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The Yanks avoided an early season train wreck when the diminutive Ronald Torreyes and the Jolly Giant Aaron Judge ignited a come from behind 7-3  Bombers Win avoiding a disastrous 1-5 start  to  the season

  With Zach Britton and Brad Brach unavailable after pitching each of the previous two games, the five relievers summoned by manager Buck Showalter yielded seven runs and nine hits.

As Lou Piniella  once said. he was always a genius on the days Randy Johnson pitched..

Poor Buck Showalter had to  sit on his line-up card yesterday as one pitching move after another backfired on him, handing the decimated Bombers  the much needed win

Lefty Wade Miley last seen loitering around mediocre street in Boston  and Seattle managed to   carry a no hitter into  the 5th inning, before Aaron Hicks stroked a 2 out single to  center field..

Despite walking 7 batters, Miley never gave up the big hit so he handed off a sloppy 3-0 lead to  Buck’s touted bull pen..

“Lucky, Houdini, I don’t know. It was pretty weird,” Miley said of his start. “Two or three hitters in a row I’d have zero command and then for whatever reason I’d lock it in and make some pitches, I guess, when I needed to. Definitely a weird outing. Fastball command was all over the place. Breaking ball could never really throw for strikes, wasn’t getting swings on that. So just kind of living off of the fastball. Fortunate enough to make some pitches when I need them I guess.”

Tyler Wilson induced  two outs before Aaron Judge kicked off  a 2 run, 3 man  conga line

Judge singled to deep left. 0 3
Romine singled to right, Judge to second. 0 3
Torreyes tripled to deep right center, Judge and Romine scored. 2 3

The 2 out rally capped by Torreyes’ triple woke up a previous dead man walking line-up who couldn’t plate any of the 8 men that reached base  while Miley was on the bump

Buck held onto  a 3-2 lead but without Brach he handed the ball  to WBC star Mychal Givens in the 8th inning..

Aaron Judge who  started the 2 run rally in the 6th, was gifted a 2-2 slider that he poked 375 ft  into  the left field seats to  tie the game at 3-3…

Darren O’Day had an unmitigated nightmare in the 9th inning

Holliday walked. 3 3
Ellsbury ran for Holliday. 3 3
Ellsbury stole second. 3 3
Carter walked. 3 3
Castro singled to center, Ellsbury scored, Carter to second. 4 3
Kozma ran for Carter. 4 3
Headley walked, Kozma to third, Castro to second. 4 3
Judge grounded out to first, Kozma scored, Castro to third, Headley to second. 5 3
Romine hit sacrifice fly to right, Castro scored, Headley scored on throwing error by second baseman Schoop. 7 3
Torreyes singled to left. 7 3
Nuño relieved O’Day. 7 3
Gardner grounded out to second. 7 3

The key to  the inning was the Castro  knock.. With  two men on and O’Day  struggling to  find the plate, Kenny Shag Singleton called for a bunt.. Thankfully Shag lost out, why give a wild relief pitcher a free out, not to mention, wild pitcher,  plus erratic bunter, equals disaster..

Castro got two  quick strikes on him before lacing an RBI single that finally gave the Yanks a lead.. A ground out, a sac fly and a throwing error allowed the Bombers to  turn the tables on Showalter’s  two previous  gut wrenching comeback wins from Friday  and Saturday..

CoCo Puff Sabathia

became the first Bomber starter to  navigate through  6 innings, (1st quality start from the rotation), and believe it or not,   35 yr old  Sabathia is the new Bomber Ace.

It was a nondescript  outing, the best part of it, he ate 18 outs and only gave up  3 runs in  6 innings… The Bar has considerably dropped, yes…

6 innings,  6 hits,  3 runs,  2 earned,  4 BB’s,  3 K’s,  0  HR’s, 98-58 pitches,  1.64 ERA

Sabathia coughed up  2 runs in a sloppy 2nd inning

Trumbo walked. 0 0
Davis singled to center, Trumbo to third. 0 0
Mancini grounded into fielder’s choice to first, Trumbo scored, Davis out at second. 0 1
Schoop walked, Mancini to second. 0 1
Hardy singled to center, Mancini scored, Schoop to third. 0 2


He escaped trouble in the third with a nifty bases loaded  DP

Machado walked. 0 2
Trumbo singled to shallow left, Machado to second. 0 2
Davis singled to right, Machado to third, Trumbo to second. 0 2
Mancini grounded into double play, shortstop to second to first, Davis out at second. 0 2

Not so lucky in the 5th leaving the game down 3-0

Jones reached on infield single to catcher. 0 2
Jones to second on passed ball by Romine. 0 2
Machado flied out to right, Jones to third. 0 2
Trumbo singled to center, Jones scored. 0 3


Sabathia getting through 6 innings, allowed Girardi  to  go  to is A Team  formula Clippard, Betances and Chappy, despite  being down  3-2 in the 7th …

Clippard held the fort until  the calvary arrived to tie it in the 8th, and Betances made sure Buck knew without Brach  and Britton the Bombers had the edge with a dominating 1-2-3 8th inning

Chappy despite the 4 run lead polished off the 2nd win on this not so invigorating 2-4 road trip

pitching box

Hit and Run


the Whole 9


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April 10, 2017 at 7:11 am

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  1. Mushnick railing on the poor bastards who buy tickets in April.. Hey where were you when they built these shopping Malls Mush? Shoulda ranted and railed that they put retractable domes on them… Maybe in 30 yr’s when the tax payers foot the bill for two newer models…


    April 10, 2017 at 7:16 am

  2. the very last thing Hal Steinbrenner wants to do is shell out $800M for 2 players.. Well then Frazier Rutherford, Andujar, Judge, Sanchez, Bird, Torre, better kick it in gear


    April 10, 2017 at 7:19 am

  3. No Bird no Sanchez for opening day? Judge had a big day on Sunday, I wonder if Girardi will sit the only player any NYY fan wants to see? lol


    April 10, 2017 at 7:21 am

  4. Very nice to see # 30 Willie Randolph back in the Stadium !!!
    A Great Yankee who gets overlooked.
    ( only foul ball I ever caught was a Randolph high foul popup)


    April 10, 2017 at 2:09 pm

    • Hey Donny, Yes I heard Willy’s interview with BrickHouse, good to see him wish he had a gig in the Girardi administration

      Another tremendous win Judge’s hard work is starting to pay off

      Let’s hope Francesa doesn’t anoint him a Star he’s already fucked up Bird and Sanchez

      So it’s a month for Sanchez that means at least 6 weeks

      Romine got credit for walking Pineda around on a leash today
      Larry finally figured it out, he told Pineda not to think just follow Romine

      Romine looked pissed after the Longoria knock
      That’s the inning PinHeada shook him off I think
      Pretty soon teams are gonna want Sanchez and Bird back, Yanks 2-0 without them

      I guess Patches Carter isn’t a $3.5m waste


      April 10, 2017 at 7:48 pm

  5. 15


    Shane Hennigan‏ @RailRidersTT
    RailRiders 4-10 lineup vs. LHV:
    Wade 2B
    Frazier LF
    Fowler DH
    Refsnyder RF
    Solano 3B
    Williams CF
    Tejada SS
    Choi 1B
    Rodriguez C
    Cessa P


    April 10, 2017 at 7:34 pm

  6. You couldn’t make this up then it now

    ARod’s shenanigans are baby stuff compared to these two mooks


    April 10, 2017 at 7:55 pm

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