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Trust the Process

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Whenever I hear  the words “trust the process” I think back to the days when Hank Bauer and Moose Skowron used to patrol the Bombers clubhouse..

With  the 1961 Era Yankees there was only one process to  trust, see the ball,  hit the ball, win a Championship and anybody who messed with or kept them  from  their World Series money by  “screwing up” had hell  to pay..

After just  4 games and a 1 and 3 start, trusting the process might need a re-boot  to trying your patience when it comes to  our 2017 Bomber squad..

Despite the tough gut punching  6-5 loss last night to  the Orioles who are the Yankees Daddy, at least the Joe Girardi  era Yankees, trusting the process might be  the only silver lining we can take from this whole game, and so  far the early season

Last time Yankees won series at Camden Yards … Mariano Rivera recorded 651st save of his career (Sept. 11, 2013)

Since 2014, the Yankees (1-3) are 7-21 in Baltimore.

The Orioles players don’t show it as much as their manager Buck Showalter who has developed a Rich man Poor man culture in his Baltimore clubhouse..The Yanks and Boston are the Sheriff’s of Nottingham  and Commoner Buck has embraced the role of Robin Hood

Severed  #SeveReno

 Luis Severino  took a step in the right direction last night, it would have been one giant leap for the Yankees had he not been mugged in the 5th inning by the two best players on the field, Adam Jones and Manny Machado..

In the first  inning Adam Jones who  was 0-7 vs Severino placed an RBI single just  out of the reach of Greg Bird, plating Seth Smith who previously doubled to  tie the game 1-1

The Bomber offense should have hung a crooked number on Ubaldo Jimenez in the top of the first, but they  didn’t, so Severino instead  was gifted a 1-0 lead that he immediately coughed up  after just  2 batters…

With two innings in the books Severino had thrown 41 pitches, his stuff looked OK, his command was off, but his results were 1 run, 4 hits..

Sanchez and Severino got in rhythm in the third inning and for the next  6 outs the Yankees  number 4 starter was bonafide great..

He had cut his pitches per inning down to 23 over the two inning span (13 / 10) and was at  64 pitches when he entered the 5th with  a chance to be the first Bomber starter to  secure 18  outs..

Schoop singled to lead off the 5th, with one out the line-up  turned over for the third time and Severino  got Smith to pop up.. Adam Jones wouldn’t bite on Severino’s fast ball  slider selection and he walked on 5 pitches.

Severino had faced Machado twice, he punched him out on a wicked change up in the first inning, and on a slider in the third inning ..

Third time around he showed him three fast balls in a row, and Machado sent the third one, a clothes line heater right down broadway, 400 feet  over the left center field fence for a 3 Run Bomb, cutting the lead to  5-4


“It was inside, it was a good pitch,’’ Severino said of the knee-high heater. “I felt good. The slider was working very good.”

Not really inside enough, and yes a “good pitch”, to hit

Manny Machado crushed a 96-mph inside fastball from Severino for a three-run homer in the fifth that cut the Yankees’ lead to 5-4 and gave the 3-0 Orioles life.

The HR killed the Bomber momentum, stained Severino’s line, and any shot of him going 6 innings went up in smoke

5 innings, 6 hits, 4 runs, 1 BB, 6 K’s, 7.20 ERA

The new Severino’s pitching line looks like the old Severino pitching line, but he showed enough upside in his first  4 innings to  warrant “Trusting the Process”

“It’s a tough loss. I thought Sevy [Luis Severino] threw the ball really well tonight,’’ manager Joe Girardi said about the Yankees’ starter. “He made one mistake to a really good hitter. He hit it out and it kind of changed the complexion of the game.’’

We have no  choice, rub dirt on it and see you in 5

Hit and Run

The Bombers got offensive contributions from 5 players last night, they picked up  10 hits and 5 runs, unfortunately they left some ducks on the pond ..

When your #3 hitter gets pinch hit for in the 9th inning you know something has gone wrong.. The Yanks got all  their production from 1 through 6 in the line-up.. The only hitter in that group to tank was Greg Bird who  went 0-4 with 3 K’s..

