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2017 could have very well been the Brett Gardner / Austin Romine Yankees, presently  the two longest reigning home grown position players in Spring Training.. Gardner was drafted in 2005, Betances in 2006, Romine 2007

Imagine that..

The only buzz at Steinbrenner Field on the first day pitchers and catchers worked out came from the whir of drills and electronic saws.

Joel Sherman  reminds us, there is No Star power in the Bombers camp.. Nice try Sensie, let us remind you, Star power like ARod, Teixeira, a 2014 version of Jeter, McCann, Beltran, the 3 year drunken Sabathia, that might work  for your job, lots of dramatic / negative energy in those fading SuperStar’s story-line’s, but the rest of us were bored to  death..

In 6 weeks or less, a lot of our day dreams will have been shattered, when maybe a handful of youngsters head North  with the varsity, the rest are scattered amongst 4 levels of farm  system, either not good enough, or waiting their turn

What buzz, if any, would be surrounding this 2017  squad  if Gary Sanchez hadn’t smacked 20 HR’s in 53 Games with an old school stat line of

.299 / .376 / .657 / 1.032 / 168 OPS+ / 171 wRC+

The SanBino single handedly brought the entire organization back to life with his 2 month magic carpet ride at the end of last season.. Not only did we finally see a promising position player, the first  one since Robbie Cano  busted out in 2005,  Sanchez gave us hope that possibly Bird, Austin, Mateo, Frazier, Torres, Severino, Mitchell, Cessa, Green, and a  Nationally touted system full of promising talent could help propel the Yanks out of their present  state of mediocrity

At the moment, with  65 players in camp ( 40 roster / 25 non roster) only DD-Gregorius can  be considered a future core piece, as he continues to  make adjustments that have him knocking on the Lindor, Correa, Bogaerts elite SS door.


Not only has Gregorius replaced an irreplaceable legend at shortstop, he has a talented group of young SS’s ( Wade, Torres, Mateo) knocking on the door ready to  supplant his lofty spot in the middle of the diamond, so he has to stay hungry..

With word that  Brett Gardner and Starlin Castro were being shopped this off season, and Chase Headley with only 2 year’s left on his contract, it won’t be long before young prospects like Bird / Austin, and  Andujar,  could be surrounding Gregorius at the infield corners while Sanchez (catcher)  Mateo (center-field)  and Torres complete the all Home Grown infield and up  the middle Core

Not many if any teams can boast an all inclusive Home Grown squad manning those quality positions, but when you have a #2 Farm System day dreaming is a daily ritual, like kneeling and praying if you will….

 Praying might not be enough to save the 2017 Yankees 5 man pitching rotation

As the man on the street weighs in

The headline in the post was that this is like 1996- I don’t think so. That team had good starting pitching, which is the achilles heel of this team.

Just like last year, when your best pitchers are in the back end of the bullpen, you got a big problem.

You never know what you will get from Nibbles Tanaka, has he had enough rest, etc.. Pinheada is even worse, even more unpredictable.. Then CC, who has gone from battling for the #5 spot, to #2 or 3. The rest of the rotation is oy vey.

That  about sums it up, a realistic retort to Psycho Joe’s Day  1 hostage tape reading which made the NY Post headlines..

Over these next seven weeks or so, the Yankees are going to hold a massive rotation competition in Spring Training. They’ve held fake competitions in previous springs, we’ve seen plenty of those, but this one is legit. There are two spots open behind Masahiro Tanaka, CC Sabathia, and Michael Pineda, and no shortage of candidates. Here’s the approximate fourth and fifth starter pecking order:

Luis Severino
Luis Cessa
Chad Green
Bryan Mitchell
Dietrich Enns
Jordan Montgomery
Chance Adams
The Yankees insist Adam Warren will compete for a rotation spot as well, but unless he’s somehow morphed into Greg Maddux over the winter, the 30 yr old journeyman will be one of the magnificent 7 coming out of the bull pen

At some point Cashman will hopefully have gathered  enough intel and some of these shiny new prospects with a lot of hype under their belts will be traded for starting pitching

Chicago for instance just needs to back down from wanting a team’s top  4 prospects for Jose Quintana.. If the next Chris Sale doesn’t become available, pitchers like Tanaka, and Darvish are gonna be in high  cotton when it comes to contract time

Anyway we’ve been through  this before over the winter, barring any injuries there are 2 spots open in the rotation behind Tanaka, CC, and Pineda.. The Yanks have taken out full blown ad’s trying to promote Severino  as a lock for one of the spots, despite his lack of a 3rd pitch, and no  indication  the change-up has improved in the sessions over the winter?

Cessa is probable next on the pecking order.. The only question then is what happens to  the losers?

If Severino  loses he’s going to AAA, and his starter development will  continue on the farm.. Mitchell looks like a reliever weapon with  two  dynamic pitches so he comes North.

Speculation is Green also makes the pen, but we think Green, Enns, Montgomery, and Adams stay stretched out on the farm..

With Nibbles Tanaka, CC, and Pineda all  susceptible to injuries, and Cessa and Severino on innings watch, it won’t be long before the Shuttle from SWB is in full  swing


Rotation: Tanaka, Sabathia, Pineda, Severino, Cessa

Bullpen: Aroldis Chapman, Dellin Betances, Tyler Clippard, Tommy Layne, Warren, Mitchell, TBA ( Green, Heller, German possibly a non roster like J.P. Feyereisen)


Written by Sal

February 15, 2017 at 6:55 pm

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  1. lol


    February 16, 2017 at 8:56 am

  2. for moscone a futureX mrs moscone.. the anti BrickHouse, more of a hot picket fence


    February 16, 2017 at 9:04 am

  3. Hey men,
    Your Don is on the DL for now.
    Broke my ankle slippin on ice.
    I love Vic DiBitetto Sal, a true knuckle for a head Mensa man,, lolol,
    Met him on a Joey Reynolds Radio program with Pat Cooper.
    So ice, heat Brownies, butter, alleve, crutches and my phone.


    February 16, 2017 at 12:07 pm

  4. DonB feel better!!! There is a feud going on between Francesa and Sid Rosenberg,each calling the other a liar. It is on Youtube if you search Francesa vs Sid and there was a story in todays Post about Francesa being an ahole at a gym. Something to keep you busy until the games start.


    February 16, 2017 at 9:24 pm

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