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Arbitrators Steven Wolf, Dan Brent and Sylvia Skratek issued their decision Saturday, a day after hearing arguments on Dellin Betances’ first  time arbitration hearing, and the 15th  and final arbitration case for MLB ended with the Yanks winning the 4 hour tug of war..

The Bombers defeating Betances wasn’t the  cause for a fire storm brewing in Yankees camp, it was  Brillo Levine spiking the football in the face of the obviously upset Betances that has everyone scratching their heads..

The Betances camp  requested their client be paid  $5M in 2017, which would give him approximately a $4.5M raise from his 2016 earnings ($505K)

In contrast, Randy  Levine and his team of accountants obviously advised Junior Steinbrenner $3M was the absolute top of the pay scale for a “set up reliever”

Unfortunately  Betances, labeled by Levine as a non closer  became victim of the “set market trend” for first  time arbitration  cases…

Yankees team president to reporters on Dellin Betances and his agents: “The question you guys should be asking is: Why was he used to try to undo a market that was set for decades, decades and decades? That’s really the question that should be asked.”

Case in Point

the filing figures tell us the Yankees are willing to pay Betances a top salary for a non-closer. That $3M is pretty damn high. Top setup relievers like David Robertson ($1.6M), Kelvin Herrera ($1.6M), and Tony Watson ($1.75M) all signed for way less than $3M in their first trip through arbitration.

Yeah  but I’ll take Betances over any one of those guys, although Herrera was part of the Royals 3 headed monster (Holland, Davis, Herrera) that brought the bull pen back in vogue in 2014.. Plus inflation would automatically increase that number

Over the last 3 seasons, Dellin Betances leads all relievers in strikeouts (392) and innings pitched (247.0)

Apparently the Yanks were willing give Betances an approximate $3M raise, or the type of pay increase Chapman received from the Reds in his first arbitration  case.. Chappy went from $2M to $5M  first  time through the process

if Chapman qualifies for arbitration after 2012, $5M is converted to a bonus and he becomes arbitration-eligible.. Chappy’s case is different then Betances, he was signed as an International Free Agent 6 years/$30.25M (2010-15)

He opted for arbitration after his first  3 yr’s


The Betances camp  wanted to jump  straight to  the $5M bump  up, a $4.5M increase.. You can’t blame them for trying,  Brett Cecil and Darrin O’Day are pulling down close to $8M AAV after signing 4 yr deals with the Orioles and Cardinals respectively..

Andrew Miller isn’t a closer making $9M AAV

Levine’s quote does make him sound like an  astronaut living on the moon, especially Re: the reliever position..Warren Spahn and his 382 complete games  ain’t walking through that  door anytime soon.. In fact Chris Sale and his league leading 6 complete games won’t be assisting Levine’s Bombers this season either..

A memo  to Levine, the Yanks had 9  different pitchers start  games in 2016, not one of the 9 pitched a complete game.. In this era it more often  then  not takes 5 or 6 pitchers to secure the 27 outs Warren Spahn used to  accomplish by himself.. Spahn pitched over 20 complete games in 14 of the 21 years he pitched

The game has dramatically changed over the “decades, decades, and decades” that Levine was referring to.. He also  mentioned the save stat as the barometer  in his ill-advised quotes to  the media..

In this age of specialist, the save stat is becoming about as useless  as the W/L record for a starting pitcher…. How beaten and used up by Girardi was Betances once Miller and Chappy were traded? How much of an outlier was Betances’ final month of the season  when he completely wrecked his “stat line” for the good of the team ?

Dellin Betances said he plans on fighting for his teammates and the team’s fans, but after the way the Yankees spoke about him in arbitration and Randy Levine’s comments today, he may have to reconsider always being available. Betances has thrown the most pitches in baseball by a reliever over the past three years.

Unfortunately for Betances the market trends follow a service timeline, more so  then results on the field.. The team owns control of a player for the first  6 years of their  career, and the pay sale is a process that  eventually leads to free agency

  I’m sure the arbitrators took into  consideration Baltimore just awarded Brad Brach 1 year/$3.05M (2017) and any arbitrator just looking at  the 2016 stats would tout Brach   comparable to Betances

The big gap in filing figures tells us a few things. First and foremost, it tells us Betances and his representatives believe he deserves to be paid not just like a closer, but like a great closer. Consider that just last offseason, established closers like Jeurys Familia ($4.05M), Cody Allen ($4.15M), and Hector Rondon ($4.2M) all signed for less than Dellin’s filing figure in their first trip through arbitration. He’s looking for an unprecedented payday for a non-closer reliever.


Miller, O’Day, Cecil, Wade Davis, are all  changing the pay structure of non closers.. Davis and Miller have done both  jobs, Miller will  continue to be the Indians high leverage attack  dog, while Davis was traded to  the Cubs and will  replace Chapman in Chicago  as their closer

So it’s just  a matter of time before that  “decades and decades” of market value for non closers is blown out of the water, Betances’ camp  did try to raise the value of high leverage non-closers, but Levine, Cashman  and Hal’s accountants didn’t have to see it happen on their watch

It won’t be long before a big market team like Boston who already  helped set a market trend for top of the rotation pitchers by handing David Price a ridiculous 7 yr $217M contract, money whips a  must have Free Agent non  closer reliever….