He left two men on base in the first inning, one in the third, probably would have stranded a few in the 5th but Sanchez cleared the decks with a two  run HR that had Dr Spock on board.

Bird left his 4th man on base in the 7th, and was pinch hit for by Chris Carter in the 9th when Girardi obviously thought Bird had Zero chance against Zach Britton

Girardi  mentioned it was too  early to be talking about moving Bird down in the line-up… but

It wasn’t too early to pinch hit for him with the game on the line, albeit facing Britton is a punishable crime.. Trust the Process

.063 .167 .125 .292 1 for 16, with  2 BB’s 7 K’s in 18 PA’s

“It’s been up and down, I have to work through it,’’ Bird said of his sluggish start — a 1-for-16 slide. “Trust  the Process”

Gary Sanchez finally hit into  some good luck with a monster HR and a bloop  single

.167 .211 .333 .544 /  3 for 18 but with 1 HR, only 3 K’s, and some long AB’s.. In the Process We Trust

Brett Gardner was back to being Gardzilla 3 for 5 a double, 3 runs scored, 2 stolen bases

.375 .444 .500 .944 / 6 for 16, 2 doubles, 2 stolen bases

Matt Holliday went 2 for 2 with 2 BB’s, a HR and3 RBI’s

.308 .438 .615 1.053

Ellsbury went 1 for 4 Castro  2 for 4

Battle of the Pens

This game came down to  a battle of the bull pens and the O’s remained un-scored upon this season..

The Yankees’ bullpen had opened the season by throwing 15 straight scoreless innings before Smith’s blast over the right field wall.

You can  blame Headley’s bad throw, or the fact Bird isn’t Mark Teixeira with the glove, but Tyler Clippard “leaked” a fast ball where leadoff hitter Seth Smith liked it and it sunk the Bombers in the 7th inning

Bryan Mitchell pitched a clean 8th

The O’s pen was brilliant

4.2 innings 3 hits no  runs, 2 BB, 5 K’s


the Whole 9


Written by Sal

April 8, 2017 at 6:50 am

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  1. Good to see Billy pour me another Madden back at it at the Daily Snooze.. Despite all the pitching woes the Yanks have, I hate the fact guys like Price get paid $31M per yr

    Even that nitwit Syndergaard, The Flushing toilets poster boy gives you what 6 innings and a friggin blister..
    He walks around like Cy Young’s mentor, hey Mr 60 feet 6 inches dude, every hear of Warren Spahn, that was a man… lol

    Tanaka nibbles around for 6 innings then stacks his arm with ice in the clubhouse and starts to check in on his investment portfolio

    Chis Sale pitches in Fenway in short sleeves in 45 degree weather for 7 innings and they act like he just hurled a Harvey Haddix gem

    What a joke, these hot shots get you 18 maybe 21 if you’re lucky outs, impact 180 nto 210 innings a yr, and get paid a King’s ransom.. What about the dudes who carry the mail in the championship innings 7 through 9??


    April 8, 2017 at 7:14 am

    • Thanks for the tip on drunken Uncle Billy!! He actually had very valid points and it was good to see him back,bringing back memories of the old days on the DN blogs. As for the Yankee game-oy! Regardless of what Mr.Sunshine Girardi said,Severinos final line was an era of 7.62 and only 5 innings. As per Maddens article,the Yankees don’t have 1 pitcher who can give them 6 innings-pathetic. Now Kaprelian is on the dl-again-just another in the incredibly long line of pitchers that can’t pitch. They may actually have one in Montgomery but they won’t bring him up for a while to save his being a free agent down the road. The bullpen finally gave up runs and that was the game. Where was the binder to face the lefty Smith who can’t hit lefties??? The offense showed some signs of life-sans Bird-so lets hope for the best. The Yanks used to dominate the O’s now the tables have turned. I liked it better when the Yanks were on top.


      April 8, 2017 at 11:00 am

  2. Our crack coaching staff have broken Betances the same way they fukd up Joba,
    They have no clue how to handle these younger guys.
    I’m disgusted


    April 8, 2017 at 7:11 pm

  3. hey fellas great stuff… Yes the Madden article is spot on and we thought we had problems yesterday now the SanBino is down


    April 9, 2017 at 5:49 am

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