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Manfred-Care, Repeal It

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Hypocrisy Strikes Deep

So let’s get this one behind us, I want some media zombie to  ask Rob Manfred why it’s ok  to have Familia pitch  for Manfred’s WBC Dominican Republic team, but the Mets who  are paying him probably lose their closer for a month when the season  starts??

Manfred talks out of both sides of his mouth, but instead of love coming out one side and venom the other, he has unmitigated Bull Shit spouting out of both

“It is the first time for me and the first time representing my country,” Familia said. “It is special for me to represent my family and my country. I am getting an opportunity to play with all the stars from the Dominican.”

Yeah we know why you want to  do it, it’s Manfred who is trying to promote the MLB funded WBC that we can’t understand… Familia, you’re just  a dope who  should learn to keep his hands off of woman

Manfred on the other hand is just dangerous enough to make Bud Selig’s MLB look like Mr Rogers’ Neighborhood

Before the start of last season, Commissioner Manfred reviewed a case in which New York Yankees closer Ardolis Chapman allegedly choked and shoved his wife, as well as fired eight gunshots into his garage wall, even though the police ultimately never pressed charges.  Commissioner Manfred suspended Chapman for 30 games.

Thereafter, Manfred issued a 52 game suspension to shortstop Jose Reyes after he was arrested and charged with hitting his wife — another incident in which charges were ultimately dropped. Meanwhile, most recently, Manfred suspended Atlanta Braves player Hector Olivera for 82 games after Olivera was arrested and charged with domestic battery.



Rob Manfred’s ego and power to  make changes won’t stop  until he puts his grubby fingers all over the game we love..Manfred’s tenacity to instill his legacy on the game, will eventually do some harm, in fact it already has with  the length of time it takes to  review challenges. And now he’s repealed a tactical part of the game he considered boring the Intentional base on balls

If the commissioner wants to  speed things up, put a clock on how long a manager has to make a challenge..

With the MLBPA refusing to  go  to  the  table on issues Re: moving the game along at a quicker pace,  they’ve tugged on superman’s cape, or better yet, ever try to pick up  a dog’s bowl  while the animal is trying to  eat it’s food, never a good idea

Unfortunately those of us who  do not want him to  mess with certain aspects of the sport like repealing the Intentional Base on Balls, it’s too late .

Last yr Gary Sanchez an  hit an RBI  sac Fly on a errant IBB pitch..Tanaka flat out mentioned how the IBB is not a free pass, you still have to  execute, plus it’s advantage pitcher who  isn’t taken out of his rhythm

Interesting perspective from Yankees ace Masahiro Tanaka on implementing a dugout signal for intentional walks: “Perhaps it will take away some of the drama out of baseball. But, if you are just talking from the standpoint of a pitcher, it’s an advantage because there is no chance of the ball being overthrown over the catcher’s head or anything like that. Also, last year, Gary Sánchez almost hit a home run off an intentional walk, so it avoids that situation too. But also, intentional walks are something that can throw a pitcher off rhythm a little bit. When you are pitching out, the balls that you are throwing are light tosses. And then all of a sudden you have to go back into the game and throw 100 percent to the next batter. So perhaps not having to do that will keep you in rhythm.”

Wade Davis said it’s advantage hitter because some dudes just  can’t perform the play

Davis added: “I’ve played with guys that couldn’t do it, so they move the catcher two feet off the dish and they just pump strikes off home plate. So they’re still doing it, but in that case you’re wasting a pitcher’s bullets. As a team you’d probably rather have your guy not focusing on throwing balls.”


Last July 23, in a Giants-Yankees game at Yankee Stadium, Joe Girardi called off an intentional walk when Dellin Betances’ first ball sailed well over Brian McCann’s head and hit the backstop on a bounce. Betances proceeded to retire the batter, Brandon Crawford, on a groundout.

