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You have to love the way Mike Francesa says he wants no part of talking about Sid Rosenberg, then  for 7 minutes two  days in a row all he does is talk  about Sid….

Sid 2 Francesa 0..

Then Imus  backs Francesa on his show, denounces Rosenberg as nothing but a pimple on Francesa’s ass and Sid gets even more views

Sid 3 Francy 0

Sid might get more views, but he ain’t getting the WFAN gig, unfortunately the The Met Mutts are leading candidates to grab the 1 AM show which will make WFAN completely unlistenable from 6 AM until 6 AM..

The Dolt  in the morning Craig Carton is nauseating, Mark Ma-Use-Less who  might take over the 10 AM show is a nerd Francesa Wanna Be, and the Met Mutts will be the nerd Evan Roberts, Mr Vanilla,  carrying the bird brain Joe  Beningo and endless Met / Jet chatter polluting the air waves

The #Real WFAN will be Dead in 2018.. RIP WFAN

Thanks to Big D for the tip

Francy vs Sid 1

Francy vs Sid 2

Francy vs Sid 3 with Curtis Sliwa and Sid

Also on tap, and again thanks to Big D

we have a GYM manager driving a bus over Francesa who  apparently went to her Gym and threw his weight around.. What  shocks me is not Francesa acting pompous, it’s the fact he would be anywhere near  a Gym in the first place

The only working out Francesa does is walking to  the refrigerator to  grab a Diet Coke to  wash down his cherry pie…

Spring Training

Today Dellin Betances will have his arbitration hearing in St Petersburg Fla..Per the report we will know the results on Saturday.. D-Bet wants $5M the Yanks want to pay  him $3M..

It’s an interesting case, the $3M is the most money ever proposed to  a set up  reliever.. Betances isn’t your normal set up man though and he wants $5M.. Betances is right on in this case, despite how the MLB pay structure has been handled these cases in the past

“I think it’s an opportunity to argue fair value,’’ said general manager Brian Cashman, who will attend the hearing. “Put the best foot forward and have an honest assessment of where you are at.’’

Yankees president Randy Levine will argue the case for the club, which last went to arbitration in 2008, when pitcher Chien-Ming Wang was defeated.

Also provided in the Betances link  is a sneak preview on how Aroldis Chapman strengthens his arm using much heavier balls during his throwing sessions

The Con


In a wide-ranging 10-minute conversation with reporters, Cashman asserted, “We have the potential to be a championship-caliber team.” Now, it should be noted the first three letters of “contender” are c-o-n, and this is the time of year when you can fool yourself or purposefully attempt to deceive a fan base with the rosiest projections.

Joel Sherman has a rite of spring article on the Yanks rotation.. After all until the real  action  starts, what we’ll hear  from the players and their bosses is  a steady flow of puffery about Championship aspirations

Sherman isn’t buying it, going as far as calling Cashman a C-O-N…

The Sensie goes to his trusty paper and breaks down what  Cashman’s rotation needs to  accomplish..

1. Eighty starts from Michael Pineda, CC Sabathia and Masahiro Tanaka:

2. Fifty homers from Greg Bird and Didi Gregorius:

3. Success from someone named Aaron:

4. Young veterans improve:

5. Willingness to act at the trade deadline:

So much more has to happen, like the starts have to have a lot of quality, but a good outline..

50 HR’s is what  they need from the two Lefty bats, but it looks  like an over ambitious bid..

Hicks or Judge, preferably both, step up to  at least league averages, and in some categories above…

When Castro and Gregorius glance into their rear view mirror, they have a lot of talent pursuing them and they’re starting to  see the whites of their eyes.. Nothing like competition to keep  you hungry

Hal  will  spend money to make money, and by July / August  they might well have weened down their prospect list to who’s still untouchable, and who is available in a trade


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February 17, 2017 at 7:13 am

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    • Ain’t it easy when you know how.. good drop Donnie.. thanks


      February 17, 2017 at 10:15 am

  1. Named after Robbie Cano, with Moncada for his Dad,,
    Kid looks like a can’t miss lol


    February 18, 2017 at 8:05 am

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