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Daddy’s Home

The Yanks caught a big break  when Boston  got news their $217M hurler David Price Doesn’t need TJ or any type of surgery to  fix his barking elbow!!

Price was prescribed 7 to 10  days rest, inflammation medication, and rosary beads, both Boston and NY hope he gets back ASAP

Price wasn’t exactly K Igawa in his first  season with Boston, he did post a 17-9 record thanks to  an offense that  provided   substantial  run support… It was his  3.99 ERA and his continued bad results in October that made him a disappointment throughout the Nation’s fanbase and media

While losing Price would have cost Boston over 200 innings, and further depleted their organizational depth ( they have zero MLB quality arms in the minors) the Bombers were Price’s Daddy, actually he was their Sugar Daddy compared to Steven Wright and Drew Pomeranz

Price vs NYY


Steven Wright vs NYY


Pomeranz vs NYY


Get Well Soon David

Jay Walking Off

In what  can be described as the loneliest ST game to  date, the Bombers lost to the Blue Jays 3-2 in front of 5,100 fans in Dunedin Fla.

The game only took  2:44 minutes, so it wasn’t a Rob Manfred pace of play nightmare, but more of a Rob Manfred waking up in a cold sweat worried to  death how boring the entire affair was..

We once again went to  the man on the street for a Fact or Fake interpretation of the Canadian media’s presentation

I now know more about the Blue Jays than i ever needed to know,,, zzzzzzz
Can there be two more boring announcers ?
May not be Canadian but just as boring as thst whole country.

So  there you have it, no love lost for our Sleepy cousins to  the Far North, despite ESPN Sunday Night Baseball gas bag Dan Shulman, and former Yankee utility player from the early 80’s Pat Tabler doing the hosting for Rogers Communications

I will  admit if your eyes weren’t glued to  the screen, the telecast was an unmitigated filibuster on the state of the Toronto Blue Jays, with  an occasional  sprinkling of NYY intel..

Personally I enjoy the enemy’s take…. While their home team bias is littered with  shenanigans designed to  sucker punch  your lights out, they do make you aware of the entire Franchise’s depth, and in this era of baseball, organizational  depth charts are  quickly rising to  the top of the baseball  food chain

In fact if Manfred wants a better product, expanding the rosters so  we see fresh players on a daily basis is gonna speed the game up  more so  then repealing the old  IBB rule, but that’s a discussion  for an off day..

The Bomber travel team featured Luis Severino pitching to an AL East rival with 4 legit players in the line up, and the starting line-up had Aaron Judge hitting against Brand names Frankie Liriano, Matt Latos, and Joe Biagini

Judge went 2 for 3 with  1 punch out.. He took a Liriano  fast ball  to  right field in the first  inning, a good piece of hitting.. Matt Latos sliced up  the Bombers for two innings and Judge was one of his two  strike outs in the 4th inning..

Judge piggy backed a two out Ellsbury single in the 6th with an infield knock to  give the Bombers their only scoring opportunity in this game until  the 9th inning when they  tied it at  2-2

Unfortunately Biagini after loading the bases with 2 outs was able to  handle back  up  catcher Austin Romine on a 5 unassisted ground ball  to  3rd base…

The Yanks did make a comeback in the 9th

Choi Choi I’m your Boy

W Castillo singled to right. 0 2
Díaz doubled to right, W Castillo to third. 0 2
Wade ran for Díaz. 0 2
Choi singled to center, W Castillo and Wade scored. 2 2

Joe Mantiply coughed up  a walk off HR to prospect Ryan McBroom in the bottom of the 9th  to end the Bombers winning streak..

Luis Severino had some good moments, 4 strike outs, and some bad moments, too much plate with Bautista taking him deep for a 2 run HR in the first inning..

Severino went 2.1  innings, 4 hits, 2 runs, 1 BB, 4 K’s

Severino  didn’t help  or hurt his chances with this outing, the Yanks are, at least in public, giving him a very long rope in his effort to become a starter

Severino  definitely has the gas, but he still needs to prove he can  navigate through a line-up once it turns over… Yesterday his pitch  count caught up  to him with  one out in the 3rd inning…  Martin and Bautista facing Severino  for the 2nd time both  singled off him to  end his day

There was no pitch  count tracker so I’m not sure how many pitches he had thrown, but it looked like Girardi  wanted him out of there before any more damage could be done…

I thought it was progress,” Girardi said.

“I thought he threw well. I thought his fastball had life. He’s definitely energetic. That’s how he pitches,” Romine said.

That’s about as vague a description of his outing as you’ll get, progress compared to  what? And every young player in camp  plays with  energy.. At least it wasn’t fake news, just spun a bit in Severino’s favor

The fake news came later in the interview

“I think his changeup was outstanding (Friday),” Romine said. “He threw it multiple times. Multiple off-balance swings. It’s adding a third pitch to the repertoire so it’s not just fastball slider. I think it’s a big pitch for him.”

Romine said he’s seeing a tougher, more confident  Severino this spring.

“He has it now,” the catcher said. “You can see it in his eyes. He gives up a home run, he doesn’t care, he comes back with a changeup. That’s something he’s learning. He’s learning how to let it go.”

At the moment Bryan Mitchell has looked the best out of all  the candidates for the last two  spots… Warren despite what he does will most likely land in the pen.. Cessa and Green have options so  they  can  stay  stretched out at SWB

Severino will have to completely crash  and burn before his starter experiment is abandoned.. If the Yanks were contenders it might be a bit different, Severino  pitching alongside Betances and Chapman out of  the pen would make a devastating  reliever trio

That  said, we’re in a transition year and with the starting pitcher market still  completely absurd, #40 will have to lose the battle more then  win it…

the Whole 9


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March 4, 2017 at 8:17 am

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  1. Sanchez with a 2 run HR, Bird a hit

    Ironic that Greg Bird wears Larry Bird’s #33


    March 4, 2017 at 2:02 pm

  2. Bryan Hoch‏Verified account @BryanHoch

    Home run No. 1 for Aaron Hicks, who visits the new Margaritaville Patio in right field. No passport required, or so they say.

    Bryan Hoch‏Verified account @BryanHoch

    Dellin Betances struggled mightily with runners stealing last year. Gary Sanchez had Anthony Gose thrown out by a couple of steps.

    Bryan Hoch‏Verified account @BryanHoch

    Gary Sanchez said he likes throwing out runners as much as hitting home runs. He’s done both in today’s game.

    Bryan Hoch‏Verified account @BryanHoch

    Michael Pineda looking nasty in his spring debut. Five straight strikeouts for him (Cabrera, Martinez, Upton, Avila, Infante).
    8 replies 75 retweets 222 likes


    March 4, 2017 at 2:23 pm

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