I gotta be worth as much or more then those guys, so I think he has a shot.. Mikey 2 Chins thinks the Yanks win

    In the old days when there was no tax penalty George didn’t give a shit, and neither did Hal at first

    Great point on the girls fast pitch rule lol.. I never knew that, and I hear you on the commercials


    February 13, 2017 at 5:51 am

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