Especially now that Dombrowski has traded away  a large chuck of Boston’s farm  system for two  relievers Thornburg , Smith, and an Ace, Chris Sale… He’s pretty much out of prospect currency, but Boston has never been shy when it came time to  flex their financial muscle



Written by Sal

February 19, 2017 at 7:17 am

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  1. Betances will be 31 yr’s old when he finally hits FA, he’ll have logged in a lot of tough stressful innings in the process, it’s now obvious Betances will be some other team’s problem by then

    In fact when the Yanks start to trade off players at the deadline, Betances will be at the top of the list…

    He can get the Yanks at least 2 very good prospects ( See Miller) possibly 1 game changing prospect ( see Torres for Chappy)

    plus at $3M this yr, his arbitration number increase for the next 2 seasons will be very reasonable, if he continues to pitch the way he did up until his last 6 weeks when they used him to close, after running him ragged as an attack dog reliever

    Bye Bye Balboni, no Bye Bye Betances


    February 19, 2017 at 7:34 am

    • Moscone report continued


      February 19, 2017 at 9:43 am

    • Thanks Sal, for this very comprehensive Moscone Report.
      I must apologize for this tardy response. But, for the last 3 hours I have done an exhausting review of this latest report.
      A few observations:

      At 63, Christie Brinkley, is nothing short of a National Treasure! She looks absolutely AMAZING!!!!
      Her daughter, Sailor, is an apple that didn’t fall far from the tree!
      Without question, The Captain is a VERY lucky man!!! Congratulations Jeet on having put one in the oven!
      The fabulous Kate Upton continues to be the bar to which all must be compared to.
      Case closed!!!

      And finally, thru extensive research & examination, I am here to tell you that flying under the radar is the model I believe to be close to Kate Upton Territory.
      That would be Samantha Hoopes.
      I first saw a pic of her 2 years ago. She is AWESOME!!
      She’s got it ALL! And, in incredible proportion!
      She is a STUNNER!!!

      As to the review of Dellin Betances arbitration case, I think the key line was that “Unfortunately, market trends follow service time, more so than results on the field”.
      This, I believe, is the key factor. I would take Betances over ALL the other knuckles for a head mentioned. His durability, strike out ratio, is comparable to none.
      Brillo is Hal’s hatchet man. His characterizations of Betances in the hearing was deplorable.
      Sal, you could be right about what happens to him at the trade deadline.
      To be continued….

      The only thing missing from the SI shoot was a pictorial of Brickhouse. I would pay good money to see those Major League Yabbos exposed!!!


      February 19, 2017 at 2:44 pm

  2. Betances’ agent Casey Close did not respond to a text message. One of his assistants, Jim Murray, complained to Joel Sherman of the New York Post and MLB Network that Levine mispronounced Dellin’s name as “Dylan” in the hearing. He also told Sherman the Yankees “hid behind the process” and called the entire ordeal “unfortunate.”


    February 19, 2017 at 11:40 am

  3. one of the more BS stats in baseball.. Good to see the tail draggers and MLB apologists agreeing.. In an era over saturated with specialists the Save stat should be nixed.. the reason they don’t, why it would be an equal playing field for all relievers….When a manager wants to kill a rally in the 6th or 7th what’s next the closer’s agent going public with this manager is killing my clients next contract value

    There is nothing that reeks of individualism more then bogus Wins on a starters record and fucking Saves.. Really dude you can’t pitch as well if it’s not a save, here now go pitch for Minnesota or San Diego

    Saves? Really? Somewhere in the baseball universe there is a place where saves are still viewed as a primary measure of a reliever’s performance? A place, no less, where it is determined how a reliever gets paid?


    February 19, 2017 at 11:45 am

  4. Yankees add Billy McKinney to spring training non-roster invitee list Mac taks over for Austin


    February 19, 2017 at 11:51 am

  5. I’d like to them bring in a Managerial Prospect lol, let’s see a little competition there, huh ???


    February 19, 2017 at 1:13 pm

    • Mattingly might be the next mgr Donny…


      February 19, 2017 at 2:07 pm

  6. hahaha Hey Bondsie, now that’s a very concise moscone bird dog report, there is no one even close to your level when it comes to breaking down video, so your scouting reports are held in reverence.. You my friend are the Stick Michael, or better yet the EF Hutton of swimsuit talent evaluation

    I saw the back of BrickHouse in one of the Betances videos, If I can find it I’ll snap the video to a still… she had on the red dress you sent her anonymously at Xmas time

    I hope I’m dead wrong about Betances, he can sulk a few days but he has to snap out of it.. Levine didn’t tell him anything he probably didn’t know..Yeah Levine is a dick head, but fuck him, let em pay on the back end

    I just touched base with Noogsie, he had some eye issues but he’s on the mend and hopes to be back with us by the time the season starts.. He sends his best to all the fellas

    Until then we’ll have to operate with one man short on the roster.. The Don is on crutches but he can still hit, only thing he can’t get to first base, so he’s like Patches Carter, a HR or nothing


    February 19, 2017 at 7:33 pm

  7. The Yankees have a minor league deal with Jon Niese, pending his physical, a source confirms. Niese was 8-7 with a 5.50 ERA last year. He will be an extra arm in camp with an outside chance to make the rotation. The New York Post first mentioned the signing.


    February 19, 2017 at 7:37 pm

  8. best we can do on Brickhouse is the back porch


    February 19, 2017 at 7:49 pm

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