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Yanks Blow Out Tigers

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The Bombers in front of 9,400 fans mauled the Detroit Tigers yesterday 11-1 at Joker Marchant Stadium in Lakeland Fla.

There was no TV, our only connection  to the Yanks was Ma and Pa Pinstripe, so not only couldn’t we see the action, listening to Pa Pinstripe and Suzy Baseball call  the damn thing just confused the issue further

Through no  fault of their own, the Dynamic Duo radio cast  reminded us of a bad vaudeville act.. The spendthrifts at WFAN had them located about a mile above the playing field, in what I imagined to be some kitschy sideshow tent.. Sterling has enough trouble seeing the players, yesterday he could hardly see the field,  which  doesn’t fare well  for him or us…

The highlights were Mike Pineda’s dominant 2 innings, where he gave up  a lead off single to Ian Kinsler, then proceeded to induce a fielders choice for the first  out.. Pineda dazzled with  5 consecutive strike outs to finish off his day’s work

Michael Pineda looking nasty in his spring debut. Five straight strikeouts for him (Cabrera, Martinez, Upton, Avila, Infante).

Pineda of course didn’t pitch long enough to showcase the presumed lack of focus that has become a PineTop trademark,  especially when he has 2 outs in an inning..

.325 .383 .598 .980


For some reason Ma Pinstripe was railing on Pineda’s inability to put batters away  when he has two strikes on them, but I’m not sure what  she was alluding too.. Pineda’s best numbers come when he’s got a favorable 2 strike count?


Pitching behind in the count is death  to Pineda, so in his walk  year  it would behoove him to throw first pitch  strikes that look like strikes but are wild in the strike zone..As we see on his chart, he gets destroyed on first pitch and 1-0 / 2-0 offerings..

If Pineda somehow has finally figured it out in his walk year  then Cashman  has himself a valuable commodity.. A dominant Pineda with no  strings attached would be a great pick-up  for a contending team in need of a starter at  the trade deadline…

It’s a 2 month  rental, and if Cashman can find a team  with  Cub / Indian desperation, a presumed prospect haul is the vision..

So far it loos like the Yanks simply picked Theo Epstein’s pocket in the Chappy Trade, getting Gleyber Torres, Billy McKinney, and  Rashad Crawford.

Torres and McKinney are lighting  it up in ST, and Crawford is a talented young athlete that  looks to be an exceptional defensive player and at the moment  will be  out field depth in the system

McKinney and Crawford  were in yesterday’s game, McKinney (5-for-8 (.625) with two doubles and two HR’s this spring), continued his hot hitting going 2 for 2 with a run scored, and Crawford was 1 for 2  with  2 RBI’s

Both Gary Sanchez and Aaron Hicks went Big Fly while Greg Bird reached base three times (single, two walks).

Betances pitched 1 inning in his final  tune-up before heading to  the WBC.. His 21 for 21 stolen base streak  was snapped when Sanchez gunned down the speedy Anthony Gose attempting to  steal  2nd base after leading off the 3rd inning with  a single

“I was in awe, to be honest with you,” Betances said. “I’ve worked on trying to throw to first and certain things, but that was all him right there.”

“The last couple years I don’t think I’ve thrown one to first,” said Betances, who has also been working on a slide step out of the stretch. “It’s something that keeps them honest, and then I’ll let Gary handle the rest.”

The Yanks  put up  11  runs on 13 hits, they hung crooked numbers on Detroit in the 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th innings..

Chad Green looks to be falling  out of the starter competition, he hurled 1.2 innings, 3 hits, 1 run, 1 BB, 1 K

His numbers aren’t bad in the 3.2 innings he’s pitched so  far, but it’s where Girardi has him in the pecking order that gives the tea leaves some clarity as to  where he’ll be pitching in April.. At the moment it looks like AAA…

Ben Heller High Water, continued to make a case for the 25 man  roster with 1.1 innings, of shut out work,   1 K…

Heller has easy gas 96/97 and a slider that needs some fine tuning, for him it’s about throwing strikes, they  don’t hit.. So  far he’s pitched 3.1 innings, with  4 K’s and a 0.60 WHIP..

