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The Better Mouse Trap

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The Yanks won’t have No Runs DMC to help Joe Girardi  win an obscure  reliever metric evaluation trophy, No it’s not the DonB Fire Chief of the Year Award, it’s

a stat created by Rian Watt and Rob Arthur called wRM+. It is scaled like wRC+, and it measures optimal bullpen performance based on how good a reliever was and if they were used in the highest leverage situations possible.

“Let’s be honest” Joe Girardi leveraging Betances, Miller, and Chapman into  games didn’t hurt, because Girardi  wasn’t so  smart when he called  on Johnny Barbato, Nick Goody, Chris Martin, Nick Rumbelow and Anthony Swarzak

The Better Mouse Trap

Anyway Joel Sherman is obviously looking for a gig in Cashman’s Baseball Ops department, yesterday he handed Cash-Rardi a line-up they  should use in an effort to put their best hitter 2nd while splitting up Gardner and Ellsbury, who Sherman  actually didn’t split up

Today the Sensie has a way  for the Yanks to  reinvent the bull pen in an  effort to eat up the roughly 1450 innings every team will navigate  over the course of a 162 game schedule

Last year the Bombers used 9  different starters, the 3 veteran pitchers guaranteed  a roster spot in the 2017 rotation, Tanaka, Sabathia, and Pineda threw a combined total of 555 innings, with only Tanaka 199.2 innings coming close to  the 200 inning goal  every starter shoots for..

Eovaldi threw 124.2 innings, and Nova made 15 starts for 81 innings

Severino, 11 starts 45.1 innings,  Cessa, (9  starts 51.2 innings),  Green 8  starts 38.1 innings  and Mitchell 5 starts 25 innings made a combined 33 starts, the rest of the  1428.1 innings pitched came from  the bull pen

The 3 at the top  are injury risks, the rest of the young pitchers fighting for the last 2 roster spots will have innings and pitch  count limits !!!

So, much  to Brillo Levine’s chagrin, he’s gonna need a few 100 inning relievers to reinvent the middle reliever role that has been defined for “decades, and decades, and decades”

Sherman is looking at Adam Warren  and Bryan Mitchell to be those guys…Both  are sort of stretched out, and if the goal is a 90  win season, deploying Hold Em Where They Are M and W ( it doesn’t exactly roll off your tongue as a moniker) early in winnable games should be Girard’s M.O.

Of course it all looks good on paper, but in essence having young starters who  can  give you “Quality” innings not Gidrool outings, that bridge to Betances and Chapman and to  a lesser extent Clippard seems like a good idea

How this workload, and non routine play out for the selected group that  accepts this mission is another story.. Can pitchers throwing 2 or 3 innings, 30  to  45 pitches every 2 or 3 days pro rate over the course of 162 games?

What happens on days Warren and Mitchell  aren’t available ?

It’s not Boston where you have a $31M Price, a $20M Porcello, and Sale who if you count the $63M it cost Boston for Moncada, spread it out over the 3 yr’s left on Sale’s deal you’re looking at another $30M weapon, who  can  gobble 21 to  24 outs per start which saves and protects the bull pen

Boston  also has Rodriguez, Pomeranz, and Wright, who when healthy can eat up  quality innings.. Thanks  to Brillo Levine’s unhinged rant, pitchers will  now all  want to be closers and starters will  all  want to  pitch at  least 5 inning so  they  can pad the bogus W/L record that  apparently means everything when it comes to  contract negotiations

In essence what Levine has managed to  do is add the letter I to  the word Team.. It’s obvious the Yankees front office is out for themselves, why shouldn’t the players be more interested in padding stats then Winning?

Nice Job Brillo

It’s A Bird, It’s A Plane, It’s A Tater!

It’s only Batting Practice but we like it, like it, yes we do

Yesterday Greg Bird faced Bryan Mitchell, Luis Cessa and Giovanny Gallegos in a simulated game  and homered to right off the right-handed Gallegos. Judge doubled off Mitchell.

The Yanks are really counting on Bird and Judge, Friday  when  the games start both  players will be subjected to  a fine tooth comb, so it was a good sign that Bird lifted one over the fence

Even better that he just  put his head down  and walked away, No Bat Flip!

A Niese Job If You Can Get It

It was learned yesterday that Jon Niese isn’t in camp pitching for a rotation spot, he’s in town to try  and  make one of the Reliever spots in the pen.. That  makes sense, Niese is an NL pitcher with no AL experience coming off injuries, the quintessential low risk high reward dude @ a potential $2M..

It also works with the concept of having guys that  can pitch  multiple innings as a reliever.. Niese can opt out of this minor league deal  by June 1st if he isn’t pitching for the varsity by then

“That’s how we envision using him,’’ Girardi said. “He’s one of those guys, if he’s in the bullpen, he can do left on left or he can give you distance. As of right now, we aren’t looking at him as a starter. We have the five guys vying for the two spots. We would look at him more long and short.’’

Niese working for $2M should excite Brillo Levine

Parking Spots At your Own Risk

Apparently the SanBino  and Judge are tattooing the GMS parking lot with long loud blasts leaving the park…If they  can figure out how to  hit MLB pitching we might have something here

The SanBino  already  destroyed MLB pitching during his 53 game cameo, so good chance he’ll need to make some sort of adjustment to  the adjustments the opposition will make pitching to him

Judge has to prove he can take his BP dominance to  the real time games

Camp notes from Bryan Hoch


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February 21, 2017 at 7:39 am

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  1. “Confidence is high”


    February 21, 2017 at 8:30 am

    • yeah gonna finally be a fun season, at least until it ain’t

      Brett Gardner telling reporters he doesn’t mind helping kids who he knows are trying to take his job

      Really Brett, it’s not like this dude is coming in to take your car mechanic gig or your job in a factory..

      They paid you $52M to be a NYY, that’s all guaranteed money Brett, you get paid regardless

      in fact all that dough they gave you is payment for you helping the next core get settled… Let’s save the selfless crap


      February 21, 2017 at 9:39 am

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