There were 932 intentional walks issued last season, making for one IBB every 2.6 games, and each such play lasts about a minute. this is about Manfred massaging his ego, it’s also the MLBPA not going to  the table to negotiate something they need, like roster expansion as a balance / give and take.. Wake up Tony Clark



Poor Jake Ellsbury, poor in reference to how villainized he’s become.. First  by the fan base, who if you follow the game knew this was a bust contract from day one…

Fast Forward, or slow crawl, to  year  4 of his ridiculous 7 yr $153 contract, and we find  most if not all of the old high priced Bomber whipping  boys are gone (Cano, McCann, Teixeira, ARod)..

Outside of the  spice-less Chase Headley, the sometimes annoying Brett Gardner, and refurbished CC Sabathia, there is nobody left to  deflect the wrath of a blood thirsty MLB media

With Joel Sherman  taking the day off, Ken Davidoff supplied the How To Run The NY Yankees For Dummies manuscript for us with a nifty  5 step program to banish Ellsbury from  the Bronx

No offense to Davidoff, but the only way Ellsbury is vanishing from  the Bronx is if he’s kidnapped, and the next time we hear or see him on TV, he’s not talking into  a microphone  staring at BrickHouse’s “cannonballs” he’s looking at  the camera reading a hostage tape..

I’m not taking anything away from the media, they have to  wait before they trash a player they’re covering everyday.. Unlike us, who are hobby-nista Ninja’s playing Team owner / GM in our own little bubble, the paid media could be ridiculed for creating Fake News

I hope Trumpie trademarked that phrase, it’s  got to be the most used two  words since “fuck you”

Anyway better late then never on putting the pressure on Jacoby the DoughBoy Ellsbury.. It’s not his fault the dopes gave him the money, but it’s his fault for taking it, and not living up  to it’s value..

If he was in Boston he might be playing next to Rusney Castillo, and Allen Craig in Pawtucket.. Both  dudes are being paid enormous amounts of money to stay off the 40 man roster so their combined $22.2M won’t be counted as taxable payroll 

Actually Boston, and 90% of their fanbase saw Ellsbury’s future, how the fuck  did Cashman, Brillo Levine,  and Junior Steinbrenner miss the bright red flag blowing robustly in the wind??

Basically Cashman and Girardi need to  figure out how to best raise his value, at least to  the point where Bubba McCann  was at when  the Astros saw a value in his declining services..

Some team needs to be desperate enough to fill  a hole they  can’t produce from within their organization..

Or when Frazier, Mateo, Wade, Judge, Austin, etc  are ready to be major contributors, Cashman can look for another bad contract equivalent to Ellsbury’s, preferably a starting pitcher looking for a change of scenery, or battling a potentially fixable injury.

Swapping out bad money for bad money could be considered shit shifting, but eliminating an overstocked outfield component and adding to  an area of need, starting pitching, is the lesser of two  evils

Davidoff has a different plan, if the Yanks, and Ellsbury can actually accomplish those targets, the DoughBoy might clean up just  enough to  be part of our plan, getting him the Hell out of the Bronx..


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February 23, 2017 at 8:13 am

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  1. The upcoming starting pitchers: Bryan Mitchell (Friday), Adam Warren (Saturday), Luis Severino (Sunday), Chad Green (Monday), then Masahiro Tanaka and Luis Cessa (Tuesday split squad). Michael Pineda will start a game soon thereafter. All those games except the two games Tuesday will be broadcast somewhere. [Erik Boland, Billy Witz]


    February 23, 2017 at 10:57 am

    • Cessa goes to Fort Myers to face Boston, Tanaka stays in Tampa


      February 23, 2017 at 10:58 am

  2. ARod Michael Kay interview in this link

    “I think Gary has the perfect makeup for New York,” Rodriguez told Kay. “I said he was kind of like a hybrid between Manny Ramirez and (David Ortiz) or something because he’s got a flair for the dramatic, but he’s got a very, very slow heartbeat. He’s extremely confident, and that’s rare for a player that age.”


    February 23, 2017 at 4:26 pm

  3. Davidoff had a 5 point plan for the Yanks to get rid of Ellsbury,lets see if they follow it. Looking forward to the first game of the year Friday!!!


    February 23, 2017 at 8:58 pm

    • hey Big D, they all have a plan until they get hit.. Hal better get his eating chops together, Ellsbury will be the next ARod


      February 24, 2017 at 5:22 am

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