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One of the greatest Razorbacks

James Cotton One More Mile


One the Originators

Chuck Berry No Money Down

Billy Mac, When are you Coming Back ?

Billy McKinney is the forgotten man in the  Aroldis Chapman trade, Not No More… Hopefully McKinney blows through the system and gets to  the Bronx.. Man  with Fowler, McKinney, Judge, Frazier, and Rutherford the Bombers have some depth in the OF moving forward

McKinney has 3 Bombs this ST, perhaps he’s broken  the Gardner / Ellsbury Punch  and Judy mold that had dominated the Yankees out field depth prior to  this  Spring

WFAN Everything but Baseball

The number one Sports talk  radio  station in America, WFAN has nixed sending Bomber beat  reporter Sweeney Murti and Met Mutt Eddie pour me another Coleman to Spring Training.. In fact we read neither beat  guy will head West of the Mississippi to  cover the  two NY teams during the regular season

WTF is this the Tampa Bay Rays?..


CC Sabathia was on the bump  yesterday in a non  televised home game at GMS where the Yanks lost to  the O’s 5-4..

Something we’re used to  seeing from Sabathia, the Yanks stake him to  a lead and before you can twist the cap off your next brew, Sabathia kicks his gift horse in the mouth…. Thankfully the Bombers will no longer be held ransom by Sabathia’s $23M / this yr $25M salary after the 2017 season

CC  has done a reputable job trying to  reinvent himself as a pitcher, but  he’s still  the poster boy for why the starting Pitcher market needs an  adjustment.. Look no  further then Sabathia and Boston’s $31M a yr man David Price as to  why it’s a bad idea locking yourself down to a long term,  multi yr mega deal for a supposed Ace, maybe at  any age ..?

There is no  escaping the injury epidemic for pitchers, that’s a fact,  and there is no  way  to  replace  the insufferable salary hit these guys put on a team’s payroll structure when they hit the DL..

Worse, they’ll pitch  hurt  and not come close to  the value of their contract for God knows how long before they  finally hit the shop  for a lengthy repair

Facing the Orioles’ B squad, Sabathia gave up three runs on three hits in four innings, walked one and struck out five in the Yankees’ 5-4 exhibition loss.

“I thought he was better today,” Joe Girardi said of Sabathia, who navigated through 3.2 scoreless frames before Pedro Alvarez (RBI single) and Chris Johnson (two-run homer) got to the 36-year-old lefty with two-out hits. “I’m more concerned that his stuff is right than the results.”

Last time out, Sabathia gave up six runs (four earned) on six hits while only recording two outs.

Sabathia apparently is bored with the extended ST routine, so  we’ll  give him the benefit of the doubt, he’s also  coming off a knee procedure that  has only allowed him to pitch 6.2 innings this Spring

His results have pretty much  sucked


Now with  the organization’s main focus becoming starting pitching,

“Our biggest goal in player development is to develop starting pitchers,” Denbo said.

How long will  they  give Sabathia before he’s a $25M a year  senior advisor to  young players, with his very own corner office next to ARod and Jenny’s, that’s Lopez not Steinbrenner

the Whole 9


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March 19, 2017 at 7:57 am

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  1. man this McKinney kid is living up to his old first round pedigree, Gardner is becoming more expendable by the day…. Sabathia is gonna get a long rope, problem could be he kills the pen if he can’t at least get 18 outs

    The two young pitchers will be on innings limits, so they really need Tanaka, Pineda and CC to shoot for 200 innings 30 starts 7 innings per…

    $25M a yr should at least get you close to 200 innings and a 4 ERA no?


    March 19, 2017 at 8:08 am

  2. “Butchie,,, where’s the muthafuggin BUDS?”
    James Cotton 💔


    March 19, 2017 at 8:16 am

    • hopefully the boss saved him the tail


      March 19, 2017 at 11:37 am


    this link is despicable fellas but we can help by signing the petition please pass it along unless you think it’s too fucking gross



    March 19, 2017 at 12:16 pm

  4. I signed the petition. To think that people would do such a thing is disgusting & deplorable!!!

    Reading that WFAN is cutting back on sending their beat reporters on the road is hard to understand. Their incessant commercials throughout the day HAS to put them at or near the top in being one of the highest grossing revenue stations in the country. Doesn’t make sense. Unless, they’re looking to spend even more money on their football & basketball coverage. If not, then what’s the reason?
    Ties to Russia??? Lol


    March 19, 2017 at 3:26 pm

    • thanks for signing the petition bondsie… WFAN is a football station, the jocks who work from 10 to 6 have their fan base same dudes that call, and it’s pro sports regular season, gambling so they cover football non stop.. The Nicks get 18,000 a night so you can find 15 /20 NBA fans who call,… non of the jocks care about ST baseball, actually not many people do lol

      Lets face it how many calls a day does Francesa get, 50,maybe you can talk about baking cookies and get 50 calls a day in that market…Plus let’s be honest a third of those calls are from guys looking to bust his balls…

      Francesa is a big NY sports guy he wouldn’t know Kaprielian, from Andujar, Guarantee he couldn’t name the 5 pitchers trying to win a spot in the rotation…

      Forget ST even in season it’s pulling teeth getting baseball content


      March 20, 2017 at 5:57 am

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