Heller is the 3rd piece in Cashman’s Andrew Miller trade, he had a rough 10 game stretch  for the Yanks last August  and September, but he’s another live arm  with up-side that  could make Tyler Clippard expendable sooner rather then  later

As we’ve seen so  far this ST, Girardi  has been experimenting with the coveted #2 hole in his line-up.. Pre ST when we saw a mock line-up  with Sanchez batting 2nd it looked like a long shot unless the Bombers could get middle of the line-up production  from Bird, Holliday, and Judge

So  far Bird has some pundits talking Comeback Player of the Year, and Holliday looks ready to  rumble..

Judge appears to be  considerably better then his cup of coffee in the Bronx last September, but he’ll have to pro-rate his moderate ST success to  the real  season before entering Girardi’s  middle of the line-up circle of trust..

Sanchez in the two hole could be a reality, he’ll get more PA’s, but will he have ducks on the pond to  drive in with  8-9- and Gardner in front of him after the first inning?

Last season, the Yankees’ No. 2 batting position (726) got 23 more plate appearances than their No. 3 spot (703).

Hypothetical line-up

1. Brett Gardner, LF (bats left)

2. Gary Sanchez, C (bats right)

3. Greg Bird, 1B (bats left)

4. Matt Holliday, DH (bats right)

5. Didi Gregorius, SS (bats left)

6. Starlin Castro, 2nd (bats right)

7. Chase Headley, 3B (switch-hitter)

8. Jacoby Ellsbury, CF (bats left)

9. Aaron Judge, RF (bats right)

How good would Gleyber Torres and Bryce Harper look somewhere in that group?

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Written by Sal

March 5, 2017 at 7:23 am

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  1. MLB Front Offices and scouts are raving about how good NY Yankees 1B Greg Bird has looked this spring. Therefore, before one of my SportsCenter hits on Thursday, I text Yanks GM Brian Cashman to ask him what he has seen. This was his response to me “Arm strength is back to where it was, if not better since his surgery. On offense showing good eye at plate. Shows power to pull side and opposite field. In a really good spot right now” . My colleague Aaron Boone then went to see him yesterday and agreed with everyone else. Early Comeback player of the year candidate.


    March 5, 2017 at 7:33 am

  2. Hey Sal! I didn’t know you had a deep personal relationship with CashMan??? Good Intel!!
    So pissed that I haven’t had the opportunity to sit down & watch a game. I feel SO far behind in assessment of the players. Got lost down a rabbit hole dealing with BS!
    But finally, today, I plan on catching some while getting my taxes together.
    Really looking forward to seeing some of these kids!
    As to the end of that piece Sal, regarding who to replace with Torres & Harper? I would hire a Limo, pick up Headless, Gardy, & the Doughboy, & take them all on the Tessio Ride!
    I know, that’s three. We can fill the other slot from Frazier, Rutherford, et al.
    I’m gonna ask Don B to make the call.


    March 5, 2017 at 11:24 am

    • hey ‘scone, lol I should have left the ESPN source… my bad …

      Man you’re gonna love watching these guys… Torres looks like the best hitter on the team, that’s how complete of a hitter he looks like, hits to all fields, aggressive, smart… Unbelievable you could get a talent like that for 2 month closer rental

      Billy McKinney is another kid in that deal, he’s a fun watch


      March 6, 2017 at 5:30 am

  3. Interesting game,, really getting to see a lot of our players performing at a high far.
    Sanchez continues to impress everyone, announcers scouts opponents
    Pitching looked decent, a collision in the OF gave Girardi agita but no blood, no foul,,
    Nice outing men


    March 5, 2017 at 6:03 pm

    • good run down Donny…


      March 6, 2017 at 5:31 am

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