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Hair Today Gone Tomorrow

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Which one of these 3 Puerto Rican players would the Yankees accept on their team based on the Bombers stringent corporate Yankee Way  or the Highway policies?

Correa, Lindor or Baez ?

Did the meticulously perfect Joe Girardi forget to  tell his team the day off was Today and not Yesterday ? That’s the only explanation for the 10-2,  14 hit thrashing the Yanks took from Atlanta  in front of 9,600 at  GMS..


The Bombers moved to  13-4 on the ST Grapefruit League season as they hit the  ST half way point… That’s the best record in exhibition baseball, a few percentage points ahead of the Pirates overall, and 1.5 games ahead of the 2nd place  Oakland A’s in  the AL.

See No Evil, Hear No Evil

There was no TV, only radio, and we did not focus on this game with Ma and Pa Pinstripe bouncing into  their vaudeville act from the first batter, so I have no  idea what  happened… Except Ma and Pa were blaming the Bombers defense on the first inning 6 run debacle..

From what  we read, Ronnie Torreyes who  was dazzling on Saturday, turned into Eduardo Nunez on defense yesterday  committing 3 errors while trying to play  3rd base

When his replacement Miggy Andujar took over the hot corner he made it 4 errors from NY 3rd basemen  and 5 overall on the day, counting the first  inning gaffe by Starlin Castro  that  supposedly paved the way to CC Sabathia’s  bonafide 0.2 inning ass kicking…

 I don’t know, when you look at the play by play of this game, it appears Mr Sabathia didn’t help his own cause after  the lead off batter was gifted an infield hit to Torreyes, and Castro blew  the potential DP…

Acuna reached on infield single to third. 0 0
Phillips grounded into fielder’s choice to second, Acuna safe at second on error by second baseman Castro. 0 0
Markakis singled to left, Acuna scored, Phillips to second. 1 0
Kemp singled to center, Phillips scored, Markakis to third. 2 0
Suzuki doubled to deep left, Markakis and Kemp scored. 4 0
Ruiz singled to center, Suzuki to third, Ruiz to second advancing on throw. 4 0
B Fuenmayor hit sacrifice fly to center, Suzuki scored, Ruiz to third. 5 0
Davidson struck out swinging. 5 0
Kazmar doubled to deep right, Ruiz scored. 6 0
Acuna walked. 6 0
Heller relieved Sabathia. 6 0
Phillips grounded into fielder’s choice to shortstop, Acuna out at second. 6 0

Nothing screams you don’t have it like 4 hits in a row, 6 overall with a BB added after the Castro error…I blame it on Sabathia having to  shave his beard, what  else could it be??

Heller High Water 1.1 innings, Chappy 1 inning, Chicken Shreve 1 inning all pitched scoreless frames

The rest of the runs  came off Camarena and Ramirez in what  had to be a garbage man convention.

The Yanks only had 4 hits, and the highlight of the day  had to be Mateo’s HR, Higashioka’s double and the Romine Empire’s TaterCastro  added the 4th  hit a single..

Mateo is the first name you hear in any possible Quintana trade, we hope not, despite a 3 for 18 ST, this kid is one of the more intriguing prospects in camp.. A fallen top Bomber prospect now that Cashman has reloaded the farm system, but the tools are enticing

the Whole 9

The Bombers have the day  off, and no TV on Tuesday so  the next time we see our clean cut spit shine hometown heroes will be Wednesday

Cashman  and his posse made the first  wave of roster cuts yesterday, and the only significant name on the list  was Justis Sheffield

Justus Sheffield,

RHP’s : Nick Rumbelow,  J.P. Feyereisen. Brady Lail 

Southpaws:   Daniel Camarena, Joe Mantiply, Evan Rutckyj and James Reeves.

Catchers: Jorge Saez, Kellin Deglan and Francisco Diaz

It would have been  fun too  watch Sheff one more time this Spring but with about 3 weeks before the season opens, the earners will get more playing time, and there are possibly 2 more spots in the pen that  are up  for grabs

We’ll  go out on a limb and say Chappy, Betances, Clippard, Warren  and Mitchell  are locks for the pen so  far

The NY Yankees Role Models or or SNL Punch Lines?

Don Mattingly left LA and headed to Miami to manage the Marlins last season.. When the great Donny Baseball arrived there, he decided it was a good idea to implement the NY Yankee Way Re: hair on your face and head…. He wanted a clean cut group, the way George Steinbrenner wanted it 43 years ago..

Mattingly has grown tired of fighting his players on this and realized it’s not a big deal and accepted the time he is living in. Beards are okay now. They’re a fashion statement to some and a way of expressing themselves to others. While the Marlins haven’t completely gotten rid of the rule, they did tweak it so players could grow beards. 

As long as the players keep them trimmed, they are once again allowed to sport facial hair. It’s a change from a year ago, when a stricter policy was in place.

“We talked about just keeping it groomed and being professional,” manager Don Mattingly said.

I think  what  we don’t want is a replica of the 2013 Red Sox or the 04 Looks like Jesus throws like Mary Johnny Damon character, although in both  seasons, while looking like a beer softball  team  Boston  won it all giving our angry cousins to  the North  3 titles in a 10 year  span..

The clean cut Bombers despite spending above the Luxury Tax  threshold every yr since it’s inception in 1996, and  paying out  $303.9 M in penalties since the revised CBA in 2003 have only won One Ring since 2000


Personally I don’t care if a player looks like Aunt Fanny with  a hair bun, or Bozo  the Clown as long as they  can play, but  I do think the Bombers front office takes the individuality away from players by institutionalizing them with dress codes..

About the only thing I like about the Steinbrenner antiquated philosophy, the Yanks are different then 29 other teams and I like being on an Island when it comes to trend setters.. You zig, I’ll  zag, and we’ll  see you at the finish line..

It is a concern now that  the Bombers money whip, a  main tool in acquiring great players  to  come to the Bronx, is common place and  in all  30 team’s possession.. The Internet reaching world wide also  reduces the impact that playing in New York Used To Have… There was a time you needed to  go  to NY where media was king and the ad  agencies could morph players into  a Brand..

Not anymore, Mike Trout the best player in baseball works in Anaheim, the AL Rookie of the Year worked in Detroit, MLB’s media capital at the moment is the North Side of Chicago, and the highest paid players reside in Boston, (Price) LA, (Kershaw) Arizona (Greinke) Detroit (Cabrera) Anaheim (Pujols) Seattle (Cano / King Felix) and Washington DC (Scherzer)

Mocking A Good Point

What does making players cut their hair do besides make the team look annoying, outdated, and out of touch? Fans today want to see personality. Baseball isn’t worse than it was a few decades ago, it’s mostly the same and just a little bit different. That’s OK. Fans of other teams aren’t applauding the Yankees for keeping to tradition, they are mocking them. That’s what is happening. 

In a sport where team is maybe the most important element in winning, you sort of understand the Yanks wanting to look a certain way, but the only expression certain players have is their individuality, and the Bomber Way has taken that  away from them..

Fine if they  don’t want to  conform to  the party line  then they’re not NY Yankees and we don’t want them??

Really, how’s that  gonna play if Machado or Harper (or at one point in time Sabathia) don’t want to embrace the  Yanks corporate way  or the highway philosophy?… Sabathia was afraid of the corporate uptightness the Yanks were accused of prior to his signing a 7 yr $161M deal in 08

There wasn’t any team within $60M of that offer, so  only a fool would leave $60M on the table over a hair cut and stringent clubhouse policy…. If you think  the Yanks won’t have any competition  in Free Agency come 2019, and  if indeed Bryce Harper is the guy they  want, think again…

Harper will get paid by Philly, or LA or any big market looking for a player with  5 tools, even smaller markets like Seattle got in on the money wars when  they signed Cano  for $240M

Donny Baseball  found out quickly times have changed, the Yanks might want to  think  about changing with it.. They  finally sold off high priced veterans after being stubborn for so many years, and how’s that  working out so  far ?

Pretty good, fans are back interested in the team  now that  we have a slew of young talent they  could never have drafted, so the Steinbrenner’s at least came around on that  antiquated  no sell philosophy

As long as the players conform, I’m good, you wanna go  skin head have at it, no beard, that  works for me too, but if it starts to impact players coming to NY, time for old George’s 43 yr philosophy to get repealed


Written by Sal

March 13, 2017 at 10:35 am

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  1. Sally, every sport needs a villain, in baseball you have the Evil Empire. I have the Pats and Sox, who doesn’t hate Boston sports? Levine, Trost, and Chapman are fine with the NY brass, it’s these dirty hippies we don’t want


    March 13, 2017 at 1:02 pm

  2. “Yeah,,, no ”
    A. Pierse


    March 13, 2017 at 3:58 pm

  3. Hey Donny hey 67 good to see you, if Thornburg blows it that’s 0 for 2 on relievers, I told you guys that was Dombrowski’s Achilles Heel, he had 5 Aces in Detroit and no pen, the dude emptied your farm for relievers and they all get hurt smh

    Yanks cut 3 dudes so they have 53 men’s left in camp

    With Monday’s three cuts, the Yankees now have 53 players in camp:
    PITCHERS (24)
    Right-handers (16): Chance Adams (pictured above); Johnny Barbato; Dellin Betances; Luis Cessa; Tyler Clippard; Giovanny Gallegos; J.R. Graham; Chad Green; Ben Heller; Jonathan Holder; James Kaprielian; Bryan Mitchell; Michael Pineda; Luis Severino; Masahiro Tanaka; Adam Warren.
    Left-handers (8): Aroldis Chapman; Dietrich Enns; Jason Gurka; Tommy Layne; Jordan Montgomery; Jonathon Niese; CC Sabathia; Chasen Shreve.
    Miguel Andujar; Tyler Austin; Greg Bird; Chris Carter; Starlin Castro; Ji-Man Choi; Didi Gregorius; Chase Headley; Pete Kozma; Jorge Mateo; Rob Refsnyder; Donovan Solano; Ruben Tejada; Gleyber Torres; Ronald Torreyes; Tyler Wade.
    Jacoby Ellsbury; Dustin Fowler; Clint Frazier; Brett Gardner; Aaron Hicks; Aaron Judge; Billy McKinney; Mason Williams.
    CATCHERS (4)
    Wilson Castillo; Kyle Higashioka; Austin Romine; Gary Sanchez.
    Matt Holliday.


    March 13, 2017 at 8:05 pm

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